CARDS – Wonderful Life

CARDS is the brainchild of L.A. based Producer/Songwriter Mike O. A multi-instrumentalist initially from the Philadelphia territory, he acted as a jazz guitarist around town and as a visiting sideman for non mainstream pop specialists previously leaving for Brooklyn and at last L.A. The initial two CARDS singles “FACTS,” and “Wonderful Life” have been earning consideration in the outside the box pop blog world and are beginning to advance toward noticeable playlists also. Expect more singles, an EP and exhibitions in SoCal and the NYC/Philly territories later on.


Tell us your real names, country of birth, date of birth and childhood experience.
Myer: Myer Hyman-Lord (doesn’t really have a ring to it as an artist name). I’m a 92 august baby from Canada. I’m an only child born to a French Canadian mother and English speaking Jewish father. Coming up in Montreal, I was a weird kid that bounced around from home to home, school to school and scene to scene. Grew up being the rapper in a crew of punk rockers. Still a weirdo.

Illy: Ummm my real name is Alfonso Illvibington and I was born on the planet Zargon in the 2nd June of 3006. Childhood mostly consisted of growing up to become an adult.

Tell us how you start your music career, your band name, musical background, experience and skills.
Myer: I started in grade 7 when my best friend David handed me a burnt Eminem CD. I thought, hey I can’t sing well but I can definitely write. And so it began. I had a neighbor in my building that was also part of a huge rap crew in Montreal that showed me the ropes. He kind of mentored me and taught me to shut up when appropriate.

Illy: I always loved music. It was only a matter of time until I started writing and singing and rapping. When Myer and I met, it was love at first sight.

Tell us about your genre, concept and idea behind your music video and the song.
Myer: I’ve always been a fan of blending styles. I wanted to include rock/punk/pop elements into the production to make it catchy yet different. We decided to go the same route with the music video and play off the aliens theme. Keep it lighthearted and up beat but also weird as hell.

Illy: Most of my ups and downs have been related to Roller Coasters. First they go up and then after they usually go down. I have had a similar experience with rocket ships.

Tell us everything that we need to know about you as a musician and the ups and downs you have faced in the music business.
Myer Clarity, 6”nothing, aspiring extrovert, lover of dad jokes. I’ve been writing/producing since I was 13 so it’s been about 12 years of constant music for me. One day I’ll own a dragon and name it Kate Upton.


Tell us about other members of your band, crew or music video director and how the music video was shot.
The video was shot by Rubicon, director was Andrew Main Oster, had a great vision and followed through. Every edit of the video we got back was more accelerated than the last.

Tell us how long you have been in the music industry, your experience and your future goal.

It’s been an uphill battle. Especially the last 5 years but things are starting to gain momentum. My hope is that we can each take home a Grammy and use it to hang expensive hats on.

Illy: 1 million earth years. Mostly good. Future goals include performing on more major festivals and continuing to make and release fun Alien music!


Tell us what inspires you to write, compose and sing.

Myer: it’s a secret.

Illy: Mostly just to quiet the screaming voices in my head.

Tell us the secret behind making a hit song.

Myer: Magic, whiskey & good friends

Illy: First you must make a tin foil space hat. Then, you binge-watch all of the seasons of Full House including the new Netflix remake. Then, you make a Banana split with Apples instead of Bananas. Press record and Boom. There you have it.


Tell us the message you will like to pass to your fans out there.
Myer: I’m needy. Please love me.

Illy: Anyone got a lighter I can borrow?


Tell the kind of advice you will give to an upcoming artist.
Myer: Everyone’s incompetent. Take advice with a grain of salt. No one person has all the answers. Not even Sway.

Illy: Run! Hide! While you still can.

Weaver – Boxes

From Sweden’s tough west drift city of Gothenburg comes an unimaginable songwriter with an unrivaled hard working attitude, a style for a snare and a back list to demonstrate it.

WEAVER is another wander yet the man behind the music has been gaining his stripes on the live circuit for a long time. Johan Weber made his initially attack into the music world as a drummer, before attempting his hand as a frontman and trying different things with various genres. In 2012 he chose to put the greater part of his vitality in a performance solo career; giving us the Yankee folklore stepping, steel guitar weilding WEAVER.

