JP Cooper – The Reason Why


JP Cooper - The Reason Why

JP Cooper – The Reason Why


Artist Name:  JP Cooper + Stefflon Don + Banx & Ranx


Song Title:  The Reason Why


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JP Cooper teams up with Stefflon Don and Banx & Ranx to uncover a brand-new video for ‘The Reason Why.’


JP Cooper thrills with his raw vocals while Stefflon Don seconded with her soulful vocals.


The video is top-notched, and the lighting is excellent.


JP Cooper stirs as he sings from the heart.


The lyrics of the song are rich.





It’s often said that today’s musicians don’t “pay their dues” in the way previous generations did, whether it was the Beatles’ residencies at the Star Club in Hamburg or David Bowie hauling himself around clubs for years.


However, JP Cooper has done all this and much more. He may now be scoring multi-platinum hits and collaborating with the likes of Stormzy.


However, He’s been the guy standing outside a venue, handing out flyers for his music and tracks on burned CDs.


He’s humped gear into the back of his Dad’s Nissan Micra to drive two hundred miles to play for twenty people, a sound engineer, and his dog.


JP’s songs are built on his values – positivity, empathy, and soul – and 80 + of them have been whittled down to 13 for his debut album, Raised Under Grey Skies, which has been inspired by his life and times.


Good Friend, for example, draws on the times when he was first signed and was “uprooted” away from family and his son. “I think labels should have a psychologist to hand,” he chuckles. “It sounds like first world problems but it’s hard, and you really find out who your friends are.”



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