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The Big Moon – Your Light

The Big Moon - Your Light
The Big Moon – Your Light
Artist Name:  The Big Moon
Song Title:  Your Light
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The Big Moon are very excited to announce the details of their new album, ‘Walking Like We Do’, the follow up to their acclaimed Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’. The album is released on 10th January 2020 via Fiction Records…
The Big Moon share a new single and music video for “Your Light.”
Having recently returned with the explosive new track ‘It’s Easy Then’, the British band punch heavy once more here with the dazzling cinematic pop right-hook of ‘Your Light’, premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on Radio 1.
The ‘Your Light’ video was filmed in the Essex countryside and features the band showcasing some bicycle-related dance moves and sharing the limelight with some unexpected furry friends.
Vocalist and songwriter Juliette Jackson explains the track:
“I was thinking about how hard it is to tell if things are worse now or if they have always been this way and I just grew up and started paying attention. To me, it feels like we are at this tipping point that is unprecedented, but then it occurred to me that every generation before us probably had a moment when they thought they were going to be the last generation on earth.
“This song is about freeing yourself from all of it, just for a moment. It’s a thanks to the one person or thing in your life that knows how to come in and open your curtains and light up the darkness and restore your strength so that when you clatter back down into the real world you have the strength to fight your battles, whatever they are.”
As a record, ‘Walking Like We Do’ finds The Big Moon at a thematic crossroads, swapping the more straightforward love songs of their debut album for thornier topics.
Juliette’s lyrics throughout the album find the band trying to make sense of the world we live in, riding through instability and never quite shaking the feeling that anything could happen.
The band firmly harnessed these fears, moulding them into a positive force, losing none of the excitement and joy that first brought them together and sees them creating the boldest and brightest music of their career.
“We don’t know where we’re going/but we’re walking like we do” – Lyric from “A Hundred Ways To Land”
Juliette: “Walking Like We Do is about being strong in the face of uncertainty, about standing tall even though you’re completely lost and not being afraid of the future because it just keeps on coming.”

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