Jess and the Bandits – Sister

Sister was written one evening in Nashville with the producer of the album, Femke Weidema. Oddly we both went into the session with the same ideas for a song and the sound. I knew I wanted to write a song empowering women but not in the ways I have done it before. After brainstorming, Sister began to take shape. I remember leaving the session feeling like we just wrote something extremely special. I still feel
that way.”

“she owns the most powerful voice this side of Adele” (Daily Mail)

“Like Shania at her trashiest or a whiskey-drunk Kelly Clarkson, these songs have the swagger of bad women and even worse men.” (Gay Times)


“This is a simply stunning album, huge in all senses of the word. Big storytelling, big vocals and big vision.” (Lyric)

“Smoke and Mirrors is an exceptional, varied album that builds on the JATB sound without scaring away old listeners.” (Your Life In A Song)

“Jess’ vocals are sublime.” (Celebmix)

Jess & The Bandits proved with their critically acclaimed debut album, Here We Go Again, that they were a musical force to be reckoned with. Boasting a rock country sound delivered with raw and real grit and an infectious pop punch, the band have enjoyed the loyal support of BBC Radio and TV.

While they last toured the UK at the end of a riotous festival season in 2016, the quintet are finally set to return to the live circuit with Smoke and Mirrors – the long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s #6 Official Country Chart charting Here We Go Again.

With lead vocalist Jess the happiest she has ever been, the writing process for upcoming album Smoke & Mirrors saw her in a very different frame of mind to those for the band’s debut. Having been swept off her feet by her Prince Charming, photographer Chris Peavey, Jess is radiating happiness following her engagement earlier this year.

With her personal and professional life going from strength to strength, Jess impressively battles with the serious hormone condition, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS can lead to weight gain, excessive body hair, acne and reproductive problems as your ovaries become prone to cysts. With the condition often undetected, 1 in 5 women, including Victoria Beckham and Jools Oliver, suffer without the realization that they have the condition. Despite battling PCOS for many years, the feisty songstress has always been a strong believer in loving who you are, which lead to her following in the footsteps of Chaka Khan and Beth Ditto to become the first country star to be brand ambassador for a UK high street fashion store, when she teamed up with Evans.

Jess & The Bandits have a busy summer of festivals ahead, and will also be heading out on a headline tour in September to coincide with the release of Smoke & Mirrors, which boasts the rock country edge of their debut while channeling a raw, real Gospel attitude.

Of Smoke & Mirrors, Jess says; I am so excited about this album. I wanted to make sure that the sound grew and developed, Experimenting a little even. Gospel music is so close to my heart that I knew I needed to bring those elements into this new record. Smoke & Mirrors is a labour of love. A collection of songs that will take the listener on a journey.” 

Having already teased fans with the instant grat. Kings of Summer, the band are excited to reveal the gospel drive of Sister, which is a euphoric rallying call to women all around the world.  Although it still has the rock bite of the band’s earlier releases, Jess explains, “This sound is very different from what many people are used to hearing from JATB. We wanted to go head first into a gospel feel. Something that has been part of country music for years and years but not really a part of U.K. country music. We took the story telling aspect of country music, threw a little pop in there for good measure and then took the listener to church with an incredible gospel choir.”

After overcoming many changes throughout her life, from bullying to illness, Jess continues to the ray of light that her fans got to know and love of Here We Go Again, and don’t worry as you will find out her name still is trouble…

Oliver Sean – First Move


The MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee, whose music RollingStone Magazine called “its like the Eagles have hired Jack Johnson for some lessons on lightening up” has surprised fans with his stripped down acoustic rock set up and sound across his gigs worldwide. In October last year Vh1 released Oliver Sean’s brand new single & music video ‘New York’ (the preview single from ‘Devil in Blue Jeans) as an exclusive on Vh1 International. The music video went on to be named as a ‘Breaking Video’ and given the ‘Omegrown’ platform on India’s top music channel 9XO. Portugal’s national channel RTP also placed the New York video on steady rotation across their network in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the USA. Oliver’s latest track ‘First Move’ (the second single from his upcoming album ‘Devil in Blue Jeans) is currently making the rounds on radio worldwide. Oliver Sean and his Band have also completed two major headline tours in 2017 – The 9th Annual WOA Music Festival India and the Heartland Tour USA. Oliver Sean has just launched his much anticipated 4th studio album ‘Devil in Blue Jeans’ on 31st August 2017. The music video for the single ‘First Move’ from the album is scheduled for exclusive broadcast on Vh1 Mid September.

MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee (Best Worldwide Act) & Vh1 Top 10 artist Oliver Sean’s music can best be described as ‘Feel Good Acoustic Rock with Soul’. The Singer/Songwriter thrived in the Goa, Dubai and the UK cultures as they acted as the backdrop to his youth, and the inspiration for his music.

His discography with W.O.A. Entertainment began in 1999 with his single ‘There She Is Again’. Oliver Sean’s media clippings have formed a career of their own.

Since his career was launched in his teens, Oliver’s press clippings exceed several hundred features, snippets, and reviews in significant print and broadcast mediums. His brand of music is known for its pop influence with contemporary undertones. His debut album was nominated for ‘International Album of the Year’ by AVMax in 2003/04 along with albums by John Mayer, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Third Eye Blind.

Oliver Sean’s eclectic global music style is the trademark for his brand, and is as exotic as his Portuguese Goan Lineage. A self-taught musician, Oliver plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. However, it is his distinctive percussive guitar and powerfully seductive voice, which is his footprint on the music industry. His track record of being a hit songwriter is just one of his many assets defining him as a pillar in the music community. Oliver Sean is a member of the Recording Academy and a Voting Member for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

As a Record Producer and Filmmaker Oliver Sean has composed music for the French Government (Massif Region Tourism Campaign) & Goa Government (Republic Day Parade). He has also composed the soundtrack as a music director for a Bollywood Feature Film and the title track for a Regional Goan Feature Film. The singer songwriter is actively producing music for films and artists around the world and is a successful filmmaker with several music videos that he has Directed and Produced, regularly featured on Vh1 & MTV and also hosts his own nationally distributed radio show The WOAFM99 Radio Show.

Oliver Sean and his International Band are actively touring and performing worldwide and the Singer Songwriter is scheduled to launch his 4th studio album called ‘Devil in Blue Jeans’ on August 31st 2017. ​

Discography: ​ There She Is Again (Single) -1999

I Like It (LP) -2003

Libran Mind (Background Score) – 2006

Darna Chod Do (LP) -2007

Christmas Time (Single) -2008

Goa Chillout Zone, Vol.1 (I Like It / Compilation)- 2009

So Good (Single) -2010

So Good – The Album (LP) -2011

Cutting Chai (Feature Film Soundtrack & Score) – 2012

All I Remember (Single) – 2012

(are we) Doing That (Single) – 2013

Please Come Home for Christmas (Single) – 2013

Independent No.1’s Vol.4(All I Remember/Compilation) – 2014

The Bootleg Recordings, Vol.1 (Live EP)- 2015

Goa Chillout Zone Vol.6 (are we Doing That/Compilation) – 2015

New York (Single) – 2016

Unplugged Christmas (EP) – 2016

Devvachem Panning (Feature Film Title Track) – 2017

First Move (Single) – 2017 ​

Devil in Blue Jeans (Album) – 2017

Awards: ​

1. MTV Europe Music Awards Nominee 2012

2. AVMax International Album of the Year Nominee 2003

3. MTV Super Select – I Like It, 2004

4. MTV Most Wanted – I Like It, 2004

5. B4U International TV Special – Live TV Concert, 2006

6. Headiner at International Film Festival of India (IFFI) – 2006

7. MTV Exclusive – Darna Chod Do, Music Video, 2008

8. Zee TV Special TV Feature – Darna Chod Do, 2008

9. Big Goemkar (Goan of Year) – Big FM, 2009

10. Vh1 Top 10 (No.10) – Movies, Music Video 2011

11. No.1 on N1M Americana Charts (Worldwide) – Single ‘All I Remember’ 2015

12. National Mobile/Cell Download Charts No.1 – All I Remember Single 2013

13. Reverbnation No.1 (World Music Genre), 2014

14. Reverbnation No.1 across UK (Americana Genre), 2015

15. Grammy Nomination Considerations 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th & 58th Grammy Awards. 14. Vh1 Specials Documentary – 2012

16. No.1 on N1M Soft Rock Charts (Worldwide) – Single ‘Movies’ 2015

17. No.1 on N1M Americana Charts (Worldwide) – Single ‘All I Remember’ 2015

18. Breaking Music Video on 9XO – New York Single 2016

19. Featured on BBC Radio’s Introducing Platform – Walk up & Kiss you 2017



J.Juice – DLAM (Dance Like A Millionaire)

A business man with a hot new song inspiring women to dance across the country? It might not seem possible, but it is happening now! This is the story of a rapper with motivation, and with the ability to use positive energy to manifest his wishes and desires in life.
Meet J.Juice, a rapper from The Bronx, currently based in Columbia, South Carolina.
He is more than just a musician: J. Juice wears many hats, being a producer, director and CEO.

