E Askelsson – Manually

E.Askelsson – Manually







E.Askelsson – Manually

E.Askelsson – Manually






Artist Name:  E.Askelsson


Song Title:  A Fear of Rejection














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Discuss your approach to music.

For a few years, I have been writing songs and lyrics for myself in my spare time.


I wrote and released some instrumental tracks which I liked a lot to create – Like to be experimental. All vocals are mine but unfortunately, I´ve to use primitive equipment to sing. Do it through headphones.


I´ve gained a lot of good experience in writing songs, lyrics, and arrangement.


Since I use my vocals for all the tracks I regard them as demos and I hope somebody would be interested to sing them.


I love to write music and for me the best way to express any kind of emotions I´m going through in my life.


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