Munky – Megaton







Munky – Megaton

Munky – Megaton






Artist Name: Munky


Song Title: Megaton








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Munky – Megaton


For Release September 27th, 2019


Munky are four Irish musicians who find labels difficult. Their music flows from trashy funk to psych-punk.


Following quick on the heels of their debut EP, released in April, which saw them tour Europe with the Meat Puppets, Dublin Disco-punks Munky have comeback with a new single entitled “Megaton” – An eerie epic with an irresistible groove.


The track, produced by Dan Doherty (Fontaines D.C, Somebody’s Child) features hypnotic drums and bass combined with fretboard-warping guitars and a harrowing story of murder, mystery set in near future where the landscape has been ravishing by our impending ecological collapse.


“Carcasses are piling up, you already know, is this enough to prove? How much you need?”


The band have this to say about the track:


“We really embraced the studio on this track. After our first release this year we were excited to get back in and further carve out our sound to tape. This track was built off the drum and bass groove.


We threw any semblance of music theory out the window and just wrote what felt write. The lyrics came from the music, I was singing a lot of non-sequiturs when we’d jam, and certain themes emerged.


Sam says it sounds like earth but not earth. Like we teleported into the future and found the remnants of a world that looks like earth but dead.


Conor started throwing down some wild ‘far out maaaaaan’ sounds from his guitar which perfectly fit the mood. Don’t ask us how he made the airplane sounds at the end of the track.


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