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Brett Benowitz – Lamb

Brett Benowitz - Lamb


Brett Benowitz – Lamb
Brett Benowitz – Lamb


ARTIST NAME:  Brett Benowitz



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Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song.
Start with an idea, play it over and over until it becomes a full-fledged song, present it to your band and jam on it until you can perform it live, and then take it to the studio, get a good producer who knows you and can see your vision. Record it, add new tracks, mix, and master, and boom, you’ve done it.


Discuss the processing involved in creating a song.
I usually start with a cool guitar lick and base the lyrics around what emotion that conjures from me and also what I happen to be feeling/thinking/going through at that moment in time.
For “Lamb” however it was different. I started with a melody that got caught in my head one day as I was coming home on the subway.
I immediately recorded a voice demo, picked up my guitar and shaped the chords around that melody, and came up with something really special. The lyrics just fell into place after that.


Elaborate on the theme of most of your songs.
Lamb is about heartbreak but I’ve written many love songs too. I tend to write about positive messages: fighting for your dreams, never giving up, owning who you are, and believing in yourself and something bigger than yourself.
But I write about dark subjects too: the inevitability of death, depression, loneliness, and feeling lost.
I try to express myself through many sentiments because life is full of ups and downs, light and dark, joy and pain, etc.


Tell us your greatest musical works up to date.
My best works are my newest songs that I just finished or am finishing. I can’t wait to record them.


Tell us those behind your music process.
Just me and the people who enrich my life enough to provide ammo for writing – I write a song, bring it to my band, and they help realize it and take it even further.


Tell us how you are handling the promotion of your music.
Mainly Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, radio campaigns, playlist campaigns, and hitting up all my friends and fans via text message and direct messaging to come to my shows.
Playing as often as possible without wearing myself out, shooting videos, doing photo shoots, etc.


Tell us your future goals and how you aim to accomplish them.
I want to tour the world with my music and make enough money that I can create a charity for people suffering from extreme poverty.


Tell us what you think has changed in the music industry.
Technology, social media, and the ability that anyone anywhere can make music given the proper tools.


Tell the greatest mistake to avoid while making a song.
Not coming from the heart and writing for others and not yourself.


Tell us how you boost your performance.
Meditate beforehand, drink a lot of water, psych yourself up, and just enjoy it!


Explain the structure of the song.
Lamb is intro – verse – chorus – verse – chorus –  epic chorus – outro.


Discuss how the instruments come together for a song.
Started with the simple guitar, bass, vocals, and drums, but when I got to the studio the producer suggested adding a b3 organ which I loved. So I wrote an organ part and it fit so perfectly and just completed the song.


State your musical skills.
Singing, guitar, bass, and piano.


Tell us if you consider acting in a movie.
Definitely! I’m an actor!


Tell us how you eliminate noise in your recordings.
Tell everyone to be quiet. I just let the producer or engineer handle that.


List the name of artists you cherish most.
So many but the top 5 are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Jeff Buckley, and Nas.


Tell us how you get inspiration.
Finding inspiration is all about how you view and process the world around you. Inspiration is everywhere you just have to be open to it.


Elaborate on the song.
Lamb portrays the dark side of love: helplessness, spite, cruelty, callousness, and heartbreak. Instead of love ‘completing’ you, it removes your power, imprisons you, tortures you, abuses you, and ultimately destroys you.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
It’s just my name; I wanted to stay true to myself. Burn To Glow is inspired by a quote by Victor Frankl, “What is to give light must endure burning” in other words we have to struggle to bring out the best in ourselves.
Lamb is the first song on the album, the first half of the album is the burn: the struggle, the second half is the glow: the resolution, the final song is titled ‘Something to Believe in.’
The album is a journey from burning to glowing metaphorically.


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