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Man vs Monkey – Too Rare to Die

Man vs Monkey – Too Rare to Die
Man vs Monkey – Too Rare to Die
Artist Name:  Man vs Monkey
Song Title:  Too Rare to Die
Release Date:  10/11/2019
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Will their dreams crack up while “taking pills just that Marshmello thinks I´m dope”?
Or will they get sued by Jay-Z because of “spamming insta DMs” to his account?
Nevermind, Man vs Monkey will make “Kylie Jenner remember” anyway.
“Too Rare to Die” – Man vs Monkey’s second track rides the emotional rollercoaster of the producer duo’s life.
When Funky Monkey complains, “I need a life that’s monkey-like” and asks for a Jägermeister with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Electronic-Dance-Pop song is all about wanting to live the rock ‘n’ roll life everyone talks about – but never getting there (of course).
Dan the Man and Funky Monkey stepped out of their comfort zone after their debut single “DGAF*” and tried to blur genres again, calling “Too Rare to Die” an EDM-Rock song.
As a second step of leaving their comfort zone, Funky Monkey was taking over the mic on this song.
Their first track “DGAF*” hit Spotify with over two hundred plays so far, peaked at No. 10 of the Austrian iTunes Pop Charts, and gained No. 7 at the international Electronic charts.
Furthermore, the song received over five hundred radio airplay in four different countries and opened up collaborations with well-known artists in the near future.
US-blogger Lefuturewave writes:
“…DGAF* is a real masterpiece. I adore the catchy vibes, the chorus will stick in your mind…Without any doubt, I can say that DGAF* is a smashing hit, you will love it…”
And LA-based music blogger LAonLock states:
“This song is just fun. Sure it´s about cheating and remorse, but the video and lyrics provide insta-revenge and in a perfect world, all would-be broken hearts would be dealt with so easily.”


Don’t you feel the monkey inside? It was a crazy “Hangover”- like a night out in the city of Vienna. Strolling through bars and clubs, Dan and his friends had lots of fun playing around with a monkey mask and learning a little too much about the dark side of life that night. The friends and musicians decided to let this night be the starting point of a new era: Man vs Monkey was born.
The Austrian songwriters, producers, and DJ duo who have their roots in Pop and Alternative Rock with over two hundred songs written, are now building the bridge between the genres of pop and dance, letting their roots influence their new style.
Organic “real” instruments are added to the electronic sound of Daniel Logar (also known as Dan the Man) and Funky Monkey to give their music its emotional base.
Lyrically, their songs revolve around the classic black and white theme of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They play with both sides of mankind – the bright and lively, as well as the dark and sinister one.
Man vs Monkey ironically put those in the stocks who behave conceited and consider themselves superior.
The monkey mask underlines their story visually and shows that ultimately, there is a crazy monkey waiting to be unchained inside every one of us.

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