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Campos – Party in my Room

Campos – Party in my Room

Campos – Party in my Room
Campos – Party in my Room



SONG TITLE: Party in My Room
RELEASE DATE: 07/19/2019
GENRE: Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggaeton



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CAMPOS, born Sam Campos, resides in Brooklyn, New York where his music career began at the age of 13.
Like any Brooklyn resident, his influences in music, especially hip hop were far and wide. However, being Hispanic his understanding of music and delivery of style is different than most. Surprisingly, his vocal talent provides an equal match to his ability to spit bars.
Campos is one of the very few hip-hop artists that can sing, no auto-tune, with precision.
Campos applies a tough regime of structure and work ethic to his music, his military background provided his template for hard work and it shows.
The CAMPOS EP starts off with the epic R&B breakdown “Party in My Room” while sexual in nature it almost passes off as Campos welcoming his audience closer to his music.
Two words set off the song’s true message, intimate and chill, “you’re invited, I just wanted time with you…” welcome to Campos world of music.
Following his dramatic and emotional introduction, he comes back with the meaningful love-centered ballad “Hot Girl” which pays tribute to every woman in his life who’s supported his talent as his Hot Girl, an homage to respect.
But don’t pass Campos off as a ‘softy’ just yet, he hits back hard with tracks “Where’s the Pain, Where’s the Drama,”  “Head Start” and “Reason”. To put it simply, CAMPOS MUSIC is a lyrical force to be reckoned with.



Discuss your composition and melody.
I go through several beats online and when I find one I really like, I will purchase it. The ritual is to put on my headphones and walk through the streets of Brooklyn and let the city energy inspire me.


State the name of your producer and elaborate on the song.
Beat Demons was the producer of the beat. I fell in love with the spirit of the beat and the melody came to me instantly intending to have people feel the rhythm and want to move to listen to it.


Discuss the lyrics of the song.
The lyrics are explicit but in essence, describe the euphoric escape from life when we’re with the person we love. How it takes us away from where we are and puts us on an island away from life troubles.


Elaborate on your music career.
My music career just started in February 2019 so it is exciting to see it grow, but I’ve been writing music; rapping, and singing since I was 13 years old.


Brief us on how you are reaching fans with your music.
I’m reaching a growing fan base through shows locally in New York and New Jersey. Soon I will be going on tour. I post consistently on Instagram: Camposmusic.Nyc…


Discuss your motive behind making music.
My motive is to become an icon; I make music because I love the creative process. I want to be recognized as one of the greatest in this new Rap/Hip-Hop era. My goal is to rise to the top tier of the game!


Discuss your songwriting.
My songwriting is usually in three phases. The first is feeling the beat out and getting the foundation of the track. The second is to revise and refine. The third is to write it out in the studio or close to a recording session to get the organic energy of the words.


Elaborate on your work and achievement so far in your music career.
I’m really proud to say I finished my first EP in July 2019 but because I just started my music career, all my greatest achievements are ahead of me. I’m going to ensure I meet each one of my goals.


Tell us your opinion on using a rhymes dictionary or writing software to develop lyrics.
I don’t use rhyme dictionaries nor do I use writing software, but if it helps others that’s cool. I like to go off of feel and intuition.


Discuss the music industry.
The music industry is like any other business; it has the opportunity, reward, and success if you have the talent. There is a formula for success a lot of it involves networking, resources, and exposure. Above all is hard work.


Elaborate on how you prepare yourself for a recording session.
I fast the day before with little to no food. I exercise with high intensity to get the oxygen in my body. I drink tea and rehearse the song…


Brief us on your preference in terms of tempo as in up-tempo, mid-tempo, or slow tempo.
Part of my music’s charm is that it doesn’t have a preference for tempo or style. I prefer to listen to a beat and find alignment with it. I let it come to me rather than go to it.


Discuss your shows or live performance.
My shows are very intimate. It’s usually about 100 – 400 people as of now and feeling the energy of the crowd is such an experience for me. I always bring high energy to every performance.


Share the feedback you are getting from fans.
After just a few days of releasing My EP on Spotify, Apple Music, google play music, Tidal, and Amazon, I have received nothing but positive feedback – People messaging directly to tell me to please put out more music. It’s the vibes!


Send a message across to your fans and supporters.
Find something that inspires you. Love your life so deeply that the energy becomes contagious to the people around you. Thank you for supporting my music, I commit to bringing you the very best of my sound for you to enjoy!


Discuss the storyline of the song.
The storyline of the song is someone wanting desperately to escape reality by being intimate with someone he cares deeply for. It’s about rising and falling together. It’s an expression of desire.


Tell us what makes this song unique from others.
The song is unique because it uses a fusion of dance, melody, and Jamaican culture through a Mexican hip-hop/rap artist. It is feel-good vibes everyone can enjoy no matter what background.


Tell us the themes of most of your compositions.
The theme of most of my songs is feeling comfortable with adversity, overcoming personal obstacles, and staying true to your self-expression. I think my music embodies Brooklyn energy on my tracks where I’m rapping.




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