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Brian McCafferty – Wait

Brian McCafferty – Wait
Brian McCafferty – Wait
Brian McCafferty – Wait



ARTIST NAME: Brian McCafferty
ALBUM TITLE: Over the Years
RELEASE DATE: 03/05/2019
GENRE: Pop/Singer-Songwriter



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Brian McCafferty hails from the south side of Glasgow, Scotland, and cites his influences as Matt Maeson, James Bay, One Republic, and songwriting legend Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.
He is currently active on the live music circuit and so far has opened shows for some amazing acts such as Brit Award winner Tom Walker, Matt Wills, and US folk-rock band Jared & The Mill.
On August 11th, 2019 you can see him live on the main stage at the renowned music festival Party at the Palace in Linlithgow, Scotland.



Discuss the story behind your music video.
I sat down with the director over a coffee and we pretty much came up with the video idea within ten minutes.
I wanted something that was simple but visually pleasing for my audience and that is where the idea of involving contemporary dancers. The idea of having the two girls performing meant that I could simply just feature in the video with them being the main focus.
People have asked about the girls being attached by the rope (sorry about the rope burns), that was our way of showing two people being attached but trying to find their own way.


State the name of the locations in your music video.
The video was shot in Glasgow at Broadscope Studios.


List the members of the crew that produced this video and use this opportunity to thank them.
The video was shot and directed by Stuart Breadner of Shootback Productions – Stuart is a great guy and very easy to work with. His guidance and ability to make you feel relaxed are second to none.
Also thanks to Chrissie Ardill for choreographing the dancers.


Explain your emotional state while shooting the music video. 
It’s a very honest and personal song so I was able to just be myself on the day without having to really “act” or put on a full performance which was quite nice. I was very chilled.


Share your press release and reviews with us.
Independent recording artist Brian McCafferty has released his new single ‘Wait’ on May 3rd, 2019.
Taken from his EP – Over the Years – ‘Wait’ showcases McCafferty’s unique vocals and the strong-energy blend of guitar and electronic pop.
Written during a time of personal conflict, caught between the two things that meant the most to him, ‘Wait’ speaks determination and loyalty but shows concern about another situation.
His last single “Crazy on Me” was released in 2018 and gained modest attention leading to Brian’s first TV performance on STV’s Live At Five, radio coverage from Jim Gellatly, and a feature in Scottish Magazine Jock Rock.
“I wrote the song just as I moved to Los Angeles, whilst having a relationship waiting for me at home in Glasgow. The song is about staying true to yourself. I write with honesty and hopefully people will hear that in the song and relate. I took the song to Lewis Gardiner from Tileyard Studios in London and he really helped shape the sound I was looking for, I love it!”


Discuss your music career so far.
I used to play with a full band where I was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to manage a band in terms of studio time and rehearsals, etc. so, unfortunately, it led me to become solo and I now play with top session musicians Ryan Hassan (drummer) and Gary McDowell (bass/keys) for live shows.
I have played live for quite some time and opened for Brit Award winner Tom Walker in Glasgow along with Matt Wills. I supported Jared & The Mill, a band from Arizona (one of the best live bands I have ever seen).
Last year I played the King Tut’s Summer nights festival opening for Folk Pop musician Crawford Mac.
I am excited to play on the main stage at Party at The Palace this year.
“Wait” is my second single that was produced by Lewis Gardiner of Tileyard Studios in London.
I am currently in the studio finishing new songs for my debut EP ‘Over the Years.’


Tell us if you aspire to go into acting.
I would never say never; if the right opportunity came along then why not…I am a bit of a history enthusiast so if the right role came along to be in a World War Two or Roman era type movie, I’d happily give it a shot.


Tell us your gains and losses in the music business.
I have gained a lot of friends through music and met some really creative and inspiring people which is cool.
I haven’t suffered any major losses, to be honest, I have made some questionable decisions but you learn from mistakes and better yourself as an artist.


List the media that have supported you so far with this song.
Jim Gellatly – Amazing Radio
Rocksport Radio
Cumbernauld FM
Wolf in a Suit
Jockrock Magazine


Tell us how you manage your time.
I try to focus my mornings on the business side of things, such as sending emails, replying to emails, marketing and sorting out my social media, etc. In the evening is when I am mostly active with writing new material and practicing.


Tell us how you are able to actualize success in your music career.
I always try to be aware of my brand and always know what my audience and listeners expect of me. It is important for me at this stage in my career to be consistent with releasing music and playing shows.
I have secured a main stage slot at my first major music festival this year and I hope to keep the momentum going by opening shows for popular artists and playing live shows in different venues in different countries.


Tell us if you an independent artist or you are a signed artist and tell us how you run your music career.
I am an independent artist. I have to take charge of everything – The music, the PR, the social media, booking shows, rehearsals, and self-funding projects, etc.
It can be quite intense and sometimes a bit overwhelming for most independent artists.
Time management is important or you will burn yourself out, so I try to focus on different elements on different days.


List the individuals responsible for writing, production, recording, directing, choreography, promotion, and marketing of this project.
Brian McCafferty (Writer)
Lewis Gardiner (Producer)
Eskmo (Mastering Engineer)
Stuart Breadner (Video Producer and Director)
Chrissie Ardill (Choreographer)
Cameron Boyd (Photographer)


Tell us the instruments put together for the song.
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synths, and electronic drums.


Tell us your experience recording in the studio and shooting the music video.
The song was already structured. I took the song to Lewis alongside a reference track I liked the feel of and the rest was history. I had an idea of what I wanted it to sound like and Lewis provided it. We finished the song in about 6-7 hours.
This was my second music video so I was already familiar with the process.
We had an idea and we set out a plan for the day as we only had eight hours.
One of the girls who was supposed to be in the video damaged her ankle but luckily Chrissie sourced us another dancer. Always have a backup plan!


Tell us the advice you will give to a new artist planning to shoot a music video. 
Watch a lot of music videos to help you get an idea of what you like in terms of shooting styles and colors etc.
Sit down with a few different producers/directors as they will all have different ideas.
It helps you get a feeling of how well you can work together.
Your budget should match your expectations. It is important to remember you get what you pay for.
Being over-prepared is better than being underprepared. You will have more to work with.


Tell us the time required for shooting a commercial music video based on your experience. 
My last video in total took us around five to six weeks. We had the initial sit down to discuss ideas, looking at different locations, a day of shooting, allowing time to edit the video, and also leaving time for any changes you want to make.


Tell us the reason you shot a video for this song.
Visual content is important to your audience. It helps them fully connect to the song so I thought it was important to give my listeners that.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
Brian McCafferty. That is my real name. I guess when I started playing shows under my real name I had no reason to have an artist name.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The song is called ‘Wait’. It is about pursuing something important to you while being in a relationship.
In the song, I sing “I’ll make this beautiful, one day you’ll see”. That is what I mean by ‘Wait.’


State the title of the album and the reason for choosing the title.
The song is taken from my debut EP “Over the Years” – Simply just songs that I have written over the years.



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