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TOnX and Poetics – Veneno

TOnX and Poetics – Veneno
TOnX and Poetics – Veneno
Artist Name:  TOnX and Poetics
Song Title:  Veneno
Release Date:  01-03-2020
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‘Veneno’ is the newly released single by TOnX and Poetics. A song that will get you moving with hints of reggaeton grooves, trap elements, and provocative lyrics.
The song lyrics are written/performed by Stephen Clarke (Poetics), and the production put together by Roberto Joshua Molina (RJ), and Matthew Enrrique Molina (Mateo).
RJ and Mateo form a producer duo, TOnX (pronounced as tonics), and are the next up and coming hit producers!
TOnX are of Salvadorean descent and Poetics of Trinidadian/Venezuelen descent.


Elaborate on your music careers.
TOnX (pronounced as ‘tonics’) producer duo from Toronto, Canada.
Our names are Roberto Joshua Molina (RJ) and Matthew Enrique Molina (Mateo). We are two Salvadorian-Canadians brothers and music runs in our blood. As musicians, we like to incorporate our Latin background in our music and at the same time keep it urban.

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