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Bob Jeter – Gravy Train

Bob Jeter – Gravy Train

 Bob Jeter – Gravy Train

Bob Jeter – Gravy Train

Bob Jeter – Gravy Train




SONG TITLE: Gravy Train


ALBUM TITLE: Along For the Ride




GENRE: R&B, Vintage, Soul, Americana, Country


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(Written by Tom Fedora for Steven Stills who never recorded it.)


Don’t wanna sound ungrateful
Don’t wanna seem unkind
But there’s some things been going down
That just turn my head around
I know you know what I mean


Don’t wanna get complicated
Don’t like to mince my words
When you take more than you need
They used to call it greed
Now they just call it good business


It’s a big train
With no certain destination
It’s a roadshow – Rollin right across the nation
Better get in on this good thing
Get on that Gravy Train


They are gathering in churches and houses
To usher in the new age of wealth
You can be a millionaire
And still show that you care
They’re pursuing success with a passion


Chorus: Get on it – get on it Children


Inspiration: My inspiration comes from combining the historical influences of past greats such as Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, as well as so many other greats of yesterday to create a sometimes socially conscious musical journey into what’s happening today. Though many of the songs on the EP Along For The Ride were written by me, this tune – Gravy Train was written by Tom Fedora who has written before for CSNY – a great tune that speaks on the positive aspects of our American system. My other EP The Complete Garage Recordings under the band name Jeter N The Jets are original tunes in a more Americana flavor, where Along For The Ride definitely has been influenced by the great sounds of the 70s.
Music Style: I started busking and playing Bob Dylan, Neil Young and others in the subways of Paris/London – but had sung before in R&B bands doing old Mo-Town hits back in the day based in Richmond, VA. Forming several bands in the US and playing locally in Atlanta, GA. I also cut an EP with my sons and a friend under the name Jeter N The Jets. Currently, I am performing solo or with my son in New York City. I have also collaborated on several Rap tunes and electronic-type music projects.
Multi-Genre Music: I do some Crossover tunes, some Vintage, some Country, some Americana, and some Alternative Pop – but I have a special love for the Blues.
Reaching Fans: Social media when not performing. But the contact with fans at a live performance can be magical.
Musical Career: There are many facets to developing a music career and books have been written about this. It can be quite challenging at times but the love of music sustains the difficulties of becoming successful.
Lyric to a Full Song: Sometimes the music comes first and sometimes the lyric or hook comes first. Each song is unique and I have no one formula for writing music. Often I will hear another piece of music or a subject idea will pop into my head so I pick up the guitar and try to mesh and blend the music with the words. It’s hard to do the melody without including the lyrics
Melody: Both music and lyric are usually created together when I write a song. Which comes first depends on the moment of inspiration but I have never written a complete melody without first incorporating the words though sometimes I start with a certain guitar groove I’m playing around with.
Recording Studio: Comfortable and friendly with the right people.
Good Song: I like message songs but typical love tunes can be very inspiring when it elevates the soul. A good song has to elevate the spirit or make you want to dance.
Completing of a Song: On a few occasions, a tear will come to my eye but if I enjoy playing it over and over I feel it’s a good tune.
Change: I am always exploring new possibilities. I heard Sting say that staying in a certain band all the time-limited musical growth – so collaborating with as many people as possible would seem ideal.
Release: It was produced by Kenny Kirby who knew all the right A-listers.
Future Goals: Was about to go to Nashville to cut another EP but for personal reasons had to put it off. Hope to do this in near future. I have much more material I would like to cut. Currently gigging and planning shows in New York.
Obstacles: Just never give up in the music business.
Song: I really like this tune – it has a sort of R&B feel and I even vocalized it differently – making my singing a little grittier. Tom Fedora wrote this tune for Stephen Stills but it was never cut until now. Also, Tom wrote the song “Chippin’Away” written for the Solo Graham Nash “Innocent Eyes” album & later re-corded by CSN for the “Berlin Wall Concert”.
Artist’s name and the Title of the Album: My artist’s name is my real name – Bob Jeter. The EP Along For The Ride was named this because the first tune I cut with Kenny was the tune Along For The Ride. (There are 8 tunes under Bob Jeter on Spotify – 5 of which were written by me.)
Press Release:
Along For The Ride features songs written by Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees Buddy Buie, JR Cobb (The Atlanta Rhythm Section/Classics 4/Roy Orbison) and Danny O’Keefe (“Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”). Producer/Keyboardist Kenny Kirby (Sly & The Family Stone, Van Morrison/Linda Creed) was recently honored by the Alabama Hall of Fame as a Music Achiever. Also featured are Fred Vigdor on sax (Michael McDonald/Average White Band) and another Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductee: Ric Seymour on guitar (Wet Willie).
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