Olivia Gray – Rhythm of your Love







Olivia Gray - Rhythm of your love

Olivia Gray – Rhythm of your love






Artist Name:  Olivia Gray


Song Title: Rhythm of your Love




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Olivia Gray unveils an eye-catching video for the single “Rhythm of your Love” taken from her new album “Release my Soul.”


Olivia has come a long way in her musical career with 12 albums, two in Spanish, two in Swiss-German and three albums with children’s songs.


Amongst her greatest hits are “Raining in my heart,” “In the morning light,” “Nobody wants to be lonely”, “Te Quiero” and “Es Bitzeli Liebi” which has sold over 40’000 copies.


Famous artists such as Milva, Francesco Napoli, Paco Aguilera, and Los Bravos – who had a worldwide hit in the sixties with “Black is Black” – have recorded her songs. This shows the greatness of Olivia’s songwriting talent.


She wrote all the songs except for “Black is Black” on the new album of Los Bravos and also sang two duets with lead singer Mike Kennedy.


Olivia proved herself as a live artist in her charismatic appearances at some world’s leading Song-Festivals such as in Japan, Korea, Ireland and Chile where she performed…


The audience will cherish her variety of styles. She has achieved remarkable success in Spain and Latin America. This coupled with the fact that Spain is Olivia’s second residence and explains her affinity to the language and Latin influences.


Olivia recorded her two new albums, one in English and one in Spanish with producer Xavi Puit in Spain. The singles “Te Quiero,” a catchy Latin-pop song with hot guitar riffs a la Carlos Santana, and “Mueve Mueve,” a very danceable mixture of Latin and Reggaeton, are both refreshing and full of the joy of life and Latin temperament.


The followed up power ballad “Tu Amor Esta en Mi” evokes feelings, emotions, longing and ardent desire…


Integrating her great passion (dancing and painting) adds value to the audiovisual portrait.


Versatility, originality, imaginative arrangements, captivating songs, and a personal distinctive voice are some distinctive characteristics of singer-songwriter Olivia Gray.


Her emotional personality, her authentic songwriting, and interpretation, according to their lyrics and moods – light-hearted, sensuous, seductive and vulnerable–touch inspire her listeners.


Olivia is the producer of the new songs in this latest album.


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