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Emmrose – Tonight

Emmrose – Tonight
Emmrose – Tonight
Artist Name:  Emmrose
Song Title:  Tonight
Release Date:  9/20/2019
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Sixteen-year-old Emmrose will blow listeners away with her celestial vocals.
She boosts the value of her song entitled ‘Tonight’ with her persuasive voice while the lyrics are deep.
The songwriting is great and her performance is impressive as she sings like a pro.
Her style is one of a kind as she sings along with the clean instrumentation.
The delivery of words is noteworthy as one can hear the words.
“’Tonight’ is a gorgeous track that leads the listener to an evening through the eyes of Emmrose herself. The song itself would be very at home next to many tracks in the James Bond series such as ‘Skyfall’ by Adele.
The music behind the floating lead vocal gives that impression through the well-composed orchestral arrangements and classic ‘Bondesque’ guitar lines.​
The central point of the song is a chorus that would make any songwriter proud, with a fantastic melody that is beautifully delivered.”
I could lie and say I’m fine but that’s useless,
Is it the people or just stress?
Makes no difference
Over there I see your stare and it’s intriguing,
Is it my eyes or the perfection of this evening?
The strobe lights
So tonight,
Say I’m alive and feeling all right,
Oh, tonight,
I let loose and feel the light,
It’s right to be bored without you by my side,
Oh tonight, I’ll dance away the uptight
Maybe it’s just this is all too much,
Is this even happening?
Your touch is evaporating,
Can you repeat what you said again?
So tonight,
Say I’m alive and feeling all right,
Oh tonight, I let loose and feel the light,
It’s right to be bored without you by my side,
So tonight I’ll dance away the uptight
We’ll move somewhere quieter,
But you don’t have much to say,
I like your touch,
And all,
That’s love when you fall,
All at once and none at all,
But tonight,
Something is wrong with tonight,
The conversation feels airtight,
But tonight,
Ooh, I loved you tonight,
I can stay in the limelight,
For you
Sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter Emmrose navigates the halls of New York City’s LaGuardia High School by day, and writes and performs original music at night.
Born and raised in lower Manhattan, Emmrose began playing piano at the age of eight.
“I was at Sunday School when I came across a brown, upright piano sitting alone in a room. I remember sitting alone and playing an A-minor chord. I didn’t know what that was yet. I played some other chords and before I knew it, I had written my first instrumental song.”
In 2016, Emmrose began collaborating with EDM artist, Rebecca ‘Krystalmath’ Rossi, at her Manhattan studio. Together, the two wrote and recorded “Can You Feel It?” which was released in early 2019.
Emmrose’s first EP Hopeless Romantics is due out this summer.
She currently records her music at Behind the Curtains studio in Brooklyn with producer Mike Abiuso.
She also studies voice with the world-renowned vocal teacher Dr. William Riley and instrumental music with Berklee Assistant Professor, Dominic Sahagun.
Emmrose, even at age 16, is planning for everything life gives her.
“If this music thing takes off, I’ll go with that,” she says. “I’ll write more, do more, and have a blast. If nothing happens, then I’ll still be okay. I’ll never stop writing. It’s too important. Really.”

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