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Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry

Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry

Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry

Carley Varley – Dirty Laundry


ARTIST NAME: Carley Varley


SONG TITLE: Dirty Laundry


RELEASE DATE: 30th April 2021












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Carley Varley is a pop artist based in Dorset United Kingdom. After busking on the streets of her hometown, Carley began to perform at events and inside venues later in 2017.
In 2018, she won the Venus Award for Musical Talent and has gone on to release original music and perform across the South West of England. Writing catchy pop melodies and hooks that get stuck in your head, Carley takes inspiration from artists such as Hayley Williams, Taylor Swift, and Avril Lavigne.
After releasing her first EP in 2019, Carley is now recording her next EP ‘Seasons’, and her single ‘Going Under’ is being released this summer.’



‘I don’t really know
If I’m honest, feeling kinda low
But I promised
I’d be flying higher than I ever had before
You’re heading for the window
I’m running for the door


I think it’s about time we air this dirty laundry
I think it’s about time, don’t you?
When I’m stained you are pained
And that’s what it’s come to
But then why am I still with you?


I don’t really know
If I’m honest, feeling kinda low
But I promised
I’d be flying higher than I ever had before
You’re heading for the window
I’m running for the door


I think it’s about time we air this dirty laundry
It’s been coming for a long time you knew
When you lie I just cry and I can’t do this
You apologize but do you mean it?


I don’t really know
If I’m honest, feeling kinda low
But I promised
I’d be flying higher than I ever had before
You’re heading for the window
I’m running for the door


Running oh I’m running
The skeletons are dancing in the closet
They only do that when you’re dishonest
The skeletons are dancing in the closet
They only do that when you’re dishonest


But what do I know?
To be honest
Feeling kinda low but you promised
You’d be trying harder than you ever had before
You’re heading for the window
I’m already out the door 


Tell us your source of inspiration.
My main source of inspiration comes after listening to my favorite songs or watching a series and then getting the idea for a song. I take inspiration from everything really, I carry a journal with me everywhere in case I get inspired and I often write late at night or I randomly get melodies and hooks in my head. 


Discuss how you develop your music style.
So I use to think I was very generic and I didn’t really have a sound. I was always stressed about what style I wanted to be as I love so many different genres of music. My favorite kind of music is rock and alternative but I never thought I could produce something in that style. I stuck with pop mostly up until now, but my next single is the style that I’ve always wanted and it’s certainly evolved from the kind of music I was releasing. It’s different but in a good way, it is music that I’m proud of, it still has a lot of my past traits, particularly the layout of the song and I love telling stories with my lyrics but I’m so excited to have developed my sound finally after two years. 


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
I think multi-genre music is incredible. I think it is something that should be done more often and in honesty, it is something I’d love to do. A mixture, keep everything different and trial sounds; really experiment. 


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
The best way of reaching fans (for me anyway) is consistency. Keep going, keep posting and keep engaging. People want to get to know YOU as well as your music, so be personal and keep posting/releasing. 


Discuss the process involved in launching a musical career.
My process was a very odd one! I didn’t fully commit to my music career until 2018. For a year I continued to work part-time jobs alongside doing a few gigs. I always felt in my heart that music was something I needed to pursue, there was no other option for me in my head but I kept putting it off.
One day around Christmas time, I quit my part-time job and I said to myself, ‘I’m going for it now, if I fail, I fail.’ I announced that I was officially a full-time musician in 2019 January… the worst time for gigs… and yet I was getting booked up. Week after week, month after month, my diary was full and I could sustain myself. I then had enough saved for an EP, for better quality equipment and after years of grind, I finally felt like I was there. The process was long, hard work, and often frustrating but it was totally worth it. Even amongst all of the COVID-19 shutdowns and cancellations, I knew that my music career would be okay and that I could use my music to help others by hosting live streams and participating in live stream events. 


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
What I tend to do is write down the lyric and then expand it and think ‘how could this become a story?’ After I write a few ideas, the lyrics either take weeks/months or they come straight away. I use to think that if I wrote a song quickly then it was bad; this, however, isn’t true, sometimes a song writes itself as they say. I often take my time and write down as many feelings as I can and try and relate words to the lyric too.


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
I usually just have them come to me when I’m doing everyday things, it sounds odd but I’ll just be washing up and then I’ll hum something and then that’s it, a song! I do have moments where I sit at the piano and try to add to little melodies or try and create melodies but this doesn’t tend to work for me. They come to me naturally. 


