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Aggressive Swans – About You

Aggressive Swans - About You

Aggressive Swans - About You
Aggressive Swans – About You


Tell us your real names, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Janko Raseta (J) – guitar, production. Born in Croatia, grew up in Poland.
Christopher Chlupacek (C) – vocals, bass, flute. Born in Slovenia, grew up in Germany.
…both currently based in Munich, Germany.


Tell us your academic qualification.
Janko Raseta – Master and postgraduate degree in guitar (Universität Mozarteum, Salzburg, Austria).
Christopher Chlupacek – Currently studying recorder (flute) at Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich.


Tell us about your music career, band name, musical background, experience, and skills.
Janko Raseta – classical guitarist with over 30 awards in the field. Composer of solo, chamber, and orchestral pieces, film music. Producer in genres from pop and rock to hip-hop and deep house. Session guitarist.
Christopher Chlupacek – vocalist and lyricist, plays guitar, bass, and recorder (flute). Founding member of his current solo project Matija.


Tell us about your genre, concept, and idea behind your music video and the song.
We hear a lot, that our music tends to sound like pop music from the ’80s. We both love it, though it is not a deliberate concept behind it. We simply write what we like and what pleases us. We often allow ourselves to include elements in our music that would be typically discarded in modern musical production – longer solos or rather unusual chord progressions. From our experience, there are still people, who dig these.


Tell us how to run a record label independently and successfully based on your experience as an artist.
As Aggressive Swans, we don’t have a label at the moment. We bring out our music on our own. It speeds up the whole process significantly and leaves us lots of artistic freedom. The obvious downside is the lack of potential financial support. We both are professional musicians though, involved in several projects. We produce music on our own, which cuts down the costs.


Tell us how you are promoting your music.
We have a network of friends in clubs and local radio stations, who are always happy to support our new musical ventures. Besides, we reach music blogs through Submithub.


Tell us what makes you happy and what makes you sad.
The obvious source of happiness is music, being the reason for doing Aggressive Swans in the first place. We get a sad hearing about huge dramas of contemporary world: poverty, war, hunger, but also less significant problems involving music business nowadays.


Explain clearly the story or concept behind the song.
“About You” tries to address the contemporary Weltschmerz of young people – finding their own place in society, looking for acceptance, approval. Although quite specific, lyrics can be interpreted in an abstract way. At the same time, the musical side of the song counterpoints the lyrics with its rather happy and upbeat mood.


List the radio stations, TV stations, and blogs that have aired or featured your new song.
M94.5 Munich
Pirate Radio Bayern
Raute FM Bayern
Banks Radio Australia


Blogs, Playlists:
Broadtube Music Channel
Mystic Sons
Eternity Network
Elite Muzik
Indie Music Nation
Mishka DJ
I Heart Moosiq
Future House Cloud
Bass Plus Muzic


Give us links to where the song can be purchased.


Tell us about other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director, how the song was recorded, and how the music video was shot. 
“About You” was mixed by our good friend Marc Tajtelbaum, a former winner of German Scratch Master Award.
Cover art was designed by Anne Gryczka of Rue Nouvelle.
We (J, C) perform as a duo, but from time to time we invite additional musicians for live shows, including:
Ludwig Klöckner – bass guitar – Organ Explosion, founder of Munich’s Fabulous Musicjam
Chris Stöger – drums – Keller Steff Band, Xavier Darcy, MarieMarie
Leonhard Kuhn – live electronics – Jazzrausch Bigband, Monika Roscher Bigband, Le Café Bleu International.


Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience, and your future goal.
Janko started playing guitar at the age of 7. Since 2013 he also produces and collaborates with various projects beyond classical music.
Chris plays recorder since his early years, often visiting master classes with prominent recorder players, like Maurice Steger. He is the founding member of the band Matija (formerly The Capitols).
We hope to continue our musical journey with Aggressive Swans in a way that pleases us most.


Tell us what makes you unique from others.
We believe the huge difference is that we don’t try to be purposefully commercial.
We put the music in the first place. Although we spend very little time on Aggressive Swans, we always try to give our best.


Tell us your weakness and strength pertaining to music.
That would be both: playing as a duo. It limits our live performance to some degree. Having a live drummer or a keys player allows way more freedom in musical expression. On the other hand, though, it makes one sound different, and traveling is bliss.


List your five favorite songs including the artists.
At the moment that would be:
Lonely Night – The Weeknd
Reflektor – Arcade Fire
Jupiter – Benjamin Clementine
Ti Amo – Phoenix
Illuminate – Orbital


Tell us your position on “DIY” Do It Yourself” and signing to a major label.
DIY is our current situation with Aggressive Swans. We would be happy to receive help from a label, as long as it leaves us enough artistic freedom to pursue our ideas.


Tell us the instruments put together in this song.
Guitars are Duesenberg Caribou and Japanese Paisley Tele through various effects and amps. Synths are mostly Roland Juno. We used a mixture of drum samples of our choice.


Tell us other activities you will like to pursue apart from music.
That would be definitely cooking, for both of us.


Tell us about gaining the confidence to sing in front of a large crowd for the first time.
The “first time” for us both was so long ago, that we can’t really recall it, but if anybody is stressed before his first show, we can definitely say, that it only gets better.


Tell us the best way to make money in the music business.
Keep it simple and invest lots of cash – exactly the opposite of what we are doing here!


Tell us your experience pertaining to TV/Radio plugging.
As for now, we relied on our personal connections only. We’re looking forward to our next releases.


Narrate your recording experience.
Since we share our time between different musical projects, we had to record “About You” in several stages. All recording was done at home or in a rehearsal room. We started with the basic instrumental, then added vocals. In the end, came synths and sound effects/editing.


List your various works.
About You
Every Teardrop
American Car (live)
Birmingham (live)
I Don’t Swim With My Friends (live)
It Got Hold (live)
Gainsbourg Dilemma (live)


State links to connect you on social media.




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