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Al Morris – Getting Mine

Al Morris – Getting Mine

Al Morris – Getting Mine

Al Morris – Getting Mine



SONG TITLE: Getting Mine


ALBUM TITLE: Small Town Fever


RELEASE DATE: 30th July 2021


GENRE: Alt-Soul










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Al Morris comes strolling out of the gate with ‘Getting Mine,’ the second taste of his upcoming EP Small Town Fever. The song struts past the doubts and criticisms, into confidence and self-belief.
In writing Getting Mine, Al writes, “Pursuing a dream is not always easy for loved ones to understand. This song is a note to me to live life in a way that makes me happy.”
‘Getting Mine’ is a real rock & soul anthem where Al’s smooth vocals take center stage. A sexy bassline, crisp drums, and airy lead lines take you to a world of late evenings in smoky rooms sipping short drinks.
Following on from his first single ‘Feel Alright,’ Al cements himself in the world of alternative soul, drawing inspiration from legends like Marvin and Stevie, as well more recent greats like Hozier and Paolo Nutini.





Verse 1
What do you wanna be
A fragile soul that won’t take much to make
What do you wanna see
Are you hoping that I fall
Then you’d be right after all


Is it safe on solid ground?
Where I am its a long way down
I may fall
I may die
But at least I know I tried
At least I know I tried to be getting mine


Just like you should
And you can tell me all about how it’s done
When you’re doing it this good


(Verse 2)
Who do you wanna be
You say you come from wisdom and love
I see the doubt you put up
What do you really need?
When you speak of all that could’ve been
And what shouldn’t be


Is it safe on solid ground?
Where I am its a long way down
I may fall
And I may die
But at least I know I tried
At least I know I tried to be Getting Mine
Just like you should
And you can tell me all about how it’s done
When you’re doing it this good


Verse 3
What do you want from me?
I’m going on despite you’re advice
You never braved up the price.
What do you wanna do?
There’s so much frustration in you
You never followed it through


Ain’t it fun on shaky ground
Where you are it’s a long way down
And you may fall
And you may die
But at least you’ll say you tried
Ain’t it fun on shaky ground
Where you are its a long way down
And you may fall
Or you may fly
But at least you’ll say that…


I was getting mine
Just like I should
And you can tell me all about how ya done
When you’re doing it this good


Oh when you’re doing it this good
Oh when you’re doing it this good



Multi-Genre: I think fusing both alternative and soul music wasn’t really a conscious decision. I grew up listening to old soul music from my parents, but they also had a love for rockier bands as well. When I started playing guitar, rock and pop were easy to pick up and get to sound half decent, but as I learned more, I was fascinated by the complexity in the chords of Stevie Wonder songs and Al Green as well.
It took a long time to figure out the right balance between the two genres, and I now feel like I’m in a place with my music where it sounds close to how I want it to sound.


Childhood Background: I grew up in a small town called Grays in Essex. I had a great upbringing that is full of great memories. Though there were difficulties growing up in Grays as well; not everyone wants to be friends. Overall, I’d have to say that my childhood was a happy one; I had my challenges but a lot of great moments too.


Musical Life: I feel like my musical life up till now has been an apprenticeship, and in a lot of ways, it still is. The people that I have learned the most from have been other musicians. I’ve played all over the country from Brighton to Manchester and many places in between, and there has always been something new and exciting to take away from each gig or open mic night.
I’m at a point now where I feel like a ‘proper musician’. No, I’m not making any money, but I am incredibly proud of the songs I can offer to the world and I have confidence in my ability to perform them the way they should be performed.


Recording Experience: I recorded this song and the whole EP at Green Velvet Studios, Manchester. We really wanted to use the studio as a live space as much as possible, so all the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar are recorded as one unit at the same time.
In my biased opinion, this gives the tunes a real heartbeat and life. There’s a warmth to each player’s performance and I’ll be eternally grateful to them for what each one of them contributed to this project.


Songwriting Process: A lot of people that care about me want me to get the most out of life; this sometimes means that they question whether trying to be a musician is the best decision.
I wrote this song as a reminder to myself that as long as I love making music, and it brings me happiness, I will continue doing it. It took a long time to get past my own self-doubts and I occasionally need to step back and remind myself that I’m pretty good at this whole music thing.


Hook: If you love a sexy bassline, then this is the song for you.


Hit Song: The song has to mean something to you (the writer) before it can mean anything to someone else. None of my songs have been hits yet, so I’m probably not an authority on this matter, but I am as honest as I can be with every song I write.  


Melody: Melody is one of the first things I consider when I’m writing a song. Sometimes even before the words. This doesn’t always mean the vocals are the centerpiece, but there are occasions when I love to let loose.


Music Career: This project has been my first dive into the world of releasing music properly. While the music I make is something to be proud of, I am learning more and more about how to get it into the world.
I have extended my creativity beyond the music side, and I’m now making videos and putting out more content. This whole process isn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be; it isn’t always glamorous, but overall I am learning and growing with each release.
I hope to be more consistent with my output in the future; I think this project has been a really fun and interesting learning curve.


Supporters: First and foremost, has to be my mum, none of this would be possible without her. But also the emotional support I have gotten from all my friends and family in particular my partner.


Music Career Comparison: A music career is freedom and happiness, one minute, and the complete opposite the next. But the minutes of happiness far outnumber the difficult times.


Music Background: I started playing the guitar at the age of fifteen to impress a girl. The girl lost interest in me, so I wrote a few songs about it. It then turned out I really loved writing songs, it helped to cope with things going on in my life and I never looked back. I’ve played shows all over England, met amazing people, and made a few decent tunes.


Future Goals: I want to be able to give people great memories when they come to my shows. I want people to understand me through my music, and for it to stay with them in some way.


Change: It’s a lot more accessible now, meaning there are so many more amazing musicians that can be heard. The music world has never been so rich and diverse as it is now.


Tools: The most important tools for me as an artist are voice, guitar, pen, and paper. Without these, I would lose my mind pretty quickly.


Song: ‘Getting Mine’ is a strut away from self-doubt into a confident feeling.


Artist’s Name: My artist’s name is Al Morris, simply because Al is how people get my attention.


Album’s Title: The EP is titled Small Town Fever. It has this name because a lot of the songs are inspired by my time moving back home after building a life elsewhere, and the different thoughts and feelings I had during this period.



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