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CAii – Fuel

CAii – Fuel
CAii – Fuel
CAii – Fuel



GENRE: Electronic Alt-Pop



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CAii is an exciting singer-songwriter and producer from Manchester, who fuses pop with dark production taking influence from Banks, Billie Eilish, Tula, and Fleetwood Mac.
She has been writing and performing for a number of years, using music as therapy and an emotional outlet.  She recently branched out into production to curate her own unique sound.
Her debut single, a self-produced cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, premiered on the Loku YouTube channel, amassing over 14k views.  Her emotional second single Temporary High, garnered support from Drunken Coconut, Come Here Floyd, and Mystic Sons.
CAii released her EP ‘tease.’ in May 2019, addressing themes such as lust, pride, fear, and manipulation.  The EP and singles ‘The Carousel’ and ‘Slowly’ were supported by several blogs including LA on Lock, Unheard Gems, and Sora Music.  Tease is the first of four EPs to be released in 2019, chronicling the rise and fall of a deeply unhealthy couple, with the next chapter ‘Tangle.’ due for release in summer.
Having played Sundown Festival, Dot to Dot, and Indie Week and gigged in Manchester, Liverpool, and London, CAii is a captivating performer who is always fully immersed in her music, making it easy for the audience to connect with her.  She was a semi-finalist in the HOAX Live competition in 2019.



Discuss your singing ability.
I’ve been singing my whole life as I was obsessed with pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Whitney Houston when I was a little girl.  I’d say I have a pretty powerful voice and I think the way I use it definitely comes from some of my earliest references!


Tell us the reason you want to sing.
I sing because I write songs.  Songwriting has always been my main passion as it helps me express my emotions in a healthy way.  I sing so I can share my songs with other people and hopefully influence some people along the way.


Tell us your most memorable live performance.
Performing at Gorilla as one of the semi-finalists of the HOAX Live Sessions was a very memorable gig as I’d always wanted to perform at Gorilla!  The venue was amazing and the crowd was really engaged too.  It felt good to be sharing the stage with such an amazing line-up and to get to share my music with so many new people.


Discuss how you build your song.
I tend to start with a vocal idea and some lyrics and I record little clips of me singing into my phone.  I then sit down at the piano and work some of the chords and flesh out the song, before getting onto my laptop and starting to write the beat.
I spend quite a lot of time on each song and make tons of changes along the way, so none of them turn out quite as I plan!


Tell us how you impress your fans with your music.
I think my fans like my music as the lyrics are very honest and relatable.  I write about my own experiences and I think people can feel that the songs are very personal and sometimes painful for me.  I think people like to listen to something real.


Discuss the relevance of promotion to the music business.
Promotion is obviously super important in the music business and it is easier now than ever to do it yourself with social media.  Social media allows you to directly interact with your fans and build a community.  I think the best way of promoting yourself is to show people who you are and hope they gravitate towards that.


Tell us what you will do apart from music.
I spend most of my time producing music so I don’t have that much time for anything else!  I do play golf and tennis and like to paint sometimes too.  Most of my free time is spent with my friends at music events in Manchester and in bars and clubs as I love to dance!


List the names of the instruments you can play.
I can play the piano and saxophone and produce music on Ableton.


Tell us if you have any music background. 
I have studied for the past couple of years at Music College to learn how to produce music.  I feel like in this time I’ve grown so much as an artist.


Tell us the piece of advice you will give to a new artist on entering the music chart.
Spend as long as you can; trying to work out your own sound and perfecting it.  Don’t be too influenced by what is cool, make the music you truly feel.


Elaborate on melody and rhythm.
I think the melody is the most important part of a song as it’s usually what hooks the listener in.  If you have a catchy hook, people will get the song stuck in their heads making it memorable and fun to listen to.
Rhythm is becoming more and more important these days with electronic music being so popular.  People want to dance and a good beat is important for that!


State your future goals.
This year I’m aiming to release another two EPs and do a mini UK tour.  I’d love to be able to do a European Tour at some point and get to travel the world with my music!  My ultimate dream would be to play the Manchester Arena, but it is very large so we’ll see what happens!


