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Big Spook – These Summer Daze

Big Spook – These Summer Daze

Big Spook – These Summer Daze
Big Spook – These Summer Daze



SONG TITLE: These Summer Daze
ALBUM TITLE: Cant Hold Back Never Give Up
RELEASE DATE: 06/18/2019
GENRE: Hip Hop



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Big Spook, coming from the street of South Central LA, an artist that began his journey in the music business at an early age and has now arrived with his EP, “Cant Hold Back Never Give Up” projects out now.
“I’ve been rapping since I was a young…” says Big Spook, “while my homies were gang banging, I was rap slanging.
Rapping is my way of expressing myself and letting people know how I feel. So welcome, to the hardest street of South Central LA.”
Big Spook has worked with a lot of artist such as J Sicc of Chruch E.N.T., Young Gee of Chruch E.N.T., Hack formally of D.C.P., Microphone Criminal of Mic Supremacy Records, Wood Stock of Hospistol Records, Deeko of Flyzone Records, Reel Spitt of Kick Rocks Productions, Eyetel of Eyetel Productions, and Lady Victorious of Triple MZ on numerous songs.
He is also working with Big Havikk of South Central Cartel, O Y G RedRum781 of Banging on Waxs, and Phuj Doose.
Big Spook is featured on a mixtape that was released by Rep Recordz in 2007. The name of the mixtape was “Mi Casa Su Casa Volume 1.”
He was also featured on the “Rep to the Fullest” compilation in 2007.
He is also featured on the S.O.A.Z mixtape called “Sluggerville and the Extended Family Volume 1.2.”
Big Spook was also featured on Microphone Criminal mixtape “MicSupremacy” in 2007.
In 2009 Big spook was featured on the mixtape “Changing The Game.”
In 2010, Big Spook shot his first video titled “FlyGuyz Big Spook.”



Tell us your name, country of birth, and childhood experience.
Darrick Barner known as Big Spook from the U.S.A., I had a good childhood and I grew up listening to Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC…


Tell us how you discover hip-hop.
Listening To Fat Boys, LL Cool J, and Run DMC.


Brief us your experience creating your first song.
In order for me to record my first song I had to stand on a corner in Fresno California and promote for a label; that is how I got to record my first song.


List the name of the artists that have influenced you.
Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E…


Discuss the difference between the old school songs and new school songs.
Old school songs have a lot of meaning as new school songs talk about their shoes and killing; I will rather be old school.


Discuss the evolution in the sound of hip-hop.
The evolution of hip hop has made everybody do hip hop now.


List the name of your favorite hip-hop artists and state your reason.
Snoop Dogg; the reason is that he talks about where he came from and how he would rather give a dude a mic instead of a gun so that is the reason he is my favorite rapper.


Explain what you understand by hip-hop culture to the best of your knowledge.
I understand that hip hop has grown since I started doing music and there are a lot of people from different backgrounds embracing the hip hop world.


Discuss hip-hop in detail.
Hip hop is a way of expressing yourself either music break or dancing art.


List the name of hip-hop’s greatest producers and state your reason.
Dr. Dre; the way he makes his beats is fire.
DJ Quik; the way he makes his beats is fire.


List the name of hip hop greatest songwriters and state your reason.
Tupac was a good writer and his songs were poems.


List the name of hip hop greatest artists and state your reason.
Tupac was the greatest and he changed a lot of rappers today.


Discuss the changes in hip-hop.
I don’t like the changes in hip hop; I don’t like rappers rapping offbeat and mumble rappers that don’t write their own lyrics.


Tell us how you compose or write lyrics.
I write lyrics late at night when everybody is asleep. I think better in the hours of the night.


Brief us about your recording experience in the studio.
I have my own studio.


Tell us how you get involved in hip-hop.
I listen to rappers like Ice Cube, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Tupac…


Tell us your gain and loss as an artist.
I gain how to mix and master my own music and I lost respect for some rappers.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist.
Own your own music.


Discuss the music industry.


State your future goal.
My future goal is to own my own studio and take an independent artist to the top.


Discuss the process involved in making a song.
I got to feel the beat once I feel the beat I just go in on whatever I am feeling.


Tell us everything we need to know about the song.
Summer Daze is about having fun in the sun.


Tell us how you come up with the title of the song and your artist’s name. 
My name Big Spook is a childhood name.  I came up with Summer Daze because I am From California so it speaks for itself.



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