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Crissy Criss + WiDEAWAKE – Real

Crissy Criss + WiDEAWAKE - Real
Crissy Criss + WiDEAWAKE – Real
Artist Name – Crissy Criss
Song Title – WiDEAWAKE Real
Crissy Criss
Apple Music
The spectacular video for the song entitled ‘Real’ by Crissy Criss and WiDEAWAKE amazes the audience.
‘Real’ is a mix of a female vocal with the powerful sound of Drum & Bass.
Bright lighting and colours add to the value of the narrative video.
The vocal keeps spinning with the sound in harmony; making the song more entertaining.
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Summer video for a summer anthem, this video takes on a journey of two friends on a wild day trip to the land of bliss Ibiza!
These friends land on the island and set out on a cheeky and fun adventure from stealing a car to taking a speed boat for a spin.
As if that’s not enough fun for one day these two naughty stunning women head for the clubs for a free night out whilst having the time of life, ending it all off the beach for sunrise.
One aspect of Crissy Criss’ forthcoming LP which has piqued fans’ interest is the level of diversity he’s already showed through his recent run of singles.
Released through Crissy Criss’ own War on Silence imprint, the next album is alongside London based trap duo Wide Awake. Together they offer a different twist to what Crissy Criss provided, proving the artists who’ve been brought into this body of work all have a reason and purpose.
‘Real’ rolls forward on fluctuating pitches of synth, emotive lyricism, and punchy 808 drums.
Poignant highs and smashing percussive overlays, providing an electronic anthem peppered the record which alludes to a slowly emerging festival season.
Flipping over the lead track is a drum & bass mix that whets the appetite for any listeners looking for something of a faster tempo.
It provides a stamp which would fit inside the crescendo of any late-night DJ mix; for rave-goes who’ve caught a Crissy Criss set in the last twelve months, whether in Los Angeles or London, you’ll instantly recognize ‘Real’ as a definitive club record.
Crissy Criss is about to redefine himself through his ‘War on Silence’ album and ‘Real’ represents another part of this transition.
From tastemaker to production heavyweight, there’s not one subsection of drum & bass he hasn’t seeped his influence on.
Real’s a summer anthem in the eyes and ears of BBC Radio 1 as it secured four weeks on the C List national day time playlist, BBC Radio 1Xtra’s ‘Track Of The Week, Radio1’s ‘Track Of The Weekend’, MistaJam’s ‘Future Anthem’ and much more.
This track has been doing the work this year and continues to please the masses with this stunning summer music video.

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