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Boat Man – Radar

Boat Man - Radar


Boat Man - Radar
Boat Man – Radar



Artist Name: Boat Man featuring Breana Marin
Song Title: Radar
Genre: Hip Hop
Release Date: 01/15/2018






Boat Man featuring Breana Marin – Radar
Born and raised in Milford, Delaware artist/producer Boat Man has stamped his indelible imprint on the underground music scene. Besides producing tracks Boat Man also works with other producers to bring out the artistic side of delivering words with a solid platform. As an independent artist/producer Boat Man only looks moving towards the future creating his own unique sound that will make everyone’s ear tune in. He is the Best Of All Time.



Brief us on how to impress fans during a live performance.
Interacting with the fans directly and making them feel as though they are part of the show. Let the fans win merchandise at your shows.


Explain what has motivated you so far in your music career.
The things that motivated me so far in my music career are family and my supporters. Just knowing I’m making great music for everyone to listen to is a thrill for me.


Discuss your experience as an artist.
My experience as an artist has its ups and downs. It’s a mixed emotion kind of thing. Some days you feel motivated and some days you feel like giving it all up. Overall it taught me how to become the artist/producer I needed to become whether through good experience or bad. Just keep pushing and never forget the “BIGGER PICTURE”.


Tell us the biggest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
The biggest mistake I had ever made was trying to let people sell me dreams and trying to depend on someone else to control the business side of my career. Do your own research and learn the industry, from negotiating contracts to mechanical royalties.


Discuss the story behind the song.
When I heard the beat (shout out to Dreamlife Beats) and Breana Marin was already on the hook. When I actually listened to what she was saying it gave me Goosebumps. Instantly I knew that was It. Everything she was saying was describing my whole character at the moment. It’s the way I was really moving “Ünder The Radar”. I felt like the more I stayed to myself and conceal my intentions the further I got. Not just in music but in LIFE.


Discuss your opinion on the safety of fans during shows and live performances.
Plain and simple; just make sure everyone makes it back home to their family in a safe manner.


Tell us the greatest piece of advice someone has given you as an artist.
Listen, take control, be yourself, and never lose yourself.


Tell us what you will improve or change in your music.
Working on deep concepts; I want to paint a picture that’s vivid with my music.


Discuss vocal training and how you protect your vocal.
Drink water and apple juice.


Discuss your best mood during a performance.
When the music stops and the fans continue to know every lyric to your song.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Boat Man B.O.A.T (BEST OF ALL TIME) – Boat Man is just my company name; Boat came from a childhood name where I grew up.


List your best artists with reasons.
Nas – Educated and street smart.
Big L – Wordplay and delivery.
Jay-Z – Motivating.
J.Cole – Deep concepts.


Discuss your existence as an artist.
Timeless – My existence will always be present through my music.


Tell us the greatest problem you think is facing society and the solution.
Climate change/destruction of nature – There’s really no solution to this factor since it is beyond our control but it is still a big problem for society.


Discuss your songwriting and recording.
I just let the good spirits take control and direct me while I’m writing or recording.



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