The Rebel Heart Band – Light the Fire

The Rebel Heart Band – Light the Fire

Artist Name:  The Rebel Heart Band

Song Title:  Light the Fire

Release Date:  09-27-2019








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Rebel Heart is a rock band hailing from the Independent Republic of Vancouver Island whose sound is an unapologetic jump in the air for fans of classic Rock Music.

Staking out a wide territory in the classic rock genre, with a sensibility that only time could bring to their music, the songs are a blend of the social commentary of Steve Earl combined with the wry humour of Warren Zevon.

Yuk Fu (Album) was released in September 2018. The response to the album has exceeded the band’s wildest expectations. The album has received national and international attention with radio stations in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Take a chance

Just let go

Don’t hold back


and you will find

That passion that lies inside

Time slips away, and you never get it back

Don’t wait till it’s too late to light that hidden flame

CHORUS: Light that fire… x 4

You will find

When you let go

Fears gone cold

Believe in the power of bold

Testify with your inner soul

Take what is given coming from on high

Count it as a blessing as you live your live on fire

CHORUS: Light that fire… x 4

Take these walls around you and burn them to the ground

What rises from the ashes is who you are unbound

CHORUS: Light that fire… x 4

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