Marlon – Saint Laurent


Marlon – Saint Laurent

Marlon – Saint Laurent


Artist Name:  Marlon


Song Title: Saint Laurent








Marlon is a young 17-year-old urban rapper and artist. His lust for music and art, in general, is very early on.


At only 8 years old he starts listening to “sacred monsters” of Italian rap like Gue Pequeno and Marracash. Afterward, his influences become 360°, he experiments with new melodies for months, until he reaches an innovative sound in Italy.


He was known previously by the stage name Dr. Etern, until last year, when he decided to change his name due to management reasons, he chose Marlon as his new stage name.


Beyond what one can consider as a natural musical evolution because of the passing of the years, Marlon has gradually explored, starting from pure, almost underground rap, at first a more “contemporary” type of rap, which had less of a look at the past.


Then he embraced Trap, about two years ago, publishing on YouTube several pieces…


He loves to experiment with diverse and new sounds that allow him to best express his character.


Inspired by numerous West Coast artists, he expresses, today, what we could call a renewal of the Trap, that is no longer linked to the usual clichés that we all know well, rather a Trap that fully expresses the desire for redemption and revenge, but with a sound close enough, to R&B and Soul, which combines with Hip-Hop.

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