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Amira – Mathematics

Amira - Mathematics
Amira - Mathematics
Amira – Mathematics


Tell us your real names, country of birth, and childhood experience.
My name is Amira and I am from the USA. Music has always been a part of my life. It was always around when I was younger, so it was only a matter of time before I got the bug. I was a shy child, but once I broke out of that, I was ready.
Tell us your academic qualification.
Being young and trying to build a career in the music industry you have to be very smart and intelligent regardless of what your academic qualifications are you must learn how the music industry works from an artist and business stand point.


Tell us about your music career, band name, musical background, experience, and skills.
I’ve been singing since I was really young. It just took me some time to get out of being terrified of what people would think of me and my voice. My mom used to sing and so did my grandfather, so I grew up listening to different types of music. I recorded my first song when I was 13 and I even entered into a couple school talent shows. I won 3rd place, but, afterward, I had a lot of people come up to me to congratulate me on my performance. One in particular moment stays in my head my elementary school teacher made me sing the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ every day for like a year, I was terrified but it was the start of my singing career. Since then I’ve just been working on my voice and I didn’t start to seriously pursue a career in the industry until about 6 years ago.


Tell us about your genre, concept, and idea behind your music video and the song.
My genre is Pop/R&B (more Pop than R&B though). My mom used to listen to a lot of R&B when I was small, but as I got older, I started listening to more Pop. So, my music is a blend of the two. ‘Mathematics’ is a breakup song, so it details a breakup in a clever, mathematical way and the video is just the visual of that. You can actually see me as I make my way through the steps of that breakup. The video isn’t mathematical, but it is a representation of the song.
Tell us how to run a record label independently and successfully based on your experience as an artist.
Well, I think by knowing the industry very well knowing how it works. Know what you’re doing, build a successful team of people around you it doesn’t matter if you have a college degree or if you have just straight street smarts knowledge is key to me. It’s not easy building a successful record label independently or major but as long as you have the right people around you I feel that everything else should fall into place.
Tell us how you are promoting your music.
The first thing I did was build a good team of people around me, a team that understands and has the knowledge of knowing the best possible way of getting my brand to my fans. I’m a new artist trying to make it in the music industry so we started promoting my music by building awareness of my brand on social media responding to each one of my fans by building a connection with them by putting up content daily. I also posted up on a lot of blogs doing as many radio interviews as I can and by doing that a successful radio campaign had to be in place in hopes of getting more stations to add my song ‘Mathematics’ to their playlist. To sum it up just trying to put my brand name any and everywhere after all ‘Mathematics’ is a good record. The more ears, the better.
Tell us what makes you happy and what makes you sad.
Music and reading make me happy, and feeling unfulfilled makes me sad. Failing at something because I didn’t give it my all also makes me sad.
Explain clearly the story or concept behind the song.
‘Mathematics’ is a breakup song. The song documents a signature breakup (something that we’ve all been through or will go through), but it puts a clever mathematical spin on it. The lyrics contain a couple mathematical terms and the context, in which the song was written, is very mathematical as well. Each verse documents a different step in the termination of the breakup. In verse 1, we’re together and all I want is for my partner to acknowledge my love (addition). In verse 2, we start to see the issues have multiplied over time, so, now, instead of things being happy between the two parties, things are starting to go bad (multiplication). And, in verse 3, you see the relationship finally come to an end (division or subtraction).


