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Annika Grace – Better You

Annika Grace - Better You
Annika Grace - Better You
Annika Grace – Better You


Discuss your personality.
I would describe myself as a sincere person. I value my friendships more than anything and also honesty.


Brief us about you as a musician. 
I’ve been writing music since I was in grade school. I first started writing poetry and that grew into songwriting once I learned to play the piano. Music has always been a way for me to communicate what I feel– the emotions that can’t be said or we’re too afraid to say. My songs in many ways are like a diary entry. I think it’s super important to have an outlet where you can express yourself in a way you cannot otherwise, and music is that for me.


Go into details on what has changed in your life for choosing music as a career. 
My life has definitely changed since choosing music as a career in a lot of ways. I never went to a real High School so I could instead focus on music. I instead did online school. I also am now interning in New York instead of going to school to really dive into all that the industry has to offer. I think the best way to learn is to have real-life experiences and make connections as you go instead of sitting in a classroom. My priorities also definitely changed once I decided to pursue music as a career. I will always choose a recording or a writing session over going out with friends or going to a college event.


Tell us the benefits and drawbacks of choosing music as a career.
The benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks! My goal in life is to choose a career that I wake up every morning and absolutely love, and that is definitely music. I never pictured myself having a desk job, and I am very artistic, so I think it was just natural for me to fall into a career so creative like music. I honestly don’t see any drawbacks at the moment except that it can be a very hard business.


Tell us how you will manage fame as an established artist.
I think the best way to manage fame is to remember who supported you before everyone else supported you. I’ll let you know how I manage it though when it happens.


Elaborate on the storyline of this song. 
“Better You” is about finding a guy who you can depend on and who is the best version of himself that he can be. It’s been my experience that after a breakup, you realize that you may miss the person, but you want a better version of them.


Tell us how we can connect to you and purchase your music online.
You can follow me on Instagram under Annibird and find my music on Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud as Annika Grace.


Let us know the greatest moment of your music career. 
I think the greatest moment would be standing on stage at the Peppermint Club. A few friends and couples in the audience began slow dancing to one of my songs and it made my night.


Tell us the highest amount of money you have ever received from your music career and how it happened. 
So far, I haven’t made much. But I’m working on it. Let’s hope I can answer this question soon.


Discuss your experience pertaining to live performances, gigs, shows, and tours. 
I am yet to go on tour but that is definitely a big goal of mine. In the meantime, I’ve been performing at venues around LA and New York.


Tell us how you interact with your fans.
I relate with my fans by trying to engage and putting out as much content as possible. I love responding to messages I get on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way to connect with each other.


Tell us what you will like to change if you have the chance to turn back the hands of time.
Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything. I think everything that happens is a lesson learned if it wasn’t beneficial so I wouldn’t want to turn back the hands of time. I’m pretty happy with how things have turned out.


Tell us the most important people that have boosted your music career and how you met them. 
The most important people would be my parents since they have supported me since day one. Without them, none of this would be possible.


Brief us on what you have in mind before considering music as a career.
I’ve always loved writing so I was looking at going into journalism. I also am super passionate about social justice so possibly something in that field.


Discuss your good and bad experience in life. 
I have had tons of good experiences in life. I think a recent one would be moving to New York. It has definitely been an adventure and has inspired lots of new songs to come. I think a bad experience in my life would be a loss of a friendship. I feel that a loss of a friendship can be worse than even a breakup.


Name the artists that have influenced the world. 
I would consider Joni Mitchell an artist who has influenced the world and myself as well as James Blunt. James Blunt was my first concert I ever went to and who really got me into writing lyrics. Every time I hear “Goodbye My Lover” I cry.


Tell us about your moment of rejection as a musician and how you are able to cope and move on. 
I have had many moments of rejection but my dad once told me that failure/rejection is part of the journey to success and that has gotten me through everything in this industry.


Tell us the most negative comment you have ever received about your music.
I once was told my lyrics were too vulnerable but in my mind, I think the more vulnerable the more beautiful and intimate the lyrics are, so I brushed off that comment pretty fast.


Tell us how to become a famous artist.
I think the best way to succeed is to just never give up and dedicate every bone in your body to what you love because I think anything is possible if you really put everything into it.


Tell us how you plan to make an impact on society. 
Since I was little I’ve been volunteering for organizations like the Cheetah Conversation Fund and Wildlife Friendly, so I think my impact in society would be through organizations like these to help make a difference in animals’ lives. A big passion of mine besides music is animals and helping endangered species. It’s my dream to one day go to one of these organizations and be hands-on with the animals and the work they are doing.


Elaborate on the recording process of this song.
“Better You” was written in the notes app on my iPhone actually; I then brought it to my producer and co-writer Doug Walters who worked his magic and took the song to a whole other level.




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