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Book Title: License Your Music
Author: Olamide Ayodeji Kolade
1 – License Your Music
2 -Music Licensing Companies A
3 – Music Licensing Companies B
4 – Music Licensing Companies C
5 – Music Licensing Companies D
6 – Music Licensing Companies E
7 – Music Licensing Companies F
8 – Music Licensing Companies G
9 – Music Licensing Companies H
10 – Music Licensing Companies I
11- Music Licensing Companies J
12 – Music Licensing Companies K
13 – Music Licensing Companies L
14 – Music Licensing Companies M
15 – Music Licensing Companies N
16 – Music Licensing Companies O
17 – Music Licensing Companies P
18 – Music Licensing Companies Q
19 – Music Licensing Companies R
20 – Music Licensing Companies S
21 – Music Licensing Companies T
22 – Music Licensing Companies U
23 – Music Licensing Companies V
24 – Music Licensing Companies W
25 – Music Licensing Companies X
26 – Music Licensing Companies Y
27 – Music Licensing Companies Z
28 – Music Licensing Companies 1



Chapter 1
License Your Music
License Your Music will help music producers, composers or artists to know the right licensing companies to work with to license their musical works.
The book is also useful for film producers or music directors or artist managers looking for songs or instrumentals to use.
We make it easier to locate these music licensing companies by clicking on the names.
‘License Your Music’ puts together the heavyweight music licensing companies that will assist you in getting your work out there or placing your musical work on Film or TV shows.
Ensure the quality of your sound is excellent and avoid distortion. Make sure your lyrics are universal to cover different plots.
As a composer or artist; take your time to listen to the soundtracks of great films so you can be familiar with what the sound should be like.
You will come across an offer like a music director looking for a song for a particular scene so there might be times you will need to change your lyrics or sound to suit the plot.
Best for an artist or composer is to own a recording studio you can use anytime because a finished song might have a limited opportunity and you might need to create a new musical work to meet up with this offer before the deadline for submission.
In fact, the best way is to first know what the music director is looking for and you now create your musical work to meet the goal.
Music licensing companies like Taxi, Music Gateway, Broadjam, Bandit A&R, Music Xray, and so on can be helpful for starters.
A DJ might license your song to remix it for sale, a music director might license it to use it as a soundtrack for a movie and an artist might license it to do the cover.
There are so many ways to derive income from music licensing. You make good money at a glance, unlike digital streaming.
Music licensing is a new source of income whereby an artist can license the use of his or her copyrighted music for a fee.
The fee depends on whether the purchaser of the music license will use the musical work for a non-commercial purpose or commercial purpose.
The fee for using a song for a commercial purpose is higher than a non-commercial purpose.
A purchaser of your music license has limited rights to use your musical work for commercial or non-commercial purposes depending on the license.
Music licensing is a serious business that is more profitable than streaming if an artist is fortunate enough to find a reliable Music Licensing Company or Publisher.
With licensing your music; you will come across granting of right in two categories: exclusive and non-exclusive.
Granting an exclusive right to a publisher means you cannot give the musical work to another publisher i.e. that publisher is the only one in charge of pitching the song.
Granting a non-exclusive right means you are still free to give the same musical work to another publisher.
But what you will get in monetary return in the granting of a non-exclusive right is very less compared to when you grant an exclusive right to a reputable publisher.
Working with a publisher or a music licensing company can be trickery so you need to research well. Avoid a long term contract if you are not sure of the publisher or licensing company.
Based on personal experience; I have few publishers that pay whereas there are many that I did not hear from them since submitting and granting the right. So be very careful about the publisher you want to grant the right to.
There are a lot of factors to consider as it seems profitable to make money via music licensing. You need to have a PayPal account in case your publisher is not in the same territory.
The quality of your sound must be excellent because the publisher might place your song in a Film or TV Show; therefore, there must not be an issue with production.
Ensure you tag your songs and you can use the service of tag providers like TagTeam Analysis.
Tagging your music for music licensing is not the same as Meta Tagging. Here you need to state the title, description, tempo, genre, subgenre, moods, styles, cue type, featured instruments, vocals (male or female), and sounds-like.
Be original in creating your musical works and avoid the use of samples.
Find out if the music publishers or licensing companies take songs already registered with a PRO because few of them do not take songs registered with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) like ASCAP, BMI, and so on.
Ensure your song relates to the offer to reduce the rate of rejection. Read the requirement and know what the music director needs.
Focus on the offers similar to your musical works.
Do not pitch garbage and be sure you have something great to offer. Low quality or poorly recorded songs will not work for the music licensing even if the publisher approved.
Music licensing companies like Songtradr, Amurco, and Audiosparx offer digital distribution with music licensing.
Explore the music licensing companies to know the one that works for you.
An artist must ensure to copyright his or her musical works before engaging in music licensing.
In a layman’s view, let us assumed a buyer purchased your music license for a commercial purpose. The buyer can release your song for a commercial purpose and sell it online.
In this kind of situation, you will still get paid because there are other hidden royalties that your PRO will pay you as the songwriter, so you are not losing everything by granting someone to use or sell your song via music licensing. The buyer of your music license might even promote the song and make you more popular than you think.
Let us cite Dolly Parton’s song entitled ‘I Will Always Love You’ as Late Whitney Houston made the song more popular. It is just like a songwriter pitching songs out.
Income from music licensing can supersede the royalty you are getting from digital streaming if you are lucky.
Avoid working with a publisher with no record of success and do not be in a hurry to sign an exclusive contract with a new publisher or music licensing company.
Take note you have a full song and you have the instrumental. Separate the instrumental from the full song when granting right because an instrumental works for Film or TV shows while a full song works for artists seeking songs to record.
As many artists are springing up nowadays and bombarding streaming platforms with new songs daily; music licensing platforms remain the best means for artists to generate extra income.
– Olamide Ayodeji Kolade



