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Anaté – 3am

Anaté – 3am

Anaté – 3am

Anaté – 3am





ALBUM TITLE: Confessions


RELEASE DATE: May 26th, 2021


GENRE: Pop, Downtempo












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Anaté is a collaboration between singer and songwriter Ana and producer Andrea. Their musical style is defined by a downtempo influence, yet it covers a variety of genres. Influences recognizable in their music include iconic bands such as Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, and Morcheeba on the production side, while vocal melodies and harmonies remind of artists such as Sade, Dido, and Amy Lee.
Ana, singer, and songwriter of the project, is living between Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany. She was trained at a young age in classical piano. After finishing high school, she was involved in different musical projects as lead singer/songwriter and keyboards player. Anate kept writing music independently and performing in Paris until meeting producer Delman and starting the Anaté project together.
Andrea, living in Milan, Italy, takes care of the production. He performed as a guitar player with several local bands from the early 2000s to 2015 when he decided to focus on producing local artists and writing his own music.
The duo met in Bruxelles in early 2019, quickly realized they share the same vision musically, and immediately started writing together. They recorded over 20 songs in 12 months of collaboration – happening largely remotely. Ten of the songs were selected to form their debut album Confessions, described as a journey inviting us to discover ‘who we are’ when no one is watching. Anaté will focus the next few months on promoting the album while keeping on writing new songs.




Tell us how you build up the tune for this song.
I remember finding the chords for the song when I was jamming on a piano in an airport. It totally gave me blues vibes so we decided to go in that direction with the production.


Tell us how fans are reacting to your music.
We’ve had incredible support so far, especially on social media where we are currently promoting our music (unfortunately no live events are possible yet). We are very grateful for that and for the nice thoughts and feedback people are sharing with us.


Tell us your point of view on the quality of production of today’s songs to old songs and point out what you think has changed.
The main thought that comes to my mind is the use of real instruments back in the days. Also, a concert would rely much more on the actual music and performance, rather than on putting on a glamorous, over-the-top show.


Tell us any interesting experience in your music career that is significant.
Starting the collaboration with Andrea was probably the most significant in the last few years, for both of us. It offered us the chance to take music from an idea born out of passion to a fully self-written and produced album that we are proud to now share with the world.


Tell us how you come across the lyrics of this song.
I wrote the lyrics in the middle of the night (hence the title). I was sort of imagining an almost empty bar, at 3am, dim-lit, and a girl singing the blues on the stage about a guy who might or might not be there in the audience. I tried to transpose that intimacy into the lyrics and the way I sang the song.


Discuss how you plan to create a piece of timeless music that your fans can cherish forever.
I think every artist aspires to this, though it is bold yet for me to make such a statement. Cherishing something forever/finding a piece of timeless is a quite subjective matter. I think it can be related to what our fans feel when listening to our songs. Honestly and experiences/lessons learned are timeless, so incorporating them in your art can definitely make your art itself timeless.


Tell us what triggers your creativity.
Experiences, feelings, contemplating life, having fun, and jamming on the piano…


Tell us how you generate musical ideas for your composition.
In terms of lyrics, the answer is the same as earlier stated. The melody usually gets born from jamming on the piano or from searching for a way of singing some lyrics that might already be written.


Tell us your greatest song and state the reason.
So difficult to say, as they all talk about different things that are meaningful to me. Might probably be Flow. It is one of the first songs we wrote, it was born so spontaneously and the lyrics just… flow 😉 while the song makes everything seem so easy.


Discuss how you compose this song.
I was jamming on a virtual piano during some spare time at the office and I came up with the piano pattern. I texted Andrea about it, super excited. Then I immediately wrote the lyrics, it was an instant inspiration. The melody was also born quite spontaneously. It was one of those songs that just make songwriting feel so easy and straightforward, which might not always be the case.


Elaborate on the song.
The song talks about letting your creativity… flow. Being yourself, loving yourself, exploring your creativity, and proudly offering everything that you have to offer to the world. No self-judgment or limitation, freeing yourself from all that.


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
The artist’s name is just a combination of my name and surname and how I used to be called in high school. The title of the album was inspired by the honesty behind the lyrics and the music-making process. As a debut album, it sort of comes with the message “This is me, with all my fears and flaws”. I’m not hiding anymore, nor from myself, nor from my audience.


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BERLIN, GERMANY – Apr 10, 2021
‘3am’ is the upcoming single of the downtempo act Anaté, which comprises singer-songwriter, Ana, and producer and songwriter, Andrea. It will be released on April 26th, 2021.
3m is a sexy track matching Anaté’s previous releases, arranged around Ana’s warm and powerful voice and soothing vocal lines. Production is centered on a live set with drums, bass, and piano, with sparse electronic elements.
3am is the fifth self-produced single to be released from Anaté’s debut album, ‘Confessions’. It was recorded in Andrea’s private studio in Milan; it was mixed by Simone Coen and mastered by Giovanni “Meniak” Nebbia.


Ana said:
“Keeping the idea of duality, which is the concept of our first album, 3am is a song about an escape from reality in one’s fantasies. The lyrics were written in the middle of the night when inspiration hit me, hence the name. The bluesy mood definitely inspired me to pick this topic. I feel that blues is filled with emotions and sensuality.


Andrea said:
“3am is another of those songs that come to me from Ana basically complete with melody and lyrics. I kept the arrangement extremely simple to allow space for the voice. There are very few elements: piano, drums, bass, and some atmospheric textures on the background to underline the sexy mood of the song. ”


About the artist
When producer, Andrea, set out to find the perfect voice for a Trip-Hop influenced album, he found Ana. Once their influences combined, their collaborative sound became a smorgasbord of stylistic elements including Downtempo, Pop, Indie Rock, and Alt Hip Hop.
The true distinction in their sound lies within the conceptually confessional nature of their lyricism, which is paired with atmospheric melodies, which share reminiscences with Massive Attack, Morcheeba, and Hooverphonic.
Their forthcoming 10-track album ‘Confessions’ will be gradually released throughout 2021 and Anaté have already started working on their sophomore album. When live stages are safe to grace, they’re prepared to take over them too with their unique sound, which layers pop melodies with acoustic instruments, and electronic effects to achieve a retro feel with a modernistic finish.


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