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Ashlinn Gray – Work For Me

Ashlinn Gray - Work For Me
Ashlinn Gray - Work For Me


Tell us your view on old school and new school music in terms of preference.
I love new school music at the moment. I really appreciate old school music and I miss the importance of storytelling that was always prominent in old school music. However, I love the focus on the rhythm of new school music. I just wish the two could merge in a way.


Tell us your most memorable day as an artist.
The moment I finished my first EP. We were exhausted in a tiny studio back in South Africa and we finally finished the last mix and sent it over for mastering. It was a good feeling!


Tell us what you would do for the people if you found yourself in a position of power.
I would serve. I feel like most leaders forget that they are there to serve the people instead of lead from their pedestal. Being in power does not exempt you from working hard. Listening to the people is also important. We will never know all the answers therefore conversation is needed. Overall, there needs to be a lot more love in places of power and their connection to the people. I would like to add to that.


Tell us how you protect your singing voice.
I never shout. I will only project. I also try to stay away from loud areas so I don’t have to shout in order to have a conversation. I try to get 8 hours of sleep for my vocal cords to rest. Doing vocal exercises at least three times a week is also important. I usually do more than that, but that is my minimum.


Tell us the major reason you are into music.
I have always wanted to help people in some capacity. I chose music as my profession because it’s the medium I prefer at the moment, to reach out to people and their emotions. Music has helped me get through many situations and I would love to help others through my music. Taking someone on an emotional journey is beautiful. We sell experiences and I think it’s a unique thing to sell.


Tell us what you think about creativity and originality in music.
I think it is so important. Being creative is something that is necessary to everyone. I also think original music is important because everyone has their own perspective on life and the situations we find ourselves in. The more original content we put out, the more people we can help relate to and just help in general.


Tell us your future plans pertaining to music.
I am working on some new music now as well as my next EP. I have just relocated to L.A. to start working in a new territory and hopefully, my music will keep on growing.


Tell us the secret of success.
Authenticity, perseverance, and leadership.


Tell us how you become a musician.
I wanted to play guitar at the age of 8 but my hands weren’t big enough so I played piano instead. Eventually, by the age of 10, I went to my first singing lesson. I was by no means a natural so I would practice day in and day out.


Tell us what makes you happy and sad about this project.
I love that I wrote the lyrics and melody of this song all by myself. This is the first song I have had no collaboration with on the songwriting. The content of the song is really sad, so I guess there’s a bit of sad nostalgia that comes along when listening back to this song of mine.


Tell us your point of view on rape and sexual harassment, and how it can be eradicated.
I have a no mercy perspective on the matter. I am still trying to think of ways to eradicate it. One of the best ways that is not difficult is to have more conversations about it. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject. Teaching kids from a lunge age about it is also important. I know too many kids that have been in this situation where they are only aged at 7 and it is happening to them. Kids, teens, and adults have to be educated on the topic sooner. Also, we all think rape is possible mostly with strangers when the majority of rapes happen to be done by someone you know.


List the people that deserved to be given credit for the making of the song.
Clark Cables


Tell us how you get funds to run your music career.
My performances allow me to make music. I also have one investor who funds a portion of my projects.


Tell us the genre of your music and the reason you decided to go for this genre.
My genre is alternative pop. It’s what I most authentically connect to.


Tell us if you prefer to write your own songs or you prefer to write with professional songwriters.
I prefer to start off ideas by myself and then get professional songwriters to collaborate thereafter.


Tell us if you prefer to produce your songs or you prefer to work with reputable producers.
I prefer to work with reputable producers.


Tell us the story behind this song.
Too many relationships are full of lies. Too many words and not enough actions. When you really love someone, you are willing to work on your flaws and bad habits. The song is about seeing the potential in people but giving them their last chance to fight for the relationship because sometimes love isn’t enough.


Tell us your favorite brand of microphone.
I am really enjoying Shure at the moment.


List the links to your stores, websites, and social media.
Social Media: @ashlinngray









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