Additional Requirement for Music Licensing:
Register your songs with a PRO.
You can only join one PRO so check the links below and go for one.
Register as a songwriter or register for both songwriter and publisher.
After the registration, you will be able to register your songs online with the PRO, you will be assigned CAE/IPI number and your songs will have a work number and ISWC number.
Join BMI


You must have an IPI Number assigned to you by your PRO.


Obtain an ISWC Number for your songs. ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a particular, permanent, and universally accepted ISO reference number for the identification of musical works. Note that ISRC is not the same as ISWC. You can get an ISWC via ISWC International Agency


ISWCs are generally assigned to musical compositions by music publishers and PRO societies.
ASCAP is the official ISWC issuance agency, but even if you are not a member of ASCAP you can get an ISWC.
You need to provide the details of the musical work such as the Song Title, Composers, Authors, and Arrangers with their role and their CAE/IPI number (assigned by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to songwriters and music publishers in the U.S.) to get the ISWC.
BMI has a system also and you only need to check online to find out if BMI has registered your songs fully.
Below are tools to find your ISWC online. The tools are also good for identifying the copyright owners of musical works.


Tag Analysis
You will need the accurate tag analysis of each song like the Description, BPM, Genres, Sub-genres, Similar Sound-like, Featured Instruments, Tempo, Vocals (Female/Male), Cue Type, Styles, Moods…You can consult service providers like



Music Placement Companies



Chapter 2
Music Licensing Companies A
A & G Sync
A&G Songs Ltd
Abet Publishing
Abood Music
Absolute Label Services
Absolute Music Library
Absolute Songs
Accorder Music



Music Libraries and Music Licensing Companies



ACM Records
Addictive Tracks
Adlais Music Publishers
Adonys 5-1
Adrenaline Films
Adrenalin Sounds
Adrocka Music
Aeroplane Music
AGM Publishing



