Lydia Briggs – Carolina Queen







Lydia Briggs - Carolina Queen

Lydia Briggs – Carolina Queen






ARTIST NAME:  Lydia Briggs


SONG TITLE:  Carolina Queen


RELEASE DATE:  26/9/2019


GENRE:  Indie Pop












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Lydia Briggs, Cleveland-based singer/songwriter releases new single, “Carolina Queen.”


Carolina Queen is accompanied by a simple music video – Partnering once again with Cleveland-based videographers, Clockwork 9 (Fallen Captive).


Carolina Queen will pull you in like the tide and washes over you.


Carolina Queen is about the loss of innocence and leaving something you love behind.


“The Carolinas hold a special place in my heart,” says Lydia Briggs. “I grew up with summers on those beaches. Some of my most treasured memories are from there. But it’s also home to one of my darkest moments. I found myself changed forever. I was no longer the ‘Carolina Queen’ I had imagined myself to be as a child and feared to return.


I’m happy to say I finally found the courage to walk those beaches again, shoot the video for this release, and show off the beauty of the Carolina coast.”


Her debut EP comes out later this year on her label, Gin House Records.



Born and raised a mile from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Lydia Briggs has been playing piano non-stop since the age of 5. At 13, she began writing songs, filed for her first business at 14 (her independent label, Gin House Records) and copyrighted all of her material.


At 15, Lydia teamed with producer Jim Wirt to record her first six songs and began releasing singles through her distribution partner, AWAL.


The 16-year-old musician is blessed with a pure voice, blues-influenced piano style, and a bohemian sensibility. Reflecting her idol, Regina Spektor, Briggs’s brain-voice connection runs from her fingers to her heart – singing and playing the piano as one.


The world in words captured by Briggs creates vivid stories based on personal experiences.


Her voice warns of cruelty and oppression in “Down”, while the intensity of “White Angel Wings” speaks to the seismic shift felt when one is stripped of faith. These moments point to an artist wise beyond her years.


“Writing is extremely cathartic for me,” says Lydia, who practices journaling daily.


“I’ve been scared, lonely, and completely furious at the world too many times in my very short life. I find music to be very powerful and healing. And I want others to use my music to sing, release emotions, and bravely face this world right alongside me.”


She is honored to have been selected by the legendary, multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Fiona Apple, Incubus, No Doubt, Hoobastank, LIVE, Hidden In Plain View) for the recording of her first EP. And, getting to play on the grand piano that Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin) left at the studio for following musicians to track with was an added blessing.



Seashells and my toes in the sand

It’s now just foreign land

And your strong hands


The water keeps running away

You were never listening

When I told you to go


No, No No, I could never go

I can’t stand with my feet in the sand

No, I could never go

I’m no Carolina Queen


I’m no Carolina Queen oh

Carolina Queen oh

Carolina Queen


No, No No, I could never go

I can’t stand with my feet in the sand

No, I could never go

I’m no Carolina Queen


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