Hailing from Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario, DB Cooper fuses indie, pop, rock, and a little somethin’ we call magic, into one unique sound. Striving to bring something completely different to concertgoers, DB Cooper showcases catchy-as-hell group vocals along with skillfully crafted song writing, all wrapped into one undeniably awesome live show.

Storming onto the scene with their debut release in April 2014, DB Cooper’s The Catherine North EP is sure to turn some heads. Recorded at the highly acclaimed Catherine North Studios, producer Dan Hosh (City and Colour, Whitehorse, Royal Streets) aided in giving DB Cooper the punchy, radio-friendly sound they craved. “Catherine North” landed the band the opportunity to play Globe Media’s “Big Gig.” The band took the grand prize and shared the stage with fellow Hamiltonians the Arkells.

Starting 2015 off right, the band will release their next single in February and sophomore EP in March. Having worked with producer Derek Hoffman of Fox Sounds (The Elwins, Crystalyne, Brighter Brightest), DB Cooper brings a new polished sound to their follow up release.



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