Production Music Companies


Aircraft Music Library
Air Deluxe Music Group
Air Edel
Air Edel UK
AKM Music
Alibi Production Music
Allison Cantor
All-Media Music
All Mobile Video
Alloy Tracks
Alpha Jingles
Altarboy Music
Amathus Music
Amazing Music Tracks
Ambient Music Garden
Amherst Records
AM Music
Amphibious Zoo
anara publishing
Angry Mob Music
Another Victory Music Publishing
Antic Inc.
Aperture Music
Apex Music
APM Music
Apollo Live
Apples and Oranges Music
Aries Music
Arcadia Music
Aristo Media Group
arpix media
Artful Production Music
Artful Library
Arthouse Entertainment
Artist Publishing Group
Artists Addiction
Artists in Motion
Arrington Music
Asche and Spencer
Asian Music Publishing (AMP)
Aspire Music Management
Atlantic Seven
Atlas Music Publishing
Atomica Music Library
Atomic Imaging
Atrium Music
 Audio Addiction Music
Audio Blocks
Audio Cabin
Audio Hero
Audio Jungle
Audio Machine
Audio Micro
Audio Motion Music
Audio Network
Audio Recording Unlimited



Chapter 3
Music Licensing Companies B
B & H Gold Production
Back 2 Da Future
Bank Robber Music
Bandit Music
Bandwagon Productions
Barbera Music
Barefoot Music
Basement Licensing
Bates Meyer Inc.
Baylight Publishing
bdi Music
Beach Street Music
Beatnik Music
Beat Suite
Bed Tracks
Beggars Music
Belinda Yates & Associates
Be My Sound
Bell Sound Studios
Benstar Creative Music Agency.
Berning Marketing
Best Built Songs
Beta-Petrol Productions
Big Deal Music Group
Big House Publishing
Big Iron Music
Big Loud Publishing
Big Science Music
Big Score Music
Big Sounds International
Big Sync Music
Big World Publishing
Big Yellow Dog Music
Black Rose Music
Black Toast Music
Blazed Out Music
Bleach Productions
Blindfold Sound
Blow Up Songs Limited
Blue Mountain Music
Blue Water Music
Boah Sounds
Bobs Music Cafe
BOK Music
Boom Music
Boosey & Hawkes
Boost Music
Bosshouse Music
Bosworth Music
Bourne Music
Brand X Music
Brash Tracks
BrassHeart Music
Brian Banks Music
Brightman Music
Brightmind Music
Brilliant Music
Bruce Rabinowitz
Buckhorn Music
Bucks Music Group
Bug Music
Bunim Murray Productions
Buzzart  Enterprises Inc.
BZ/Rights & Permissions, Inc.



Chapter 4
Music Licensing Companies C
Cadium Music
Capital CMG Publishing
Capitol Christian Music Group
Capitol Studios
Capp Records
Caritas Music Publishing
Carlin America
Carlin Music
Carthay Set Services
Casablanca Media Publishing
Cavendish Music
CB Entertainment
Cd Underscore
Celestial Harmonies
Charles Laurence Productions
Chedd Angier
Cherry Heart
Chicago Music Library
Chloe Raynes
Chop House Music
Chop Shop Music Supervision
Christmas Songs
Chris Worth Productions
Cinecall Productions
Cinematic Tunes
Cineric Inc.
Cine Works
Clear Songs
Clear Wave Music
Cleopatra Records
Clip Centric
Clip Dealer
Cloud 19
Coda Music Services
Coda Music Placement
Combustible Music
Combustion Music
Comma Music
Compact Media
Compass Records
Complete Music Limited
Comtel Inc
Concord Music Publishing
Coney Island Music
Cool Music Ltd
Copeland International Arts
Copenhagen Film Music
Copperfield Music
CopyCat Music Licensing, LLC
Copyright Music & Visuals
Could B
Countdown Entertainment
Countdown Media
Country Music Hall of Fame
Creative and Dreams Music Network
Creative Clearance
Creative Control Entertainment
Creative License
Creative Music Agency
Creightons Collection
Cricket Hill Music
Crowe Entertainment
Crucial Music
Crushing Music
CSS Music
Cue Hits
Cue Songs
Cue The Music
Curb Word
Cutting Edge Group



