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Cate Downey – Boulder

Cate Downey – Boulder


Cate Downey – Boulder
Cate Downey – Boulder



Artist Name:  Cate Downey
Song Title:  Boulder






Name the artists that have influenced you so far.
Some of the Artists that influence my writing include Maggie Rogers, Queen, Alec Benjamin, The Beatles, Billie Eilish and so many more!
For me, I think it’s important to draw influence from a variety of genres and styles.


Mention the name of the artist you can regard as the “Greatest Of All Time.”
The Beatles for sure. They wrote over two hundred songs that were all about ‘love’ that were all catchy and unique at the same time.
The music from the Beatles is music that has really stood the test of time through several decades and that is something that I will always admire and strive for.


Discuss composition.
I wrote the song “BOULDER” in one day with producer and fellow classmate Alton Sato.
Before going into the session with Alton I was sifting through some song ideas on my phone and found the line, “I heard you went back to Boulder.” I wrote that line after hearing that one of my friends from high school had moved back to our hometown after dropping out of college. It was something that I hadn’t expected to happen and I kept having the thought “is he happy now?” As soon as I wrote it down, I knew it was something that I wanted to write a song about. Once we came up with the intro, I started singing those lines over the loop and wrote the rest of the song shortly after.


Share your press releases and reviews with us.
Turtle Tempo
Global Pop


Elaborate on this song.
I’m currently studying songwriting at a new music production school, the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries in Lillehammer, Norway.
Here we are put into groups every week and are given the task to write, record, produce and submit a song by the end of the week…
My friend and fellow classmate Alton and I made ‘Boulder’ as part of one of these assignments. When we first got the initial idea for the song on Monday of that week, we both fell in love with it, which is a big part of why the song progressed so quickly.
We also had a lot of the same ideas and visions for the song and both wanted it to be more out-of-the-box, so when it came to production it was a pretty easy process!


Rate social media and tell us the platform that works best for you in promoting your music.
Instagram works best for me! You can find me @catedowney or here Instagram


State the areas that need improvement in the music industry.
Right now, we are living in the digital age of music which is both a great new advantage for musicians and a huge crux.
This digital age has made it easier for independent artists like me to be heard which is wonderful.
But it has also lowered the number of income artists and songwriters get for their songs.
I think the industry needs to drastically improve the way that musicians and especially songwriters are paid for their work on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.


Explain how you are getting your songs to stores and getting them to fans.
I have been self-releasing through platforms such as Distrokid and Cd Baby.


Tell us how you prepare yourself for a live performance or show.
I try not to rehearse exactly what I’m going to say during the show.
I have found that leaving a set mostly unscripted allows me to be more genuine in the delivery. I do rehearse the set before the show until I feel that I have it memorized. I want to make sure people are getting to see and hear what they paid for!


Tell us your opinion on frequent releasing of singles or just an album in a while.
As a listener, I prefer singles that lead up to an album instead of a constant string of singles. I am a sucker for the anticipation of an upcoming album.
While we are living in what some may call the “ age of singles “ I still love albums because I think albums allow artists to be more creative and artistic because not every song has to be a “hit” and they allow listeners to digest the music and the artist more than singles do.
I hope to see more album releases by major artists soon!


Mention the name of the artist you will be glad to see the live performance.
I would absolutely love to see Queen in concert. I think that their live performance, especially Freddie Mercury’s stage presence would be something that I would be honored to witness.


Tell us the themes of most of your songs.
I have always tried my best to be open and honest in my songs. Most of the themes in my songs center around love/heartbreak as well as mental health. Because I started off writing in the folk genre, I would say many of my songs have storytelling aspects as well.


Discuss your recording.
The production of the song brings out a lot of its character.
The song was produced by my friend and fellow classmate Alton Sato.
We both went into the session wanting to be experimental in the production and I think you can hear a lot of the experimentation in the final recording.
We were originally inspired by the song “Dirty Af1s” by Alexander 23…


Tell us how boring or exciting the music career can be.
A career in music can be a lot of things but I can tell you for sure that it’s never boring.
I am constantly on my toes both because of both the excitement and the fear of it all.
It can be a nerve-cracking career at times, but it is also the most rewarding.
Being able to do what I love for a living is the most amazing thing and although it’s an untraditional career path I can’t see myself doing anything else. And while yes, this career path is untraditional.


State your artist’s name and elaborate on it.
My artist’s name is “Cate Downey” which is my real name. Because my songs are so personal and minimalistic it would have felt ingenuine to go by another name.
I think using my real name keeps the music open and vulnerable.


State the title of the song and the meaning.
The title of the song is “Boulder” which is the name of a mountain town in Colorado about thirty minutes from where I grew up.
I have always wanted to write a song about Colorado, and I knew that this was the song and the story that I wanted to tell.



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