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Amaru Tribe – Tirate AI Rio

Amaru Tribe – Tirate AI Rio


Amaru Tribe – Tirate AI Rio
Amaru Tribe – Tirate AI Rio


ARTIST NAME: Amaru Tribe
ALBUM TITLE:   Amaru Tribe
GENRE:   Cumbia Oceanica/World Music/Latin



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This tribe of six is bound through strings, skins, and wood. Emerging from the trans-oceanic journey they unite in the city of Melbourne to create music that embodies ancestral and urban sounds.
In the Quechuan language, Amaru is the serpent that connects the spiritual and the subterranean world.
The Tribe´s deep connection with their roots and mythology is nurtured through their songlines.
Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos, and powerful vocal harmonies give birth to a new sound, Oceanic Cumbia.
The tribe’s songs are a personal and collective work connected to topics of social change, ancestral wisdom, love, life, and everything that moves us.
Nominated for Best Roots and World Music Album at The Age Music Awards in 2017 for their debut self-titled Album “Amaru Tribe” the bands popularity continues to rise as it makes its presence in Festivals around the country including Strawberry Fields (NSW), The Lost Lands (VIC), Melbourne Festival, Blenheim Music Festival (SA) and more.
A new exciting project produced by well-known singer and performer Oscar Jimenez (also known as Watussi’s front-man) together with a talented and diverse group of Melbourne-based artists, songwriters, and well-known musicians from Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Venezuela.



Tell us the tricks behind making a hit song.
Do it enough times until it feels right. Everything that’s good and consistent takes time.


Tell us how you get feedback for your demo before working on it.
We ask our random people and friends how they feel about the song…


Explain your recording experience in the studio.
It is always different and exciting. Many ideas flow on the spot but also some have been worked out from playing the songs live.
Been in the studio is one of our favorite times of playing in the band.


Tell us how you compose.
We write in different ways. Sometimes one of the band members comes with the tune almost ready and we just arrange it to fit the sound of the band. Other times we jam ideas while the singers put lyrics and melodies to these ideas. There is never an exact system.


Tell us if you add effects to your vocals to sound better.
We do in a creative way but vocals should sound good with or without effects. Effects may add and boost the sound but the soul of a singer can never be replicated by a machine.


Tell us the best streaming platform to get new fans.
Don’t know what’s best but we use Spotify a lot and it’s been working well for us.


Tell us your opinion on music education.
It is important to educate yourself. It facilitates communication. However, you must also learn to listen to your instinct when making music. Something just sounds right and there is no need to think too much about it.


Discuss the shooting of a commercial music video for a song.
We haven’t done much yet but we have learned that budget constraints can be an opportunity to simplify your video. The simple the concept the stronger it will be visually.


Tell us how you interact with other artists.
It is always great to connect with other artists as they are part of this big family of people sharing their music and experience. We learned so much from other musicians. It is a constant flow.


Tell us if you can collaborate with an artist of a different genre.
Yes. We like to explore if there is something that hasn’t been done before. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s not our favorite thing but the process is more important as we come out with new perspectives.
Explain how to finance a music project.
Planning and teamwork – Everything is possible but not always at the same time. There are still a lot of things we are learning…


Explain how to copyright a musical work.
We register everything through APRA who is the Australian organization taking care of songwriting registrations.


Tell us how to generate income from a musical work.
We get most of our royalties from Festival performances and some from radio plays but we are looking for publishing opportunities. There is a lot of music needed for TV and film.



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