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Beth Macari – I Promise

Beth Macari – I Promise
Beth Macari – I Promise
Beth Macari – I Promise



ARTIST NAME: Beth Macari
SONG TITLE: I Promise (That I Got You)
RELEASE DATE: 3rd April 2020
GENRE: Soul/Pop






Tell us your source of inspiration.
The music and artists I have always been most inspired by are the big and soulful, powerful vocalists like Aretha, Chaka Khan, Janis Joplin, and Jennifer Hudson to name a few.
And lyrically my inspiration usually comes from personal experience; I like to believe I am quite an honest songwriter.


Discuss how you develop your music style.  
Usually, I start with both melody and lyrics, for me they tend to come together, from there I take my idea to my lush band, and we develop it until it becomes a finished piece.
I do try to write in various ways, but this is my favorite most consistent method. 🙂
And style-wise, I try not to restrict myself; I write freely, and usually, it fits with my soulful style.


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
For me, I think there is no better way than at gigs, them getting to hear me do my thing and it allows them to see who I am as a person and doing what I love most.


Discuss the process involved in launching a musical career.
I think there are so many ways to launch oneself into the industry; social media, TV Competitions, Networking, but for me, I like the old-fashioned way of gigging and building your fan base organically.


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
I would suggest starting with a concept or theme, write the lyrics to a point where you have ideally a couple of verses and maybe a chorus idea, and then think about what direction you want the song to go in.
Listen to music you see similar to your idea and that inspires you, it will more than likely help you find the tools to finish the song.


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
For me the melody is the first thing I think of, but it genuinely just comes naturally, a melodic line comes to my head, I ride with it and find more melody as I build on it…


Tell us your ideal type of recording studio.
I am currently creating my own studio with my drummer; these five singles were all recorded there; we just need to save up for some more snazzy equipment.
I have enjoyed every studio I have ever recorded in but for me, it’s being your own, whether it be from your home or garage, it is yours and you can fully relax and be in control with it which is great as an artist.


Describe the factors you consider in a good song.
For me lyrics are important, I need to be able to relate or interpret them in my own way and enjoy singing them.
Melody is important for me also, but more than anything the feel of the song if you can connect with it, it’s a winner.


Tell us how you impact your listeners with your songs.
My songs are very honest, and I like to think relatable, this allows my listeners to get to know me more, and to connect with me, and my music.


Tell us how you interact with producers and music directors.
I think the most important thing is to know what you want and how to communicate your ideas.
I’ve now built on 12 years of recording experience (the first time I ever sang in a studio was in Newcastle at a lovely facility called The Cluny Studios for my 15th birthday), I’m now in a place where I am confident in my ability vocally and most of the time I am able to express what I am trying to create musically.


Tell us how you feel after the completion of a song.  
Buzzing that I’ve completed another song I am proud of, but also nervous at the thought of releasing it to the world. I think music and singing is a very intimate thing.


Tell us your worst song and state the reason.
My worst song is also one of my favorites if that makes any sense. It’s called ‘One More Time,’ it is a beautiful and very intimate ballad about losing someone you love.
The reason I would select the song is that at the time I didn’t have the creative input or say on what I wanted to really build the song, looking back I was hurried by someone I was working within the industry and I think wrongly advised.
However I will go back and explore this song again, I wrote it and I love it so I want to look at the production on it (things like adding in strings and more dynamic to match the intensity of the lyrics and vocals), I think I will put a new version of this single on to my debut album.


Tell us what you will change in your music.
I think my music is forever changing and growing, but right now I am finally happy with what I am creating, and I have a direction I’d like to ride with for a while yet, that is soul!


Tell us what is special about this release.
It’s the first music I have ever recorded myself, not had to hire a studio, my band and I have worked hard to do this.
Also, I love that it is the first chapter in a series of 5 releases, and all 5 singles have a great music video to accompany them and they all carry the theme of self-love and the importance of honesty.


Tell us about your future goals.
My debut album – That is the main goal! I am working on it already; I plan to have 100 songs to pick from…. I have 10 so far so there is a long way to go.


Tell us how you overcome obstacles.
With support, I have amazing people in my life, my band are my team and they are the best, also my mum and my partner.
Friendship and self-belief are the ways I overcome anything. And I definitely lack the second regularly so it’s an ongoing process of self-development for me. This music is definitely being a big step in that direction.


Elaborate on the song.
‘I Promise (that I got you)’ is about the importance of honesty and communication in a relationship, what you wanted at the start of a relationship may be totally different 5 years in, but if you love someone and are comfortable being truly honest in your needs and beliefs, then you should be just fine!


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
My artist’s name is my real name hehe, Beth Macari 🙂 The ‘Macari’ comes from Italy, I have an Italian family so I like that it’s a little different, and it’s part of who I am and my heritage.
And I currently don’t have an album title, but these 5 singles all form a short film  (the music video for each release will be connected together for a director’s cut), and that is titled ‘I AM EVERYTHING’. Each single taps into self-love, and respect for yourself and others!


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Beth Macari’s original music has seen her support Rae Morris, Maverick Sabre, and The Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans and has enabled Beth to tour across Europe & The UK, including performing to 26,000 at The South Tyneside Summer Festival and playing alongside the likes of Melanie C, The Kaiser Chiefs, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, and Jessie Ware. She also fronted the live house band on Sky One celebrity panel show ‘Bring the Noise’, performing alongside Nicole Scherzinger and Tinie Tempah, to name a few.
In January 2018, Beth released a single with Radio 1 legend Kissy Sell Out; which landed number 10 in the Beatport Dance charts. She has also collaborated with DJ/producer Axwanging on a remake of Delirium featuring Sarah Mclachlan’s ‘Silence.’
Beth’s debut single ‘Clone’ received one million radio plays in the USA alone. After being championed by Gaby Roslin on BBC London, Beth’s following self-release “Boy” received an exclusive premiere on BBC Radio 2.
2019 began with performing at The Sage, Gateshead as part of BBC Introducing’s “New Year, New Artist” show before releasing her powerful-pop single “Stronger”, which only a month later had clocked up over 100,000 streams on Spotify as well featuring as BBC London’s “Track of the Week”.
Beth has since been focusing on new music and creating an EP that is really true to her soulful tones. Each single is essentially a chapter, and with each chapter, there is a retro-inspired music video; which at the end will essentially form a short film…



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