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Bozeman – Burnt Toast Pt. 1

Bozeman - Burnt Toast Pt. 1

Bozeman - Burnt Toast Pt. 1
Bozeman – Burnt Toast Pt. 1



ALBUM TITLE: Burnt Toast pt. 1
RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2018
GENRE: Alternative Hip Hop



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Bozeman – Burnt Toast Pt. 1



Name the artists that have influenced you so far.
Quinn XCII, ayokay, Post Malone, Lil Peep, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Chance the Rapper.


Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time”.
I think Kendrick Lamar is probably the greatest rapper of all time.  It’s extremely difficult to jump into other genres and say that one is better than another.


Discuss composition.
For my songs, I like to work on really creative instrumental tracks and the lyrics according to the mood that I’ve created in the song.  Typically I have an idea of what I want a song to be about when I start to create it but I feel like a large part of the process is finding the vibe along the way.


Discuss your music career.
An independent artist originally from Montana, I just finished college.  I like to focus on making songs that tell stories.  My debut EP burnt toast pt. 1 is a low-tech exploration of love, addiction, and my own experiences with anxiety.  My songs are word-heavy because I love stringing together rhymes and detailed verses that explore what language can convey over beats I’ve made.    I’m now in NYC working on a new project.


Elaborate on this song.
These songs offer an insight into some of my more personal experiences but also address more general feelings.  ‘Legos’ is about avoiding responsibility and longing for the freedom that you had when you were a kid.  ‘Burnt Toast’ is about a relationship that didn’t work.  ‘Social’ is about the ways that we struggle with being so connected.  ‘Drag’ is about anxiety.  ‘Fly’ is about trying to find positivity in spite of everything that goes on.


Rate the social media and tell us the platform that works best for promoting your music.
I like promoting my music on Instagram because I feel that it can capture a feeling with an image and also provide the context in the caption.


State the areas that need improvement in the music industry.
I think one of the areas that needs improvement in the music industry is the relationship between publishers and streaming sites.  With the tremendous change of how people consume music, there’s sort of a jump over an entire part of the process.


Tell us how you prepare yourself for a live performance or show.
I like to really hype myself up and try to harness a lot of energy for a live performance.  This can be in the form of a personal pep talk or jumping jacks.


Tell us your opinion on frequent releasing of singles or just an album in a while.
I think it is a good idea to release a couple of singles to get people excited for an album.  As long as the quality of the music isn’t compromised, I see no problem in getting as much music out as possible.  But you should never release something just to have more content out there.


Mention the name of the artist you will be glad to see the live performance.
I would love to see Quinn XCII live.  He brings such awesome energy to his shows and is generally a really cool guy.  He is also my dream collaborator.


Tell us the theme of most of your songs.
I think that all of my songs address anxiety or depression in some ways.  Like, even in the more upbeat stuff that I try to work on, there is still this bedrock of working through things.


Discuss your recording.
This project was done low tech in GarageBand.  I found an empty studio space and went to town with a cheap microphone and a midi keyboard.  It was a really cool intro experience and the end product was better than I could have imagined.  I’m looking forward to upping the ante on my next project.


Tell us how boring or exciting the music career can be.
I think a music career is exciting.  The process of trying to make music you’re happy with and that people like is both challenging and extremely gratifying.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist’s name is Bozeman.  I chose it because it has a nice catchy sound to it and it also is a cool callback to my growing up in Montana.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
Legos- I chose this title for this song because I thought the idea of playing with Legos perfectly encapsulated the feeling of wanting to be a kid again.
Burnt Toast- I chose this title because of the line in the song “You took too long now I’m just burnt toast.”  Suggesting that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere for too long so I’m burnt out.
Social- I chose this title because the song addresses social media and the power it has.
Drag- I chose this title because I feel like the word “drag” really represents the feeling of being depressed and anxious.
Fly- I chose this title because the feeling of breaking free, even momentarily from anxiety and depression can feel like flying.


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
I chose that album title not only because of the song with the same title, but also I loved the image and the album art that my collaborating artist friend created.



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