5 years have past and Johan has moved skilfully to the bleeding edge of Sweden’s flourishing music scene with deliberately chosen live shows, the arrival of two staggering EP.s and now his most recent single “Boxes” discharged on October seventh 2017.

In 2015 he set aside time to tour the U.S broadly, gathering a buzz of awards and supporters as he moved along. When he came back to Sweden he composed and created 6 music videos, including one which includes a front of Kulturations “Rikmansghetto”.

WEAVER’s devotion to his art is uncompromising, with each accessible minute spent adjusting his musicianship and idealizing his lyricism. The outcome is a sound that is cleaned, breathtaking and peppered with bounty benevolent gestures to the greats. Clearly his melodic apprenticeship has been an extraordinary and productive trip. The moan of Jeff Buckley, the meander of Bob Dylan and the guileful tunes of The Tallest Man on Earth have unquestionably been milestones on the guide.

WEAVER takes full control of his innovative yield and not just as to his music. Leaving an individual stamp is of immense significance with regards to his physical item. For the arrival of his initial two E.P.s he carefully cut and sewed burlap material together and hand-printed every logo. For his vinyl discharge WEAVER screen printed each cover by hand, including the verses on the inward sleeve. It is in itself a gem.

For his most recent discharge he’s gone much further.

In October Weaver discharged his most recent single Boxes; a perky burst of Yankee folklore that sticks like paste.

Boxes, the first in succession of discharges due from Weaver this year, is accompanied by animation that WEAVER and the craftsman Johan Ejerblom otherwise known as artbyejerblom made together under the moniker Silver N’ Silk.

At first the activity was expected to be finished in three months, with the two specialists experiencing an instance of unimaginably high desire! Presently, after 14 months, the single Boxes and it’s going with animation is prepared to share to the world. In that time Silver N’ Silk made a showstopper and discovered that huge dreams can without a doubt be accomplished yet maybe not generally in 3 months.

Amid the long procedure the two craftsmen stayed enduring in their individual dreams while believing each other’s judgment and creative point of view. Utilizing cardboard, styrofoam and other rescued materials Silver N’ Silk made an up cycled world for the animation to happen in. The scene represents a classic Swedish city neighbourhood complete with governors’ houses, street lights and trees! They created an atomic bomb effect by using a liquid cloud that imitates an explosive pattern when dropped into water. The rain at the end of the animation is the stop motion of molten glue on a sewing thread. In other words no stone was left unturned in creating this homemade visual delicacy!
Boxes is the principal taste of another strengthened approach from WEAVER. As a craftsman he has developed and his music has developed with him. His sound is trademark, his aspirations are unshakeable and creation is stickler. To have such excellent visuals going with his music is the wonderful finish. We trust Weaver and Silver N ‘Silk keep on dreaming the inconceivable!

John Van Ness , Taurée – Ooh No

John Van Ness’ musical journey started in 1990 when decided to learn how to play guitar during his Freshman year in college. He developed his chops as a guitarist and song writer during his formidable years as a co-founding member of the band VAN NESS (with brother Joshua) during the mid 90”s through 2002.
When VAN NESS disbanded in 2002, John stepped away from live performances to focus on writing and producing. In 2011. he created My Own little World Records. The motivation for starrting MOLWR was to keep diveristy, quality and integrity alive in today’s music. He would later return to the stage playing guitar and keys with MOR (Men of Rock – gigging band created by brother Joshua Van Ness).

As a reocording engineer, producer, writer and musician, John has many credits to his name.
John loves sports (NY Mets and Cleveland Browns) and his dog Hennessy!

Almond&Olive – We Will

Almond&Olive (A&O), comprised of singer-songwriters Natalie Alms and Ollie Davidson, creates inspiring songs that span the folk and Americana genres, while also incorporating Alms’ timeless vocals and the duo’s distinct songwriting. Blended together, Alms and Davidson’s voices sound made for each other, soaring and guiding the music through all the ups and downs of these finely crafted songs.