Chapter 5
Music Licensing Companies D
d2 Music
DaBet Music
Damian Valentine Music
Dancing Mice Productions
Dauman Music
Daven Port Music
David Grubin Productions
D.A.W.N. Music
DDP Music
Deaf Dog Music
Dearth Music Licensing
Deep East Music
Deep Emotions
Defend Music
Del Oro Music & Filmworks
Delta Haze
Deqoy Music
Delicious Digital
Deloro Music
Demon Music Group
Denise Rich Songs
Dennis Morgan
Dennis Music
deRoche Music
Desert C.A.M. Studios
de Walden Music International
De Wolfe Music
De Wolfe Music UK
Diego Fontecilla
Digital Juice
Digital Mix
Directional Music
 Disk Eyes
discovering arts music group
Disney Music Publishing
Diverse Music Solutions
Diving Bellco
Division of Sound
DL Music
DMG Clearances
DM Music Group
Domino Publishing
Dondi Bastone
Don Williams Music Group
Downtown Music Publishing
Drama King
Dreamworks Animation



Chapter 6
Music Licensing Companies E
Editors Choice Music
Ed Wood Music
Elias Arts
Elias Music Library
Eman Enterprises
EMI Music Publishing
Emoto Music
Epic Music-la
Epic Sound
Epidemic Sound
Epitome Music
Espy Music Group
Evolution Media
Evolution Media Music
Evolution Music Partners
Evolution Promotion
Experience Music Group
Express In Music
Extreme Music



Chapter 7
Music Licensing Companies F
Faber Music
Fable Music
Faded Media
Fame Music
Farias Productions
Fat Sound Music
Faulconer Productions Music
Favored Nations
Feature Sounds
Feldman Agency
Felt Music
Ferralli Studios
Film and TV Music Library
Film Music Agent
Film Music Network
Film Profit
Final Cue
Fine Gold Music
Fine Tune Music
Fire Mix
First Access Entertainment
Five Missions More
Flavorlab Score
Flipper Music
Forman Bros
Format Entertainment
Fox Music
Frameworks Music
Fran Amitin Publishing Administration
Freeman Pictures
Freeplay Music
Fresh Music
Friday Entertainment
Friday Records
Fuerte Suerte Music Publishing
Fundamental Music
Fusion Music Supervision
Future Proof Records
FPM Music



Chapter 8
Music Licensing Companies G
Galan Entertainment
Gas Can Music
Gateway Entertainment
Gerard Talbot Licensing
Getty Images (Pump Audio)
Global Graffiti
GMP Music
Go Big Entertainment
Good Good Songs
Goodnight Kiss
Good Soldier Songs
Gorfaine/Schwartz Agency
Grayson Matthews
Greenfield Music
Green Mountain Post Films
Greenspan Kohan
Groove Addicts
Groove Garden
GSA Music
GS and F
Guitar Solo Publications



Chapter 9
Music Licensing Companies H
Hacate Entertainment Group
Half Note Music
Hal Leonard Corp.
Handsome Brothers
Harken Productions
Harlan Howard Songs, Inc
Harmonies Licensing
Harris and Wolff
Harry Warren Music
Have A Sync
HD Music Now
Heart Bluff Music
Herzog & Company
Holiday Advertising
HoriPro Entertainment
head-sync music
Hear No Evil
Hear It – Clear It Music Supervision
Hearts Bluff Music
HearYou Global Publishing
Heavy Hitters Music
Hella Good Records
Hello Music
Hollywood Production
Home Studio Music
Hookline and Sync
Hot House Music
Hidden Track Music
High Impact Stock Music
Hip Son Music
Hitlist Music
Hollywood Edge
Hook Line and Sync
HoriPro Entertainment
Hot House Music
Humming Bird Productions
Hype Music



Chapter 10
Music Licensing Companies I
icing music
ib audio
Iceberg Music Group
idm Music
Imagem Music
Imagem Music US
Imagine Music
IMC Entertainment Group
Immediate Music
Inaudible Productions
Independent Music Group
Indie Tracks Library
Indigi Music
INgrooves UK           
Inspired Production Music
Instant Music Now
Instinct Entertainment
In The Groove Music
Integrity Publishing
International Music Company
Invisible Girl Music
Iron Mike Entertainment
Ispy Music
Italian Way Music



