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Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful

Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful
Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful
Artist Name:  Dennis Lloyd
Song Title:  Unfaithful
Apple Music
‘Unfaithful’ is a stunning music video rich in eye-catching colours.
The tuneful song features a male vocal with an instrumentation that is pleasing.
Dennis thrills with his raw vocal as he sings.
This artist is original and his vocal works smoothly with instrumental.
The lyrics are easy to grab and the songwriting is excellent.


Nir Tibor (born 18 June 1993), better known by his stage name Dennis Lloyd, is an Israeli producer, singer, songwriter, trumpeter, and multi-instrumentalist from Tel Aviv.
Dennis’s first passion has always been music. He learned to play the trumpet at age 8 and taught himself how to play guitar at age 13.
In 2015 he released his first single ‘Playa (Say That)’ and reached a global audience.
In 2016, he went to Bangkok, Thailand to record his music. After 12 months, 35 new songs, 4 new music videos, and hundreds of sketches – Tibor came back to Israel.
‘Nevermind’ came out of these solo sessions in Asia. Dennis’s debut EP ‘Exident’ and its lead single ‘Never Go Back’ is a direct continuation of the narrative told in ‘Nevermind,’ chronicling the tumultuous relationship with a girl he fell in love with while in Asia and their eventual breakup.
Since 2016 ‘Nevermind’ has garnered over 400 million streams and reached #17 on both Spotify and Apple Music Top Global charts.
Dennis has been spotlighted in Billboard, TIME magazine and most recently performed his U.S. TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
His live shows are known for his virtuosity and the mix between brass, electronic, jazz, and modern music.
As Dennis continues to produce a new vibrant sound, his “MTFKRs” wait for more.
He is now gaining global recognition for his virtuosity and eclectic style and has brought his live shows to audiences around the world. The Never Go Back Tour touches down in Europe across 16 countries starting in November 2019.

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