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Ambition – Haters on Deck

Ambition – Haters on Deck

Ambition – Haters on Deck
Ambition – Haters on Deck


Artist Name: Ambition
Song Title: Haters On Deck
Genre: Hip-Hop






Discuss the processing involved in creating a song.
I create songs based on my mood often times I’m going through something or I’m coming out of something so my music stays well balanced because in life you have ups and downs period.


Elaborate on the theme of most of your songs.
My themes seem to change with the current song “Haters On Deck” – it’s self-explanatory because just going by the title you know, the subject is haters and how I conquer my fears and enemies but other than that I don’t necessarily have a theme unless I’m making an album like I’m currently working on now.


Tell us your greatest musical works up to date.
I would say my new track “It Is Written” because it’s the essence of Hip-Hop defined.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
People are my inspiration; usually, I get ideas from a movie I’m watching or just everyday living that inspires me to write what I feel.
Life experiences mostly and things I relate to or empathize with.


Tell us how you are handling the distribution of your music.
Recently, I put my music on Distrokid which allowed me to be on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.


Tell us the secret to success.
The secret to success is to love what you do and have the courage to pursue it and let all other things follow it!


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
Honestly, I feel music has been diluted to a place of stats and figures but for me, music has to be felt oftentimes.
The people who run it can’t show you anything besides the things they know to sell.
If we took the time to really put effort towards genuine artists who don’t duplicate a sound but create their own sound to make relevance to a pure art itself can free others from trying to be something they’re not.
For me; music has turned into fantasy and not reality which confuses the message in a whole sense…


Tell the greatest mistake to avoid while making a song.
Basically to tell someone else’s story that is not your own or water down the truth about yours.


Tell us how you boost your performance.
When I’m nervous because the crowd has increased as it should I completely zone out to a place of bravery where the music speaks for itself.


Discuss how you get involved in music.
To say it simply; it comes naturally and it’s in my blood, my grandfather created a family of musicians, so we do it without thought.


State your musical skills.
I’m a songwriter, producer, singer, and hip-hop artist.


Tell us if you consider acting in a movie.
I’m open-minded to the opportunity to do it.
But if it’s not natural once I do it then I won’t pursue it unless I grow a passion for it then I would take acting lessons and give it my all.


List the name of artists you cherish most.
Some of my favorite artists are in many genres like Nasir, Heavy-D, Lecrae, Glo, Mary J. Blige, and Keith Sweat are some of my favorite.
In R&B also some of my favorite gospel artists are The Clark Sisters and J. Moss.


Elaborate on the song.
“Haters On Deck” was inspired by everyday life experiences most people are not “woke” as they say because oftentimes people hate what they don’t understand.
So when others hate you I feel like they are truly mad because they couldn’t do what you’ve done or they don’t know who they are and they need to love themselves more and if they did they wouldn’t envy you or try to put you at a disadvantage because they wouldn’t want to put themselves in the same position.
Because of all the hatred that I see, it made me see things clearly and it also gave me a message for my haters through this particular song.



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