Taylor-Louise – Generation Now

      ARTIST NAME:   Taylor-Louise   SONG TITLE:  Generation Now   ALBUM TITLE:  Black Heart   RELEASE DATE: 3rd May 2019   GENRE: Alternative-pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Website   CD Baby   Reverbnation   From the age of 12 Taylor-Louise began developing her […]

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Broadtube Music Mag Book – Volume 18

Broadtube Music Mag Book – Volume 18           Broadtube Music Mag Book – Volume 18 features various thought-provoking interviews with gifted artists across the globe. BMM is a platform to discover new music and get along with new artists. Featured artist are Simone, RORRE, Sara Kendall, Voice of Addiction, Superstar, Sam […]

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Lizzie Blazquez - Deep Inside Of Me

      ARTIST NAME: Lizzie Blazquez   SONG TITLE: Deep Inside of Me   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Reverbnation   Website     Tell us what your fans are saying about your music. I’m thankful to God because people love it and show appreciation to […]

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Nathan Seeckts - Old Blood

    ARTIST NAME: Nathan Seeckts   SONG TITLE:  Old Blood   ALBUM TITLE: The Heart Of The City   GENRE: Americana Facebook   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Spotify   Bandcamp   Website   Nathan Seeckts is a powerful singer-songwriter who effortlessly fuses the sounds of Americana, folk, country, and blues delivered with a commanding voice […]

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Brett Benowitz - Lamb

    ARTIST NAME:  Brett Benowitz   SONG TITLE:  Lamb   ALBUM TITLE: Burn To Glow   GENRE: Rock   Facebook   Twitter Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   CD Baby   Bandcamp   Website   Tell us how to refine a demo to a mastered song. Start with an idea, play […]

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Bard Edrington V - Espadín

Espadín by Bard Edrington V and The Palm in The Cypress                     ARTIST NAME:  Bard Edrington V   SONG TITLE:  Take Three Breaths   ALBUM TITLE: Espadín   RELEASE DATE: April 29, 2019   GENRE:  Americana   Facebook   Bandcamp   Website   Anghami   The […]

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Sam Fishman – Voices Emerge

                      ARTIST NAME:  Sam Fishman   SONG TITLE:  Voices Emerge   ALBUM TITLE: End of Time   GENRE: Rock   Facebook   Instagram   Website   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   YouTube   Bandcamp   Website   In 2004, Sam was chosen to […]

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Lodato & PollyAnna – Sober

                    Lodato teams up with PollyAnna to drop an amazing song entitled ‘Sober.’   The song is one of a kind.   ‘Sober’ is a catchy song with a symphonic vocal and inspirational instrumentation pleasing to the ears.   The performance is impressive.   Duration of the […]

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Superstar – Change Gon Come

    ARTIST NAME: Superstar   SONG TITLE: Change Gon Come   ALBUM TITLE: CM2: Between The Church & The Streets   GENRE: Hip Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Amazon   Reverbnation   SuperStar was born Justice Demetrius Richardson on July 24, 1987, to Eugene […]

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