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Ricardo Bacelar

Ricardo Bacelar
Ricardo Bacelar
Artist Name:  Ricardo Bacelar
Song Title:  Somewhere In The Hills
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Ricardo Bacelar drops an amazing music video for the song entitled ‘Somewhere In The Hills’ taken from the album Sebastiana.
Ricardo thrills with inspirational sounds of jazz while Elena Rose delivers compelling vocals that the listeners cannot resist.
“Sebastiana” is the third solo album of the Brazilian pianist, composer, and arranger Ricardo Bacelar. Produced by Cesar Lemos (BMI and ASCAP awards in the USA), it was recorded and mixed in Miami, United States, at the legendary Hit Factory (Criteria) and Rebel 11 studios. Its concept gravitates around a Latin American rereading of a Brazilian music repertoire portion.
“Sebastiana” was recorded by Brazilian, American, Cuban, Argentine, Venezuelan, Colombian, and Peruvian musicians. By researching traditional rhythms, an arrangement laboratory was conceived to implement the fusion of Latin American and Brazilian music elements.
It shows contemporary arrangements and a strong jazzy accent, with a subtle percussion that confirms South America ́s influence. The result is unusual and presents an important contribution to the Brazilian music scenario in the international context.
It is an instrumental record, having four of its tracks sung. The album is being released in Latin America, Japan, Europe, and the United States, being promoted by several partners, available on digital platforms, CD, and vinyl.
The musician seeks to create a catalog with artistic quality, with no concern for the commercial market. However, it breaks geographic barriers and disseminates his music to many countries.
“With quality music, we can conquer space in several places in the world at the same time,” he says.
The title “Sebastiana” pays homage to Jackson do Pandeiro, a Brazilian artist, on the 35th anniversary of his death, inserting excerpts from his voice in two tracks.
The cover and graphic illustration elements reproduce “Carnival”, an oil painting of the Brazilian modernist painter Emiliano di Cavalcanti.
The repertoire was conceived four-handed by Ricardo Bacelar and Cesar Lemos. The album has five unpublished songs, in a set of fifteen recordings. Two of them were composed by Ricardo with Cesar Lemos (“Suco Verde” (“Green Juice”) and “Sernambetiba”, 1992).
The album “Sebastiana” presents works by Brazilian composers: Luiz Gonzaga, Gilberto Gil, Lô Borges, Villa-Lobos, Milton Nascimento, and Ronaldo Bastos, Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, Ivan Lins and Victor Martins, Flora Purim and Luiz Roberto Bertrami.
Ricardo Bacelar wrote the arrangements, carried out the schedules with Cesar Lemos, recorded the acoustic piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers, and sang the track “Oh Mana Deixa Eu Ir”(“Oh Sis Let me Go”).
He searched for Latin music exponents in Miami for the recording of the album…
Ricardo Bacelar ́s first solo album, “In Natura”, is intimate and shows unpublished compositions at the piano, with participations and classical music influences.
The second one, “Concerto para Moviola” (Concerto for Moviola), is a live album, recorded at a jazz festival, with an eight-member band, presenting a jazz fusion and Brazilian music repertoire. It was released in 2016 in Brazil and in the United States, on CD, digital, DVD, and vinyl, obtaining a highly significant performance in the American jazz radios, with several reviews in important vehicles in the American press of the segment.
Ricardo Bacelar joined a band in Brazil, called Hanoi Hanoi, in the 80s and 90s, with wide commercial success, whose repertoire was recorded by important Brazilian artists such as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.
Polyvalent in arts and science, Ricardo is a lawyer and a fierce copyright defender. He organized and launched in 2017, in Brazil, the book “Contemporary Themes of Intellectual Property”, a collection of articles with the most important Brazilian authorities in copyright and other branches of the subject…

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