List the radio stations, TV stations, and blogs that have aired or featured your new song.
106.3 ATL Radio
Sool Radio
Emillo EgBar of Non Stop Radio
We On Radio
Renagade Radio
Vigilante Radio
WOAfm Radio
Tiger Radio
Lone Frequencies Radio
Limehead Radio
BTD Radio
K-100 Radio
The Real 92 Hip Hop Radio
WOATV (12 season air date TBD)
The Source Magazine (Blog) release date TBD
Hip Hop Weekly Magazine (Blog) release date TBD
This Is 50 (Blog)
Track Bully’s (Blog)
Post My Fresh (Blog)
Bars & Mixtapes (Blog)
Streetwav (Blog)
Industries Most Wanted (Blog)
Mystics Entertainment (Blog)
Hip-Hop & Hype (Blog)
Built 4 Hip Hop (Blog)
HipHop Rap Scene (Blog)
Digital Dope (Blog)
Niji Magazine (Blog – release date 3/14)
OneStopStardom (Blog)
Noise Beast (Blog)
Grind Louder (Blog)
Michael The Blogger
Hot New Single (Blog)
Got Dat New (Blog)
Currently #1 on ReverbNation, #14 on Upcoming 100 charts
Radio Stations and blogs are being added daily.
Give us links to where the song can be purchased.
At the moment, ‘Mathematics’ is not available for purchase, but keep checking my social media and I’ll let you know when things change.
Tell us about other members of your band, music producer, crew, or music video director, how the song was recorded, and how the music video was shot.
There are no other members in my band. I am solo, but I do have a couple of people who help with writing, producing, and recording. So, for ‘Mathematics,’ the song was written by Mark Wolf, Jr., so when I recorded the song, he was in the studio with me. The music video for ‘Mathematics’ was shot by PX Films and funnily enough, it was shot in front of my childhood home. For my upcoming EP (set to release sometime this year), I have another song that I recently finished. It’s called ‘Too Late’ and we’re looking at that as my second single. That song was co-written by me and a music producer named O’Shae.
O’Shae also produced the track and helped with some of the arrangements in the song.
Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience, and your future goal.
I’ve been singing since my elementary school years, but I’ve been officially working toward my music career for about 6 years. And I don’t really have a specific goal. I just want to reach success. I want to be able to look back on my life, in the coming years, and be proud of what I’ve done. I’m going to put my all into everything that I do so that I can reach that goal (at least, my version of that goal).
Tell us what makes you unique from others.
My look and my sound. I’ve been told that I have that sweet and innocent look and I believe that that goes in my favor, so I’m going to use it. I also think that my voice sets me apart as well. No-one can sing a song exactly like I can, so I’m going to put my special sauce on my records and hope that that wins over crowds.
Tell us your weakness and strength pertaining to music.
I’ve been told that I’m great at following directions, so I think that’s one of my strengths. I think following directions can come in hand in a lot of ways in the music industry and I get a lot of people telling me that there isn’t a lot of artists who can or who are willing to follow directions. My songwriting and my (sometimes) lack of emotion in my songs are a couple of my weaknesses. I can write, but I have to be in the zone in order to do it and that doesn’t happen as often as I would like it to. And, as far as emotions when I’m singing, I’m working on that one daily. It’s not as easy as people make it seem.
List your five favorite songs including the artists. 
‘Every Kind of Way’ by H.E.R.
‘Focus’ by H.E.R.
‘Mad Love’ by Jojo
‘Naked’ by James Arthur
‘Best Part’ by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar
Tell us your position on “DIY” Do It Yourself” and signing to a major label.
I think they both have advantages and disadvantages. It just depends on what the artist is willing to put up with. The main issue with being independent is that you (the artist) pay for everything yourself and you have to do everything on your own. There is no big machine backing you, so your success is your own. Everything falls on your (and your team’s) shoulders. But, the advantage is that you get to do what you want. You and your team have all the creative control and you don’t have to answer to anyone, but each other.  Now, with a major label, you have the help (financially and physically), but you lose the creative control. Among other things, the label will decide which songs to release, when to release them and how to release them. The artist is just there to sell records and sell tickets.
Tell us other activities you will like to pursue apart from music.
I’m a huge fan of books, so maybe something having to do with books. I’m not sure what, but as long as romance novels are involved, I’m there. I wouldn’t mind doing some acting and maybe some modeling. I don’t know much about clothes, but I love sweet-smelling perfume, so maybe one day I could put out my own perfume and make-up line.


List your various works. 
So far, I have ‘Mathematics’ and the music video, which is available on my YouTube channel. There will be more to come.


State links to connect you on social media. 
Twitter: @AmirasMuzic
Instagram: @AmirasMuzic
Snapchat: AlwayzAmira
State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Amira and there’s really nothing to elaborate on. It’s unique and it just so happened to be the name that I was given at birth, so why try to fix something that’s not broken?
State the title of the song and the meaning.
The title of the song is ‘Mathematics’ and I sing about a breakup, but not in an average way, in a more mathematical way. It’s so clever.



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