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Arcane Ritual – The Last Saviour

Arcane Ritual – The Last Saviour


Arcane Ritual – The Last Saviour
Arcane Ritual – The Last Saviour


Arcane Ritual – The Last Saviour
ARTIST NAME: Arcane Ritual
SONG TITLE: The Last Saviour
ALBUM TITLE: Witch-Heart
RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2019
GENRE: Gothic Metal


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“Are you ready for a world of magic, mystery, and metal? Join us as we explore the sights, sounds, and stories that drive the human experience and connect us all. Through melody, passion, and ritual we seek higher truth and self-mastery.”
– Teresa Camp



Founded in 2015 in the SF Bay Area, Arcane Ritual is an alien and a witch partnered to create a unique heavy music experience combining gothic metal with elements of prog, occult, symphonic, and thrash.
Current releases include the full-length album ‘Witch-Heart’, EP ‘Enemy of the State’ and the single ‘Angel’, a cover of the epic gothic masterpiece by Tears of Passion.
In addition, music videos for ‘Witch-Heart’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Entwined in Starlight’ can be viewed all over social media and the band’s website.
At this moment the band consists of core members Jarek Tatarek ‘The Alien’ (guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, and guitar viol) and Teresa Camp ‘The Witch’ (Vocals, lyrics, ritual magic.) A live lineup is in the works and shows are expected to begin summer of 2019.
Jarek’s extensive resume includes fronting legendary Polish thrash band Astharoth and guesting on the debut album for prog metal band In the Silence, and performing with them at ProgPower 2013.
Teresa has been writing poetry and lyrics since childhood and started playing guitar as a teenager. Previous bands/projects include Halcyon Days and the award-winning belly dance/metal/world music group Arcane Dimension.
Musical influences range from the dreamy, moody style of Tiamat and Type O Negative to the roots of Bay Area thrash reminiscent of Exodus and Testament. Experimentation is the name of the game with Arcane Ritual and nothing is off limits!



State your reason for choosing music as a career.
There is nothing else for us to do! It’s our only real calling in life. Passion for music started at a very young age for us and it gives us solace and sanity in a world that is insane.


Tell us how you write the lyrics to your songs.
When I hear Jareks music tracks I usually see images in my mind and I hear the melody lines in my head. When it comes time to write lyrics I try to clear my head and just listen to the song, and sing what comes out. Mostly it’s gibberish but there will be a few words or lines that are clear and resonate with the story I know the song is telling.
From there I keep replaying and let the ideas come to me. It’s very meditative, if I think too hard I won’t get anything, it really is like I’m a vessel for the ideas to manifest from the aether.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
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Discuss your life outside the music world.
We love to travel! Been to Bali, Mexico, Poland, 70,000 Tons of Metal, and more! Teresa likes to Belly Dance and Fire Dance when she’s not producing music videos for the band or working on the album.
She actually got to do a Belly Dance performance with Orphaned Land on 70,000 Tons of Metal in 2017.
Jarek loves long hikes, exotic travels, and hanging out at the beach.


Discuss your music career.
Jarek’s extensive resume includes fronting legendary Polish thrash band Astharoth and guesting on the debut album for prog metal band In the Silence, and performing with them at ProgPower 2013.
Teresa has been writing poetry and lyrics since childhood and started playing guitar as a teenager. Previous bands/projects include Halcyon Days and the award-winning belly dance/metal/world music group Arcane Dimension.


Elaborate on your band name.
Arcane Ritual is a combination of two things that make up our main inspiration and focus with the music. Arcane means mysterious or secret (like occult ideas and magick). Ritual is something that is a big part of our lives and our live shows.


List your five favorite music videos with reasons.
Type O Negative – Black No. 1: Firstly because it’s Type O Negative and secondly that the video and album had a huge influence on us and many other musicians whose taste always straddled the line between gothic and metal. It’s fucking perfect!
Moonspell – Scorpion Flower: Firstly the song is flawless! One of our favorites by a band we love. The epic nature of the music is well matched by the visuals, it really tells the whole story. And having Anneke in it was the icing on the cake!
Metallica – One: This is just a classic! The pairing of footage and sound clips from ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ was so perfect; especially considering the book inspired the lyrics. This is music video storytelling at its finest!
Pantera – Cemetery Gates: This was our introduction to Pantera and it made a HUGE impact. The combination of raw power, emotion, and really meaningful lyrics make the song instantly memorable. The choice to have the cemetery scenes in black and white vs the band performance in color created an interesting contrast that echoed the dynamics of the song, one minute a gorgeous ballad then it’s suddenly thrashy and Dimebag’s insane guitar tone really amps up. Still a favorite Pantera song! So good!!!
NIN – Closer: Creepy and dark with that gritty celluloid feel. It’s not something you can forget – And the bloody heart beating in time with the song, eerie in the best possible way. It was very interesting how the video changes the feel of the song too, makes it even darker, and goes from being desperate to ominous.


Tell us your source of inspiration.
Spending time in nature always helps ground and allows ideas and creativity to bubble. Also practicing our own sort of freeform witchcraft, rituals, and syncing up with the changes in nature and the world around us vs trying to fight it all.
We love to go to shows and check out art; try to see new things regularly. There is a great book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ that introduced us to the concept of artist dates. It’s where you as an artist (of any kind) set aside time to do something, anything that is out of the ordinary for you that might inspire. Could be going to a museum, taking a painting class, whatever, just try new things and let your mind and spirit get caught up in new experiences!