Share your music experience with us.
So far it’s been a very long and confusing journey!  I started off writing with producers and making really commercial pop music and then decided to go darker and then from there to produce for myself.  I’m still finding myself as an artist and I know the best material is yet to come!


Tell us the most difficult part of the recording.
I think recording vocals and picking the best takes is the hardest part.  I’ve had like 300 vocals takes to listen to before from one song as I build a lot of harmonies.  It takes so long to sort through them and it’s so boring, but a great vocal can make or break your song.


Discuss the greatest mistake you have ever made in your music career.
I think I’ve just listened to the wrong people too many times and been a little bit too trusting.  I’ve spent money on things I shouldn’t have on the advice of the wrong people.


Tell us how you build up your composition.
I tend to start with chords on a piano sound in Ableton and map out the different sections.  Then I make my bass sound and pick my drum samples and make the beat.  I record a rough vocal and then I start to build in my synths and other layers.  Finally, when the track is complete I record my final vocals.


Discuss the relevance of the lyrics to the listeners.
I think the relevance of lyrics depends on who your listener is.  Some artists’ fans are obsessed with what each line means, like BANKS, and listen to music to find someone who also understands their pain.  I think those types of fans love to really analyze the lyrics of a track, but others just want something fun to sing and dance to, which is also completely fine!  I fall into the first camp, which is why the lyrics are a huge focus in my music.


Elaborate on the song.
‘Fuel’ is a song about someone who I was involved with who seemed to only feel good about himself when he was putting me down and taking away from my achievements.  I knew that it was coming from a place of insecurity and the need to control me was a reflection of his weaknesses and not mine.
Sometimes relationships can be toxic and can make you so unhappy but because you love and care about someone, you make excuses for their abusive behavior or blame yourself.
Fuel is a track where you start to realize how much you are doing that and start to find your power again.
Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
CAii comes from my middle name, which is Caitlin. The title of the EP is Tangle, which is a reference to being in a relationship and intertwined with someone.  However, as it’s a toxic relationship, there’s that feeling that you are trapped, rather than linked in a healthy way.


Share your press release and review with us.
CAii ‘Fuel’ Out 30th July 2019
‘Her music combines 80s synth-pop melodies with moody, crepuscular production and lyrics of striking emotional acuity – imagine a super-group consisting of Banks, Florence Welch, and London Grammar.’
  • Manchester Evening News


‘Haunting and engaging, you won’t want to pause this song once you start it…’
  • Unheard Gems – Re The Carousel


‘Fuel’ is the first single from the second EP from exciting new alternative pop singer-songwriter and producer CAii.  Her first single, Wicked Game, was featured on the Loku YouTube channel, amassing over 12k views and her debut EP, Tease, received support from Mystic Sons, Unheard Gems, The Drunken Coconut, LA on Lock.



CAii is a singer-songwriter & producer from Manchester, UK, who fuses pop songwriting with darker production, taking influence from artists such as Banks, Billie Eilish, and Fleetwood Mac.  She has been writing and performing for a number of years, using music as a form of therapy and an outlet for her emotions.  She has recently branched out into production in order to curate her own unique sound.
Having gigged in Manchester, Liverpool, and London along with playing Sundown Festival, Indie Week, and Dot to Dot Festival, CAii is a captivating performer who is always fully immersed in her music.  Her honest lyrics and powerful voice make it easy for the audience to connect with her songs on an emotional level.  She is a semi-finalist in the Hoax Live competition, where the winner plays a support slot for Ed Sheeran at his gig in Suffolk.
‘Fuel’ is written from the point of view of someone in a relationship with a deeply insecure partner who takes out all their flaws on them.
It is the first single taken from her second EP, Tangle, which focuses on problems in an emotionally abusive relationship that looks healthy to an outsider, but has hidden darkness.
‘Fuel is about a relationship with a manipulative narcissist who can only feel powerful when they are making you feel small.’
  • CAii




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