Pongo – Canto


Pongo – Canto

Pongo – Canto


Artist Name:  Pongo


Song Title: Canto








Apple Music








Pongo unveils a high-class music video for the song entitled ‘Canto.’


The harmony between her raw vocal and the diverse instrumentation is exact.


The song is appealing, and the melody is pleasing.


Her performance is extraordinary.


The colour-grading is perfect, and the video is well shot.



Pongo embodies the renewal of Kuduro, mixing her African, Langan and Zairian roots with EDM, bass music, dancehall, and melodic pop.


Her powerful, rhythmic, but equally fragile and sensitive voice draws us into her world, on the borders of dance and Saudade, where no one has taken us before.



Directed by Felix Dol Maillot

Produced by PLZ. agency

Line Producer: Edouard Tintignac

Production Manager: Felix Paul Schmid

Director of Photography: Duarte Domingos

1st Assistant Director: Edouard Tintignac

Steadicamer: Samuel Amaral

1st Assistant Camera: Marcel Encarnacao

Gaffer: Mario Soares

Drone Operator: Manuel Costa

Set Design Director: Constant Clesse

Set Decorator: Juliette Moreau

Assistant Decorator: Charles Nachtergaele

Structure Construction: Rising Rust Produçoes

Location Manager: Rodrigo Candeias

Make-up Artist: Beatriz Texugo

Wardrobe: Laura Marciano

Stage Manager: Isabel Taunay

Stage Assistant: Malaz Elnaiem

Post-production Supervisor: Felix Paul Schmid

Editor: Joao Teixeira

Colour Grader: Marco Amaral


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