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Hans Inglish – Nobody But Me


Hans Inglish - Nobody But Me
Hans Inglish – Nobody But Me

Artist Name:  Hans Inglish

Song Title:  Nobody But Me






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CGI/Animation by Marquis Shepard for Herd Media – @herd_media

Produced by Davenport and Spencer (Aaron Spencer/Jason Linton)

Additional Vocals by Drake Murphy – @drakemurphyofficial

Recorded/Mixed/Written by Hans Inglish

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper @ TurtleTone Studios

Creative Direction by Kim Ly/Hans Inglish/Aaron Spencer

Hans Inglish brings to light an incredible music video for the song entitled ‘Nobody But Me.’

From his home in Harlem, New York City, music artist Hans Inglish continuously blurs the lines between pop and hip-hop.

With powerful upbeat melodies, layered in bittersweet undertones, his new single and music video, “Nobody But Me,” was premiered at Gigantic Studios in New York City to an overwhelmingly positive reception.

This space-themed anthem alludes to his own journey into the void of self-reflection, encourages positive self-discovery, and promotes finding peace in a chaotic universe.

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