Chapter 11
Music Licensing Companies J
Jack Attack Tracks
Jacobs Ladder Music
Jade Tree Label
Jazz Lead Sheets
JDK Music
Jeff Walton
Jeff Wayne Music
j.e.l. Music Group
Jingle Punks
JoAnn Kane Music Service
Jody Aaron
Joel Diamond
JSM Music
JSP Broadcast Inc.
JW Media
JW Pepper



Chapter 12
Music Licensing Companies K
Kaboom Productions
Karma Songs
Killer Tracks Production Music
King Tracks
Kobalt Music Group
Kobalt Music Publishing
KP Synclab
Kirsch Electric
Kwik Sounds



Chapter 13
Music Licensing Companies L
Lab Hits
LakeHouse Sound
Lake Transfer Productions
Lansdowne, Winston, Bloor & Hoffman House
Larson Studios
Last Gang Records
Latin Music Specialists
LCM Publishing
Leap Music
Learned Media
Ledbetter Entertainment
Lee Miller
Lemon Cake
Leopard Music
Level Two
Levy Production Group
Liberty Licensing
Liberty Music Trax
License Music
License Music Now
Ligar Music Library
Lindemark Music Collection
Lip Sync Music
Liquid Cinema
Lisn Music
Little Brother Music
Long Lunch Music
LoveCat Music
Lovely Music
Lowery Music Publishing
Luck Stock
Lumina Films
LWBH Music Publishers
Lynn Fainchtein
Lyric House Publishing



Chapter 14
Music Licensing Companies M
Machiavelli Music
Machine Head
Made Up Music
Magna Carta Records
Mainstream Source
Major Bob Music
Makin’ Music
Makin’ Trax Production
Malaco Music Group
Manhattan Production Music
Mango Reel
Marmoset Music
Martune Music
Matchless Music Licensing Library
Match Maker Music
Maven Music Supervision
McClure & Trowbridge
Media Music Now
MediaTracks Production Music
Melody Loops
Melody Pods
Memory Land Music Group
Merge Creative Media
Metisse Music
MHM Music
Mibe Music
Michael Jay Music
Michael Welsh Productions
Mighty Generation Music
Milk Music
Million Ducks Music
Minds on Fire
Miracle Worx Music Publishing
Mirror Mirror Music
Missing Link Music
Mission Entertainment Group
Mixtape Music
Mob Scene
Monstrous Movie Music
MoonLab Music
Moraine Music Group
Morris and Young
Motion Sound Production
Mountain Apple Company
Moxie Pictures
MPL Music Publishing
MRI (Music Reports Inc)
Muchas Music
MultiMedia Music
Munchkin Studios
Music 2 Hues
Music & Media International
Music Candy
Música De Libre De Derechos
Music Asset Management
Music Clearance
Music Cult
Music Dealers
Music For Productions
Music For Sport
Music For Videos
Music Gorilla
Music Junkies
Music Licensing of Hollywood
Music Loops
Music Media Tracks France
MusicMind Tracks 
Music of the Sea
Music On Camera
Music Orange
Music Reports
Music Revolution
Music Sales Creative
Music Supervisor
Music Supervisor Guide
Music Supervisor – Weget
Music Vine
Music Without Borders
Music Xray
Musik Pitch
Musik Vergnuegen
mute song



Chapter 15
Music Licensing Companies N
Nash Entertainment
Nashville Song Pitcher
National Music Publishers’ Association
Native Publishing
Natural Energy Lab
Naxos Licensing
Needle Drop Audio
Neophonic Music & Media
NEO Sounds
Nettwerk Music Group
New Horizons Film & Video
New Jerusalem Music
New Pants Publishing Inc.
New York Office
Next Decade Entertainment, Inc.
Nightingale Music
Ninja Tracks
Noisivision Studios
NOMA Music
Northern Light Productions
North Music Agency
North Music Group
North Sea Films
North Star Media
NorthStar Music
Northern Light Productions
No Sheet Music
Notable Music
Notting Hill Music
NOW Music