Tell us your experience with dealing with fans.
We see our fans as a tribe of like-minded people. We are very specific with our music and our visuals. We don’t look at trends or stats on what’s popular; we do what we want when we want it.
The result is when we put out our music and videos it attracts people that really get what we are doing. We love sharing inspiration and interacting with people on social media.
We’ve had a lot of fun talking to people via IM, or little exchanges on inspirational posts we share. We all have a similar sense of humor and aesthetic so it’s been very fun!
We are excited to start booking live shows so we can interact in person.


Elaborate on the recording of this song.
We are lucky enough to be able to record in our own home studio so the process is really pretty painless. Jarek lays down most of the instruments first, and then Teresa writes her parts and records.


Tell us about your future projects.
We just release our album ‘Witch-Heart’ along with a music video for the title track (produced, directed, and edited by Teresa!).
Next, we are working on getting an online merchandise store off the ground and putting together a live lineup so we can book shows.
We have a very strong aesthetic and love to integrate a ritual into our live shows; fans can look forward to very dynamic and different performances from us!


List the names of those that have supported you so far.
Wow, so many! Hopefully, we don’t miss anybody. Here goes…Coren McLeod; she has been playing us on her radio show since our EP and works hard to support independent bands.
David Rivera of Tenebrarum in Columbia, guest violins on Sea of Darkness and Angel, we met him on 70K metal cruise, and he’s just the best!
Antarktica from Darkend in Italy did the keyboards and orchestration on Angel, such a crazy talented guy.
Axel of Tears of Passion – because he was so supportive of us covering his song and turned out to be the coolest, nicest dude.
Kristen Chaddock of KC Imagery did our videography for the Witch-Heart music video and you’ve never seen someone so 100% committed to the task at hand, it would not have been the same without her.
Martin Stacey for being such a great guy, an incredible musician, and epic helicopters on the music video.
Josef Zifcak, a longtime friend, original drummer for Astharoth in the US, a guest drummer on the video and helped build the set.
Daryl Adolph the ‘Wheeled Headbanger’ for being there since pretty much the beginning, he’s watched us grow and done some great reviews, cheered us on every step of the way.
Marcus Miller of AudioVien Entertainment, such a sweet guy and supporter of independent music, he works hard to bring reviews and news to people on his website.
Big thanks to everyone in the Bellydance troupe Joweh (Teresa used to dance with them) they have always been such supportive friends let us borrow stuff from the studio when we need it.
Janet Molinari, for being such a great friend and always has encouraging words no matter what we are up to, the world needs more people like her!
Rachel Bush who has been a superb friend and supporter since our last band is literally an angel!


Tell us your point of view on vocal tuning.
We don’t do it because we don’t feel it works for our music. It works in certain types of electronic music and pop but it’s problematic when it’s too obvious and can’t be pulled off live.


Tell us your thought on quality and quantity for the release of songs.
We feel 8-9 songs are good for an album these days. Most people consume their music piecemeal anyway, on playlists and YouTube videos.
The album is for hardcore fans but most will pick out their few favorite songs and move on.
We’ve heard of bands doing 6 songs but I would think the true fans will be disappointed, especially if they order the CD and pay $15!


Tell us your viewpoint on comparing a music career to a non-music career.
It’s very different doing what you love for a living vs just making a living. It can really be a grind when you just want to be making music, but these days even relatively big names in the metal scene are having a hard time making a living with music.
Streaming has taken a big chuck on of music sales and so bands have to tour and sell merch. But now music venues want a cut of the merch, so what’s left for the band?
It’s definitely a transitional period for the industry and musicians are going to have to get creative to make a living. If you have to have a day job, best to have one that allows you as much time as possible to do music. 😉


Tell us your opinion on categorizing music into genres and sub-genres:
I think it’s very helpful, especially for people looking to find new music specific to their tastes. It’s fun to see what the bands come up with to set themselves apart.
That said, it’s very hard to be subjective with your own music and some people struggle to hit the mark in their labeling.
This is where fans come in! Getting reviews, feedback and yes, even criticism helps a band better define their sound to the outside world.


State the genre you despise most with reason.
Despise is a strong word but we don’t really get gangster rap or pop-country. No appeal for us but if it makes others happy, that’s great, and they can have it! LOL!


List your five favorite movies with reasons.
The Princess Bride: It’s one of the most quotable movies ever!
Nightmare Before Christmas: Required for every goth, even the goth metalheads. It will always evoke that magic and joy for us!
LOTR: Because it’s the best fantasy series ever, hands down.
The Labyrinth: Jim Henson meets Brian Froud, it’s literally a dream come true. Dance magic dance.
Young Frankenstein: All the favorite elements of classic cult horror told in Mel Brooks tawdry, tongue-in-cheek humor are a match made in heaven! All the visuals we love with the seriously sick and twisted humor we live by. 😀


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Last Saviour in particular is one inspired by the savior ideology that can be witnessed throughout history. It’s easy to fall into the trap of waiting for someone or something to save us.
In reality, it’s up to us to save ourselves! By hanging onto the idea of a savior outside ourselves we give our power away.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
Witch-Heart is the name of the album and the title track. The song is about self-discovery through magick and ritual.
It’s a much-layered process when one first starts doing this sort of practice and while it’s very healing a lot of stuff comes up that you have to work through. But you come out the other side a more whole, grounded, well-rounded person. One side effect of this is the feeling of connection to the world around you and the sense that you must play your part, and that this goes beyond just this life.



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