303 – Seasons


303 - Seasons

303 – Seasons


Artist Name:  303


Song Title:  Seasons












Apple Music




303 bring to light the music video for the song entitled “Seasons.”


303 thrill with their angelic vocals while the instrumentation is inspiring.


The songwriting is extraordinary and the song is memorable.


The performance is impressive, and the audience can relate to the song.



303 are the rising stars of UK R&B, steadily making their mark with their fresh take on an old-school sound.


The group’s 3 members – Io, Maddie, and Chloe – radiate a unique energy, togetherness and ability to harmonize, leaving no doubt that they were meant to sing together.


Following on from their captivating debut single, ‘Whisper’, the trio return with their second soulful release. ’Someone Else’, a stripped-back guitar and vocal production, is about not being in the right mindset to have a healthy relationship. It delicately captures the difficult and emotional feeling of having to let someone go because you want the best for them.


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