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Fans of Jimmy Century - Best of My Generation

Fans of Jimmy Century – Best of My Generation





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From Oakland California, Las Vegas-based Fans of Jimmy Century is the modwave, modsquad genre-bending duo of vocalist/ songwriter/voice actor Alicia Perrone and bassist| songwriter/producer/video director Victor James.


“Best of My Generation (All The Way)” distributed by United Masters is an official NBA Song for MVP 2019 winner Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo.


In July 2019, FOJC became a member of the AWAL/Kobalt Music family of artists teaming up to release their next single “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO,” coming out August 23,2019, a mod 70’s soul babymaking remake of the 80’s Wham classic pop song, bridging the gap between a few generations. TikTok wild child Borzah picked up early on it, creating buzz with his viral dance on the platform before the song’s release.


FOJC’s YouTube series “The Babymakers,” was created to tease this next single – a full album “Songs From The Babymakers Series,” is dropping (dripping) this Fall.


FOJC is inspired by genre-bending, creating characters/alter egos to match their songs’ vibes/videos. They create funny music videos, like the 70s-inspo prank music video spoofing buddy films for the rock-rap electro-punk iTunes-charting single “Best of My Generation.” The video passed 100K views in 2019. The song was a big stretch from the wickedly kitsch, Tim Burton-esque, vampy villainous swing of “All My Friends Are Ice Queens” and began their obsession with genre-bending.


In 2013 they signed with Bungalo/Universal Music Group but left to self-release in 2015. Syncs include the Warner Bros. film Get Hard, NBA, Ray Donovan, Law and Order: SVU, Gossip Girl, The L Word, Finding Nemo 3D, Hall Pass, Bad Teacher, Betsey Johnson XO, Housewives of NYC, Snapped, etc.


In 2019, FOJC collaborates with producer Chris Moon (known for discovering Prince) on a special project and will relaunch their popular residency production show “Fatale Originale” on the Las Vegas strip southside.


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