Born in a Dominican family of immigrant, this talented rapper was raised by his mother, who raised him in between DR and NYC. Later, he joined the army and was rewarded with a G.I. Bill that he used to attend college in Columbia, where he studied Marketing.
His music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a charismatic flow that reminds of the greats of the genre, including Puff Daddy, Master P or Dr. Dre, just to name a few.

Some rappers only try to entertain the audience – others want to inspire people. J. Juice is somewhere in between, bringing the best of both worlds together with his explosive tracks.

J.Juice, aka Johnny B. Good, is known for songs that are a great example of his uncommon lyrical prowess, as well as his ability to turn a beat into a massive explosion of heavy grooves and infectious melodies. This skilled wordsmith knows a thing or two about creating dope rhymes, and he’s here to make an impact, one verse at a time.
A strong believer in the law of attraction, this talented artist loves to speak things into existence, not only following his dreams and pursuing his wishes, but making it happen with his own will and determination!

J. Juice is having massive success on YouTube, where his videos are counting millions upon millions of views. Songs such as “Warm It Up (Twerk) ft. Mr. Flip Eastwood” are going absolutely viral!


Dick York And The Originals – Play Again

Dick plays lead guitar and is the lead vocalist for the band. His career spans nearly 4 decades and started with Sta-Prest in the Late 1970’s who released one of the mod anthems “School Days” as part of the Mod movement. Sta-Prest achieved notable success and were signed to Avatar Records and managed by Ronnie Scott’s management agency. Then he formed Cry Dyaan with Steve Smart, Vom Ritchie, and Clive Kemp who were the “Original” Cryssis line up. Dick is the lead singer and frontman for Cryssis who have had notable success in Germany with Vom Richie (Die Toten Hosen) who have two albums, Simple Men and Kursaal Nights, released by Drumming Monkey Records. Dick’s prolific song writing has lead to the reforming of the original Cryssis line up as Dick York and the Originals who will release their debut album “Yesterday’s Boys” on the 23rd June 2017. The album is all written by Dick and features all new songs.

 The band who formed recently comprising rockers of the good old classic era consists of Dick York, Steve Smart, and Clive Kemp with Vom Ritchie featuring as a guest musician on the band’s latest album. The record label is also owned by the band’s very own Steve Smart.

The trio’s history dates all the way back to 1976 where they attended school together. As the Punk Rock era dawned, the three pursuing their own musical journeys. Dick forming Sta Prest, Steve joined the Steve Hooker Band, and Clive formed The School Bullies. Dick’s band Sta-Prest became quite successful signing a Recording Contract with Avatar Records and Screen works. Clive and Steve then both worked in the Sta-Prest Family, Clive and Steve teching for the band.

After gaining considerable experience and roughing it out, Dick left Sta-Prest in 1980 and formed Cry Dyaan with Steve and Clive and a young drummer called Vom Ritchie. During the years with Cry Dyaan, Dick honed his songwriting skills, and the band were celebrated as ‘the band to watch’ in 1982 when they won band of the year through BBC. However, after management issues, the members decided to leave the band and get ‘proper jobs’.

In 2008, Vom contacted Dick and persuaded him to start his music career again. Dick retired from his job, and the two formed a band called Cryssis. Dick wrote a collection of old songs and the band found great success in Germany. Cryssis have released two albums ‘Simple Men’ and ‘Kursaal Nights’ and have toured with The Drop Kick Murphy’s, Frank Turner and Die Artze.

In 2014 Steve and Clive who were now both retired from their ‘proper’ jobs met up with Vom and Dick, and the ‘Original’ four joined for a show in Dusseldorf to play Cry Dyann songs. Steve joined the Cryssis family, and although they have not joined the band, he has played many shows with Cryssis ‘depping’ for the band’s other members Trip Tom and Thomas Schneider.

However, since they all got back together, Dick, Steve and Clive have been meeting and playing and enjoying their return to music in their retirement. This has led to the recording of a new album which they intend to release in 2017, under their new ensemble Dick York and the Originals. Vom Ritchie guests on the new album completing the original lineup.

The new single ‘Play Again’ is as catchy as they come and it leaves you wanting to stick it on repeat. The vocals are strong and the music compliments it perfectly creating a great blend which can only be admired.


Sorakiss – Love Supreme

Sorakiss is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, actress and tv host. At the age of 17 she started her career as a teen singer whilst in senior high school and was well known for her talents with her amazing voice and writing skills. 

She was also very active and competitive in sports and has 3 AWARDS to her credit. As a beautiful and talented young lady she became the winner and Queen for “face of the term magazine”, a high school beauty pageant. 

