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Lola Young – 6 Feet Under

Lola Young – 6 Feet Under
Lola Young – 6 Feet Under
Artist Name:  Lola Young
Song Title:  6 Feet Under
Lola Young unveils a striking music video for the song entitled ‘6 Feet Under.’
Lola bewitches with intriguing video and deep lyrics.
Rianne White is the director of the music video.
Her delivery of words is remarkable, and the listeners can grab the wordings of the song.
The simple video is dramatic and in order with the lyrics of the song.


Independent and possessing a true artistic vision, the 18-year-old Lola Young has all the potential, spirit, and individuality to become the UK’s next biggest talent.
Growing up in south London and with an inherent sense of direction and personal drive, Lola immersed herself in music.
“It’s been a part of my life since I had my first memory,” she says. “I’ve been singing since I could talk. Not that I was a good singer then. I had to learn, practice, get lessons and teach myself. Hard work was involved when it came to me learning how to sing. People may say, ‘It sounds like you were born with that voice.’ It was not the case at all.”
“No one knows who they are, but you can know what you’re trying to be”, Lola laughs, discussing navigating the industry. “My music is all the different parts of me and how I work,” she explains. In this way, it defies categorization, while every beat and melody has meaning and intention.
As a lyricist, Lola draws you into her world, creating evocative scenes with all the tenderness and sensitivity of a folk artist, while maintaining the sharpness, wit, and attitude of a rapper.
Talented with an undeniable creative focus, she is a musical force. A thrilling and uncompromising live performer with an astute and unique gift for writing songs that encapsulate and explore the human condition, Lola Young can’t be boxed. And because of that, she is one of the most exciting new British artists ready to be discovered.


Written by Lola Young


I think about death sometimes, I
think about dying next to you
I think about my ex sometimes, I
think about the things I’ll never do
I think about the mess sometimes,
that I always to seem to cause
I light a cigarette sometimes, to
forget bout all the thoughts


Yeah I’m young and in love with someone who don’t love me
I’m dumb I get drunk to pretend that he does, see,
I live and I learn but forget all the lessons
I’ll see you in hell if there’s such thing as heaven


I’m 6 feet under but the world won’t stop for me now
I keep moving cause no time don’t turn back around
Yes I love you but there’s so much room for the doubt
6 feet under I’m 6 feet under now


I get a little sad sometimes
I get a little scared and insecure
I go a little mad sometimes
Yeah my mind climbs up the wall


I can’t really comprehend sometimes
The places that I’ve been
I think about the end sometimes
The end of everything

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