The music on their upcoming debut album, called Standing at the Precipice, features Alms mostly on banjo and Davidson mostly on acoustic guitar, while also deploying highly skilled professional musicians, stalwarts of Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music scene, who provide backing throughout the record. The album was recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago with incomparable producer John Abbey, who’s also recorded the likes of Robbie Fulks and Jonas Friddle. Together A&O and Abbey are creating an impressive debut for one of Chicago’s most exciting new bands. To help pay for the album, the duo successfully received funding from a Kickstarter, raising over $10,000 is 30 days from over 110 backers.

The music A&O creates comes at you in waves. Together their voices lay down a solid base and tone, funneling you into succinct chorus melodies that build into a crescendo of rich and powerful harmonies. The end result of each song is satisfying and expressive, weaving together themes of love, fear, hope and loss. Each song’s purpose is to mark a moment in time, and give the listener a glimpse into the lives of these prolific songwriters. It’s a vulnerable look at times, though for the most part the music resolves itself to the basic emotions of hope and love, and let’s you know that no matter how low things get, there is a lift coming soon.

Alms and Davidson met while working in animal welfare. They both share a common interest in helping those less fortunate, including helping abandoned and stray animals rehabilitate and find new homes. The duo first got together to record a theme song for an animal welfare podcast, and quickly discovered after a couple practice sessions that their chemistry together was unique and fulfilling.  At each subsequent practice session, Alms and Davidson brought new songs to the table and in what seemed like effortless work, churned out over a dozen songs, many of which are featured on their upcoming debut. After it became obvious that they were meant to play together, they came up with their stage name, Almond&Olive, by combining their real names Alms (Almond) and Ollie (Olive).

One of the first conversations they had about music revolved around their shared love of Bob Dylan. They gushed over his storytelling and simple melodies, and the way he could conjure up imaginative tales and elicit complex emotions. They swapped favorite bands and influences, including Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver, Florence and the Machine, Matthew Sweet, today’s pop hits and yesterday’s standards. At first, and ever since, they constantly share YouTube links of songs they love via text, getting each other inspired and excited for new and old music.

Seemingly from a very young age, both Alms and Davidson were immersed in music. Their respective families nurturing their love of songs by playing music constantly throughout their childhoods, and providing musical instruments for their own creations. When they both started creating on their own, the songs they wrote were in a sense entries into a diary, cataloguing the loneliness and heartbreak of youth, but also the fighting spirit of the young and invincible. Aside from personal traumas and joys, activism and political messaging intrigued them both. Exploring the issues of the day become a staple in their individual songwriting forays, and that expression quickly become a favorite well to draw from.

Davidson, for example, decided to start using his music to give back at an early age. In what would be a theme later in life, he organized his high school’s first band festival, called Angst Fest, to benefit the Youth United Way. In the year’s that followed, Davidson formed a nonprofit called Compassionista Productions to put on dozens of shows and events, and even a CD compilation, to help groups such as Katrina survivors, the Lost Boys of Sudan and many animal organizations.

Alms and Davidson believe that, when possible, using their platform of musical creation and performance to give back to those in need is a natural extension of their personal goals – to make the world a better place for those who live in it. With that charge, once finished, their debut album will be also be used to help give back. Alms and Davidson have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the initial sales of the album to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation (JGF), a foundation founded by Animal Planet’s Jackson Galaxy. JGF will use the funds donated by A&O to help animal shelters bolster their animal adoption programs, rehab crumbling animal housing and enhance vital community animal welfare programs.

The partnership and friendship the duo have formed is genuine and special. They push each other, getting the most out of their experiences together and the music they create. It’s evident every time you see them perform together or just goof around in practice – there is a bond there that is deep and everlasting. They trust each other and trust their ability, and the result leaves all doubts and fears behind. Together Alms and Davidson, Almond&Olive, are standing at the precipice, ready and excited to jump eyes-closed into great unknown.


SplytSecond – All The Way


SplytSecond, age 22 ,was born in Coral Springs, Florida. He moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with his parents and younger sister at the age of 8. While growing up in Riyadh, he began his first experiments with rap and hip-hop in the form of friendly battles with friends during his early teens.

