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Alex Cavan

Alex Cavan – Dreams And Better Times

Alex Cavan – Dreams And Better Times
Alex Cavan – Dreams And Better Times



ARTIST NAME:  Alex Cavan
SONG TITLE:   Dreams And Better Times
RELEASE DATE: 16/02/19
GENRE: Singer/Songwriter






Alex Cavan (born June 3, 1993) is a South African singer/songwriter and musician.
He released his debut album in October 2015 with 9 original tracks and a cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” and has been on the rise since, opening for popular South African artists such as Khan Morbee (The Parlotones), Ard Matthews, Jeremy Loops, Matthew Mole and Shaun Jacobs.
This young artist has spread his vibrations across South Africa, touring all parts of his country and performing at multiple events and shows. This includes festivals such as the “Earth Home Project” Hosted by Terra-khaya with Greenpop partnering to host the tree planting day to give back to the environment.
In 2016, he made his presence known in the UK introducing songs from his album on both BBC Nottingham and Lincolnshire stations along with two live sessions and 3 Interviews.
Also in 2016, Alex Cavan was the only South African to be featured on a UK-produced album “A Breath of Fresh Air” featuring unsigned artists from around the world.
In 2017, Alex was a contestant on The Voice SA Season 2, reaching the Top 32 getting Bobby Van Jaarsveld as a coach, and getting through the knockout rounds to secure him a spot in Team Bobby’s final 8.
After completing a full national tour of South Africa, Alex decided to pursue his opportunities in the U.K.
Since moving to the U.K. Alex has had success through BBC Radio Lincolnshire Introducing, getting all of his latest music played, and even hosted a once special show “The Cavan Club” at 7 PM on New Year’s Day.
Alex released his second album “Introspection” recorded in a cabin in the mountains of Hogsback and Impo Studio Port Elizabeth.
Since then he has released 3 singles self-recorded and mastered by Arno Erasmus in Port Elizabeth. He is a self-distributing artist focused on performing wherever he can.



Name the artists that have influenced you so far.
Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, John Butler, Bob Marley, Kaleo.


Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”.
Bob Marley.


Discuss composition.
I tend to start out with writing my lyrics. Then I begin to get a melody and add guitar and drums to it.


Share your recent music success with us.
Dreams and Better Times was chosen as “song of the uploader” on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.


Elaborate on this song.
This song is about staying with your partner, forgetting about bad times.
It’s also about refraining from fighting and focusing on “Dreams and Better Times.”


Rate the social media and tell us the platform that works best for you in promoting your music.
I use Facebook mostly as that is where I have most of my following.


State the areas that need improvement in the music industry.
I think if the world wasn’t as obsessed with money and material things, the artists who sing about emotional things would be received better.


Explain how you are getting your songs to stores and getting them to fans. 
I am self-distributing my songs and sharing them through social media.


Tell us how you prepare yourself for a live performance or show.
Live performances are my favorite part about being a musician. Generally, I just get super excited and give the crowd my best!


Tell us your opinion on frequent releasing of singles or just an album in a while.
In the past, I have released 2 albums. “Follow Me” in 2015 and “Introspection” in 2017.
In 2018 I started releasing singles. I prefer it as it elongates your followers’ attention over a longer period, rather than just releasing an album once.


Mention the name of the artist you will be glad to see the live performance.
I would love to see Bob Marley. He was a legend and I think if I could have felt his energy just once; I would be inspired.


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
Most of my songs have been about love, life, and the world in general, and how we are blind to see what is really happening.


Discuss your recording.
At the moment, I am self-producing in a basement studio. It’s fun to work by yourself as you can find yourself with no outside opinions.


Tell us how boring or exciting the music career can be.
The life of a musician is always exciting! Having been in the industry for 7 years now; I have had the pleasure of traveling, meeting really talented and famous humans doing the same thing, and most of all, getting to do what I love!


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My stage name is my birth name. Alex Cavan. I don’t find any need to change my name. I think music will decide if my name has a ring to it or not.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Dreams And Better Times – Focus on your dreams and look forward to better times.


State the title of your album and the reason for choosing the title.
My last album was titled “Introspection” – Meaning to find myself; which is what I did during the recording process.
I recorded the album over a month in a cabin in the woods; finding myself.



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