Becky Hill – Better Off Without You


Becky Hill - Better Off Without You

Becky Hill – Better Off Without You


Artist Name:  Becky Hill


Song Title:  Better Off Without You










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Becky Hill brings to light an amazing video for the song entitled ‘Better Off Without You’ together with Shift Key.


The memorable song is a blend of raw vocals with inspiring electronic instrumentation.


Becky thrills with extraordinary performance as she sings for real.


The video is interesting to watch, and the instrumentation is driving.


She nails the instrumentation with her raw vocals while her delivery of words is outstanding.


The lyrics are deep and easy to grab.




Becky Hill

With her highly resonant voice and R&B-influenced style, Becky Hill first came to the public’s attention competing on series one of The Voice UK. Ultimately reaching the show’s semi-final round, Hill emerged a fan favourite and became the first Voice UK contestant to score a number one single when “Gecko (Overdrive),” her collaboration with Dutch EDM star Oliver Heldens, topped the U.K. singles chart in June 2014.


Born on February 14, 1994, in Bewdley, Worcestershire, England, Hill was no stranger to music when she first auditioned for the then-new The Voice UK in 2012. As a teenager, she had sung with the acoustic rock & soul group Shaking Trees, which created some local buzz and received several plays on BBC Radio. On The Voice UK, she made it to the semi-final with her powerful renditions of R&B songs by the likes of John Legend and others, before being eliminated. By her own admission, she was a novice in the music industry game, and it took her 18 months to finally get a record deal. In the meantime, however, her sultry, soulful, older-than-her-years voice was highly sought-after by dance artists looking for feature vocalists. Her first recorded appearance, on British drum ‘n’ bass artist Wilkinson’s single “Afterglow,” went to number eight on the U.K. singles chart. She then appeared on Rudimental’s single “Powerless,” singing with them at several U.K. festivals in 2013, including Glastonbury.


Following her success with Heldens, Hill worked extensively with London-based dance producer MNEK and issued her debut solo single, “Caution to the Wind.” It showcased a shift toward a more electronica-influenced sound, with twinkling melodies and production reminiscent of Four Tet. The Eko EP appeared in 2017 and included the single “Unpredictable.” The single “Sunrise in the East” followed a year later. In 2019, Hill issued a pair of upbeat singles, “I Could Get Used to This,” which featured Weiss, and “Wish You Well,” which featured Sigala.

~ John D. Buchanan, Rovi


Shift Key

Shift K3Y (alternately Shift Key) is Lewis Jankel, a songwriter, producer, and falsetto-equipped vocalist whose best output cleverly fuses contemporary pop and R&B with hints of classic house and garage sounds.



I thought my world was crumbling

when I woke up and you weren’t in my bed

and I was left here wondering how

you could walk away & never turn back


tried to right

all your wrongs

I never thought that I’d be lost


but I’ve found

the truth

I was searching for me in you


now I’m better off without you

and it’s finally clear to see

that the person I was missing

it’s not you

it’s me


now I’m better off without you

and I’ve never felt so free

coz the person I was missing

it’s not you

it’s me


I tried so hard to please you

but nothing that I did would work

oh & all the things we’ve been through

now it’s time to start putting me first


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