SplytSecond has become well known in underground communities for his rapid delivery and complex lyrics. Showing up on most “Fastest Rappers” lists, SplytSecond favors a complex rhythmic style with frequent bursts of speed reaching up to 17 syllables per second. His lyrics typically consist of bravado, world issues, and emotional rants while utilizing poetic devices, clever metaphors and meticulous word play backed by an extensive vocabulary. Over the past three years he been featured on tracks with other artists and have won several unsigned artist contests.

Recently he has begun performing live shows in the South Florida area and has released his new single “All The Way” from his forthcoming LP, PROJECT:akuma.



Money Matters – The Law Breakers





Born on the Eastside of Detroit youngest of 6 rough eastside neighborhood moms kept me off the streets and into music which became my passion at heart to follow working hard at my carft dj then beat maker, writer working on mic skills to create The Law Breakers..And give back to the Hip hop sound i put my heart and soul into my music with my team working hard at our style Pushing and fighting to reach my dreams of Rocking shows talking to fans and bringing that LB style.


Ear Monsterz,Farshid Amin – “Right Now”




Emil ‘DJ Ear Monster’ Bebla:

“It all started in August of 1981… I did my first gig as a prank to prove to one of my friends that I could become a DJ, if I set my mind to it… Needless to say, I fell in love with it and the rest was history”.” I DJ’ed in the hottest clubs in the Chicago Area, and met some really cool cats, including Frankie Knuckles, Farley “Jackmaster Funk” Kieth, Kenny “Jamin” Jason and Colonel Abrams”. He was scouted by a radio station executive and was offered his first radio show at WCRX as a guest DJ. He also won numerous local DJ competitions.

At the age of 19, Emil was one of the first DJ’s to play early forms of House Music in his sets on the radio DJ Mix Shows on WBMX, WGCI, WCRX and WBBM, where he was a regular guest DJ.

In August of 1984, he moved to San Francisco Bay Area and established a mobile DJ company and spent the next 17 years playing in dozens of various clubs and events. Emil was also the resident DJ at Baja Cantina and Nightclub – one of the hottest clubs in San Jose, CA.

In 2012, while continuing to make guest DJ appearances in various clubs in SF, San Jose, Las Vegas and LA area which is my true passion, I decided to hook up with Ninef ‘Musicman’ Arsanos and establish ‘Ear Monsterz’”.  Emil describes Ear Monsterz as, “a group made up of a DJ and a Musician creating and producing dance music featuring various vocalists”. We have also since added the talents of Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Producer, Chereen Melody Givargis

There is only one goal for Ear Monsterz – to continue to evolve dance music and take it to new heights!  “We collaborate with various DJ’s and musicians to continuously create new beats and spin them in night clubs around the world”, said Emil as he was preparing his next Monthly Mix Set for his Podcast.




Portrait – Beautiful Stranger


My name is Portrait and I have been singing all of my life! I originated from a Gospel group called “The Smith Five” which consisted of my 2 brothers and my 2 sisters. We started singing at ages 4 and song all over up until High School. From there, One of my sisters and I formed a group called “Total Package” along with a childhood friend. We also sang for many years until life lead us separate ways.

My music is my passion and every word, every beat and every moment of it means everything to me. Without passion, music can not come alive and move from heart to heart. So as others listen to my music, I hope that their “Portrait” experience connects with some part of their own lives as we all strive to find our voice in this place called Life.




Charissa – “I Got My Girls”

Charissa is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, Ontario, known for her powerful, distinctive voice and dynamic performances. She began performing at a local coffee shop at the age of 12. Now at 20, she continues to perform regularly captivating audiences of all ages. Charissa released her debut single “I Got My Girls” (co-written with Wilson Daniels, Wilson Daniels Music) in May of 2017.  The Official Music Video was released on Youtube in August of 2017.  “I Got My Girls” is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora and other popular streaming partners and is garnering radio play on Sirius XM CBC Country 171 and other popular radio stations across Canada.

Charissa is currently working on her first solo project, stay tuned!