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Angie Flare – Unleash

Angie Flare – Unleash


Angie Flare – Unleash
Angie Flare – Unleash


Artist Name: Angie Flare
Song Title: Unleash
Genre: Pop
Release Date: 30-10-2018






Angie Flare – Unleash
Angie Flare (singer, songwriter) reminds us that great things come in small packages. No matter your size, age, or circumstance, everybody is capable of grandness, even in the smallest of ways. Because the best things come from unexpected places, at unexpected moments, and in unexpected forms. That’s why Angie Flare writes her music for, with you, and about you. Her catchy and uplifting songs always carry a powerful undertone that is inspired by… you. So join her and #discoveryourgrandness! Unleash Angie’s very first single Road to Happiness is released in May 2018. It was a catchy feel-good song for the Summer about going on an adventure. A great start for her as a singer-songwriter. But it was time to get even more personal. Angie’s second single is released in October 2018 and is called Unleash. It’s a powerful anthem for everybody who fell and got up again, fell and got up again…and after every failure gets ready to fight even harder. Angie wrote the song (music & lyrics) because she feels like she was born to sing. She loves it so much, it makes her feel grand and nothing, no matter how many setbacks and disappointments can stop her from doing it! Unleash was produced by Angie’s producer Kees Koek and was recorded with two very talented young upcoming Dutch musicians; Bas van Wetten on guitar and bass and Micky Fisser on drums. For the music video, Angie wrote the script herself and put together a team of upcoming talents to produce it.



Tell us how you fund your music projects.
I work very hard at different jobs and spend everything I have left on Angie Flare 🙂 Because I believe in it so much!


Tell us if you will change the style of your music to get signed.
Maybe, depending on the style; I’m very all-around. The only condition is that it should be vocally interesting for me.


Tell us if you have a guideline or standard set for your music production.
I have a music producer and he understands perfectly what fits me and what I like, I put my trust in him.


Tell us your preparation for a live performance and how you make sure the quality of sound is high.
I take care of my voice, enough rest, be relaxed, and enough training.


Discuss how to live healthy.
The combination of healthy eating, enough work-outs, and enough sleep!


Tell us if you are in control of your performance or you are still learning.
Of course, you’re always learning but vocally I’m well trained so I’m very in control when I sing. It’s like sports, train the muscles.


Tell us that precious moment you chose music as a career.
I didn’t have that moment; I am born to sing, I sang before I could talk, so I always knew music would be my life. No doubt about it.


Tell us the greatest feedback you have ever received on a song of yours.
That someone told me it really helped him in tough times to stay positive. I really want people to feel better after hearing my music.


Tell us your side interest apart from music.
Marketing and communications. I have a bachelor’s degree in this. I love the combination of music and marketing to try to reach as many people as possible.


Tell us if you prefer singing as a solo artist to collaborating with others.
Both, I love to sing with others; it gives me inspiration and energy but I also like to keep my very own business.


Tell us the artist that influenced you.
I’m influenced by a lot of artists and different genres but I like Lady Gaga very much. She also writes her own songs and has an amazing voice. Besides, she’s short like me and still so strong.


Tell us the full details of this song.
I wrote Unleash because I wanted to study for a degree in music, it was my dream, but I got rejected for every music study in the Netherlands. So my dream was crushed. Though I still loved to sing, keep on going, and reach a lot with my own strength. And I’m so grateful for my endless passion for music and singing.


Tell us the organization you will set up to fight a cause and state your reason for fighting the cause.
I would like to make music; making it possible for kids without opportunities to do that. Music is the most beautiful thing in the world and everybody should be able to experience that.


Tell us your mood while performing.
Enthusiastic, energetic, and bigger than life.


Tell us the mistakes to avoid in the music business.
Stay true to yourself and your qualities, only then you’re at your best and that’s important to be successful and happy.



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