Towards the end of senior high school Sorakiss was noticed and awarded the best leading actress at the high school Awards held at the national theatre for movies hell bound and teens life.

Sorakiss pursued her education to the tertiary level at the national film and television institute (NAFTI) and graduated as a director in film and screenwriting.

After the single and video of ‘No Pain, No Gain’ she was taken on as a presenter and Anchor interviewing renowned personalities by 4SYTE TV.

She had a solo performance at the National theatre and had a command performance for the Ghana ex president J.A kufuor.

You can often see her performing with the Willi Roi’ Band at various locations such as the Holiday Inn Hotel, Vienna city etc; performing songs by great artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Adele, Whitney houston, Dido, Cher, Celine Dion and many more.

Day Dreaming – DJ Funsize (ft. Jeremy Ryan)

DJ Funsize started djing with humble beginnings in NJ at 16 doing private parties for friends and family. 

Once in college Funsize career continued to grow mixing at campus house parties building him the reputation of Kean University’s top dj. When not in class, Funsize held residencies at the best clubs and lounges in the NY/NJ Metro area. 

After college DJ Funsize exploded onto the map djing all over including Atlantic City, jersey shore’s top clubs, Spring Break, private events and touring internationally. 

His open format ability to mix house, with old school hip-hop, pop, rock, spanish and other genres gives him the versatility to please any crowd. Funsize has begun to produce his own original music that has charted top five singles on Spinnin’ Records Dance Chart. DJ Funsize is slowly earning his name and place in the dj world, but is by no means finished with where he is going. The journey and music continues…

…good people, good vibes, good times…

Ronnie Clinton – Southern Pride

Ronnie Clinton is a singer/songwriter whose authentic home cooked vocal style embodies a realness in his delivery and message that is in short supply at radio these days.
Three chords and the truth defined, right here right now…
The son of a factory laborer, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio May 24th, 1981. At the age of 14, Ronnie began singing, and discovered an instant love of performing. His first ‘live’ performances were at his home for family, friends and relatives, on a music stage that was built in the living room, turned music room by his father. With mom, dad and guests regularly taking the stage, Ronnie let his singing do the talking and by age 16 everyone was served notice that something special was brewing on their homemade stage.
His early influences were a mix of Country and R&B, that included the likes of Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and George Strait, sprinkled with a dash of Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye.
By 18, Ronnie was singing professionally at local events in between his shift-work at a Cleveland food processing plant.
While following his dream and working hard to get better, he’s endured countless gigs and saloons along the way, all for the betterment of the songwriting, including the live and studio performances.
“As a songwriter,” says Ronnie, “I’m always trying to find new ways to say what I wanna say, and I take a lot of pride in gutting it out vocally, while tuggin’ on people’s heartstrings.”
Ronnie’s real-deal, no-gimmick approach emulates no one. From his silky smooth craft of delivering anthemic vocal melodies, all the way to his shredding-mad rockin’ throw-down vocals on top-shelf rockin’
tracks, his vocal prowess commands attention at every with every syllable.
“We’ve been singing about everything and anything that gets the blood runnin’.
“Southern Pride” has hit radio at just the right time. In a complicated heavily divided world it brings a lighter side to have the listener appreciate just a bit more, everything simple and good… two elements of todays society that are so desperately missed.

Mike Watson – Lying For Love

London based Mike Watson is a Manchester boy at heart, born in the city but spending his formative years in both the States and Thailand. A born performer, he has spent his entire life singing and playing music, much to the annoyance of his siblings.
While music runs through his family’s blood, with his Grandma having always worked as music teacher and his Dad encouraging him to play guitar from the moment he showed an interest in a mini guitar, his life path could have turned out very differently had he followed his Granddad’s footballing passion!
An accomplished guitarist, drummer and songwriter, Mike took his first professional steps towards a recording career when he joined a band, with whom he achieved a #1 single in Japan and sold out tours across Europe and Asia. With extensive TV, radio press coverage, Mike experienced first hand the fan hysteria associated with pop success, walking away from the project more determined to achieve the same acclaim on his own terms.
Fully bitten by the performance bug, Mike knew he had to collaborate with some key writers and producers, so teamed up with the teams behind Kaiser Chiefs and Little Mix to craft a sound that was distinctively his own. While he spent time writing and recording, he road-tested his new material on support tours for Maroon 5, Nick Gardner and Magic! across Europe.
After launching a YouTube channel to re-engage with the fans of his former band, Mike soon found himself winning over an army of new fans with his heartfelt, compelling covers, including none other than Anne Marie and Martin Solveig, who have both tweeted their love of his stripped back covers.
With his social media following anxiously awaiting his next move, the sky is the limit for Mike.