Chapter 16
Music Licensing Companies O
OBT Music
Ocean Butterflies Music
Ocean Park Music Group
Oh Boy Records
Old Pants Publishing Inc.
ole Majorly Indie
Omni Music For Media
One Media
Oook Audio
Optic Noise
Opus 1 Production Music Library
Orb Soundwerx
Orchard Film/TV/Advertising
Organic Music Library
Original Production Music
Outpost Media



Chapter 17
Music Licensing Companies P
PA 74 Music
Pacifica Music
Pacific Title Archives Media
Panama Music
Paramount Pictures
Park Pictures
Partners In Rhyme
Pastelle Music
Pat Appleson Studios
Peace Bisquit
PEN Music Group
Pennebaker Hegedus Films
Perennial Pictures
Perpetual Music Group
Phantom 4 Music
Pick and Mix Music
Picture Start
Pieces of 8 Music
Pink Shark Music
Pixel Magic
Placement Music
Planet of Sound
Platinum Music
Playtunes Music
Plaza Mayor Company
Point Classics
Porchlight Entertainment
Portal Rights Management
Position Music
PostHaste Music
Post Sound Corporation
PP Music
Pedigree Cuts
Premier Tracks
Prescriptive Music
PressPlay Media
PrimalScream Music
Primary Elements
Primary Pictures
Primary Wave Music
Prime Casting
Production Garden Music
Production Music Online
Production Music Library
Production Trax
Propeller Music
Proud Music Library
PRS for Music
Psychotic Reaction Music
Pulse Music
Pump Audio
Pure Sync
Push Audio



Chapter 18
Music Licensing Companies Q
Q-Music Collective
Quest Worldwide Production Music



Chapter 19
Music Licensing Companies R
RAB Rights Management
Radar Music Group
Rage Productions
Ragga Force Music
RAK Music
Raleigh Studios
Razor and Tie
Reach Music Publishing
Real World Music Publishing
Record Play
Redtree Productions, Inc.
Reel Entertainment
Reel Sound Inc.
Reflection Music
Regent Entertainment
Renegade Music Marketing
Reservoir Media
Revolver Records
Rhino Design Studio
Richman Films
Rich Marc
RipTide Music
Ritual Music
ROBA Production Music
Rock Bottom Productions
Rock River Music
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Rogers & Hammerstein
Rogo Music
Round Hill Music



Music Supervision Companies


Royalty Free Music Cat
Royalty Network, Inc
Rumblefish – About
Rymatica Entertainment



Chapter 20
Music Licensing Companies S
S2k Music Limited
Sandra Marsh & Associates
Santa Clarita Studios
Saturn Films
SBA Music
SBI Global
Score a Score
Score Revolution
Searchlight Films
Search Party
Second Floor Music
Secretly Publishing
Sentric Music
Sessing Music Services
Shapiro Bernstein
Shelly Bay
Sidekick Music Library
Signature Music
Signature Sound
Signature Tracks
Silent Bay
Simply Grand Music Inc
Si Music
Sky Bound Entertainment
S.L. Feldman & Associates
Slnb Music



Indie Music Licensing Companies



Smart Media Music
Smash Trax
Soho Production Music
Song and Film
Songs For The Planet
Song Freedom
Songs for the Planet,Inc
Songs Publishing
Songwriter Connect


Music Placement Opportunities


Songwriter Link
Songrunner Entertainment
Songs To Your Eyes
Song Street Records
Sonic Librarian
Sonic Quiver
Sonoton Production Music Library
Sony Music Licensing
Sound Dogs
SoundFile Music
Sound Ideas
Sound Lounge
Sound Rangers
Sounds Online
Soundtrack Music Associates
Soundtrax Music Services Inc.
Sound Traxx Music Library
Source Q
Sources Location



Stock Music Companies



Spectral Motion Productions
Spider Cues
Spirit Music Collective
Spirit Music Group
Spirit Production Music
SPM Music Group
Square Peach Music
Squirky Music
Stage 3 Music
Standard Music Library