Tell us your ideal type of recording studio.
In the middle of nowhere, by a lake, silent and still. Lots of guitars on the walls, pianos everywhere, just completely musical! I’d also want comfy sofas and a cool vocal booth! It is the absolute dream!


Describe the factors you consider in a good song.
A catchy melody, a good beat, and meaningful lyrics! That to me is a perfect song, a song that makes me sway side to side, or headbang are usually my favorites! 


Tell us how you feel after the completion of a song.
I feel so excited to finish songs and then I get really worked up about releasing them! I try my best to enjoy my writing process as when a song is complete I move on to the next song very quickly and so although I’m excited for the song to be complete, I’m also excited for the next one I’ll write.


Tell us what you will change in your music.
I’ll change the topics that I write about soon, I want to focus on more specific storytelling and I also want to write songs more about my own life as I tend to write about others’ experiences or experiences that I see. 


Tell us what is special about this release.
This release is special to me because I recorded the instruments myself during the November lockdown in the UK. It is special because my friend Valentino Delgado mastered the track and really believed in me. This song was a step forward in my songwriting and I’m so glad that I did release it. 


Tell us about your future goals.
My future goals are to always be singing, keep releasing music, and my goal one day is to win a Brit award. I want to sing to a crowd and have them sing my lyrics back to me and know them off by heart, I want my songs to reach and touch people. I have already achieved the goal of pursuing music so anything else is a bonus to me but I’m very goal-driven so I hope to achieve more of my dreams!
Tell us how you overcome obstacles in the music business.
I overcome obstacles by focusing on myself and listening to the close circle around me. My family and friends are so encouraging and my fiancè Matt is my biggest cheerleader. I have overcome nastiness from other musicians, I have overcome sexism in the industry and I’ve overcome knockbacks and setbacks. I overcome this by continuing to grow myself and not listening to people who are horrible or who are trying to make music some sort of competition. I enjoy making music and it’s my passion, I believe I’ve overcome obstacles more easily because of this too. 


Elaborate on the song.
Dirty Laundry is a song about a toxic relationship. I wrote it in the car after watching The Vampire Diaries a few days earlier. I felt inspired to write it as sometimes you can really love someone but it doesn’t mean the person is what’s best for you. I felt passionate about writing this song and I hoped it would help listeners reflect. The song ends with the person leaving after questioning for so long. The song also contains sighs signifying how the person singing this side of the story is fed up. 


Elaborate on your artist’s name and the title of the album.
My artist’s name is my real name – Carley Varley! My Dad thought I was going to be a singer when I was born and sure enough here I am! He said he saw my name in lights one day and so that’s why my stage name is my real name.
It’s a poem/song itself! The song was called Dirty Laundry because people often try to hide the bad parts of their relationships, the only way to fix it is to air things sometimes and talk about things honestly out in the open. Sadly in the song’s instance, that didn’t happen due to shame and secrets and that’s why the song is named this. 


UK Rising Artist, Carley Varley hails from the South Coast of England. Her brand new single ‘Dirty Laundry’ has already caught the attention of multiple bloggers and playlists and secured placements on local radio stations.
With a vocal that holds similarities to the likes of Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift, this laid-back acoustic song is the perfect example of detailed lyrics combined with beautiful production.
Dirty Laundry details a heartbreaking story of a toxic relationship that is constantly being questioned, Carley Varley recorded Dirty Laundry during the lockdown in her bedroom – new to producing, she knuckled down to perfect the instrumentation and vocals.
“Finally, being able to start to create and release music again is definitely a huge weight off my shoulders and I hope the new single helps encourage other artists out there to start creating again,” says Carley Varley. “The pandemic has been difficult for so many artists, but it’s also been a complete learning curve. Producing from my own bedroom was a huge challenge and I’ve worked very hard to achieve the final piece.”
Dirty Laundry is guaranteed to get stuck in your head as the chorus hooks the song straight away. Carley challenged herself during the lockdown to write from a new perspective and decided she wanted to write a simple melody for the song and then the lyrics came shortly after. After being on the Bournemouth music scene for three years, Carley hopes to perform her new song at festivals, pubs, bars, and events this year throughout Dorset. She is currently in the process of producing her next song, Going Under that is due to be released in June.


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