Film TV Music Licensing Opportunities



Stef  Angel Music
Stock 20
Stock Music
Stock Music.Com
Stock Music at Foto Search
Stock Music Production Library
Strictly Confidential
Strike Up The Brand
Studio 51 Music
Studio G
Suena Box
Supersonic Media
Super Sonic Noise
Square One Productions
Supermusic Services
Sweet & Doggett
Symbiotic Music Publishing
Syncalicious Music
Sync Audio
Sync Daddy
Synch Express
SyncFree Music
Sync Geek
Synch Tank
Sync Music
Synchro Music
Symbiotic Music Publishing



Chapter 21
Music Licensing Companies T
Tele Music
Tele Pictures Music
Ten Ten Music Group



Sync Licensing Libraries


Ten Thousand Hours Music
Terror Bird
The Cellar Music
The Decibel Collective
The Diner Music
The Feldman Agency
The Funky Junkies



Hip Hop Music Licensing Companies



The Hollywood Edge
The Illusion Factory
The License Lab
The Magic Lantern
The Music Bakery
The Music Bridge
The Music Case
The Music Jar
The Music Library
The Music Room
The Music Sales Group
The Perfect Music Library
The Rights Workshop
The Swimming Pool Music
The Sync Agency
The Synch Report
Third Side Music
Tigerkat Publishing Inc.
TLS Music Service
TM Studios
Tomato Shark
Ton 4 Music
Tool of North America
Total Media Tracks
Track Licensing
Transition Music
TRF Production Music Libraries
Triple Scoop Music    
True Talent Management
Tsunami Music
Tumi Music
Tuna Music
Tune Dogs 
Tune Society
Twisted Jukebox
Twisted Tracks



Chapter 22
Music Licensing Companies U
UBM Media
UE3 Promotions
UK Warner/Chappell
Unable Records
Unbelievable Music
Unencumbered Productions
Union Square Music


Best Music Licensing Companies


United Entertainment and Media Limited
United Talent Agency



Production Music Library Companies


Universal Music Group
Universal Music Nashville
Universal Music Publishing
Universal Production Music
Up 2 U Music
Urban Authentic
Urband & Lazar Music Publishing



Chapter 23
Music Licensing Companies V
Valentine Music
Vanacore Music
Vapor Music
Vault 768 Production Music Library
Velvet Ears
Velvet Green Music
Vibey Library
Video Blocks
Visions From the Roof



Chapter 24
Music Licensing Companies W
Waterworks Entertainment
Warner Bros
Warner Bros. Sound
Warner Chappell
Warner/Chappell Production Music
We Make Music
Westar Music


Music Sync Licensing Companies



West Star Entertainment Group
Westbury Music
West One Music
Westwood Entertainment Group
Whirled Music
Whisper Audio
Whitehouse Post
White Noize Audio


Music License Companies


Wild Eyes Productions
Wild Flowers Music
Wild Whirled
Willow Songs
Winethirthy Music Publishing
Wipe Out Music
Wixen Music Publishing Inc.
WJOY Music Search & Licensing


Production Music Licensing


Wolfgang Lackner Music
Woodwyn Lane Music
Wonderlous Music
Word Music Publishing
Words West
Worlds Away Productions
World Song Network
Worldwide Motion Pictures Corporation
Wrensong Entertainment




Music Licensing Firms



Chapter 25
Music Licensing Companies X




Sync Licensing Companies



Chapter 26
Music Licensing Companies Y
Yell Music
Yelton Rhodes Music
Yooka Music



Music Licensing Company



Chapter 27
Music Licensing Companies Z
Zero Fee Music
Zig Zag
Zoophoria Music
Zudo Music
ZYNC Music



Music Licensing Opportunities



Chapter 28
Music Licensing Companies 1-9
1Revolution Music



Music Licensing Companies for Businesses



22D Music Group
23rd Precinct Music
3 Ring Circus Music
300 Monks
35 Sound



Music Licensing Agency



37 Adventures
4 Elements Music
411 Music Group
44 Blue Productions
5 Alarm Music
7 Out-Music
740 Sound



Written By Kolade Olamide Ayodeji
Broadtube Music Network
ISBN: 9781799024941



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