Superstar – Change Gon Come

    ARTIST NAME: Superstar   SONG TITLE: Change Gon Come   ALBUM TITLE: CM2: Between The Church & The Streets   GENRE: Hip Hop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Amazon   Reverbnation   SuperStar was born Justice Demetrius Richardson on July 24, 1987, to Eugene […]

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Voice Of Addiction - Rustbelt

    ARTIST NAME: Voice Of Addiction   SONG TITLE: Rustbelt   ALBUM TITLE: The Lost Art of Empathy   GENRE: Politically-Charged Punk Rock   Facebook     Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify     CD Baby     Reverbnation     Bandcamp     Website   Voice Of Addiction […]

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Broadtube Music Mag - Volume 17

    Broadtube Music Mag Book – Volume 17     Broadtube Music Magazine features various thought-provoking interviews with gifted artists across the globe. BMM is a platform to discover new music and get along with new artists. Featured artist are XUK, Justin 3, Amaru Tribe, Tarzanaland, Watercolours, ClipKingz, Zonouzi, Dom Youdan, MARBL, Feritta…   […]

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Sara Kendall – Daydream

    ARTIST NAME: Sara Kendall   SONG TITLE: Daydream   RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2019   GENRE:  Soul Pop   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Spotify   Apple Music   iTunes   Sara Kendall is a Massachusetts born, Brooklyn based dark-pop songwriter whose haunting and introspective lyrics explore themes of empowerment and self-preservation. […]

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RORRE - You Never Say Goodbye

    Artist Name: RORRE   Song Title: You Never Say Goodbye Release Date: 4/26/19 Genre: Alternative   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   iTunes   Apple Music   Spotify   Website   Rorre is a nostalgic rock band born in San Diego and raised by the city’s very own legends of the music industry. […]

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Tarzanaland – Calling 901

    ARTIST NAME:  Tarzanaland   SONG TITLE:  Calling 901   RELEASE DATE: 2019   GENRE: Country   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   Amazon   CD Baby   Website   Tarzanaland is an American country duo consisting of vocalist Kelly Kidd (from Houston, TX) and multi-instrumentalist Thomas […]

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Amaru Tribe – Tirate Rio

    ARTIST NAME: Amaru Tribe   SONG TITLE:  Tirate Rio   ALBUM TITLE:   Amaru Tribe   GENRE:   Cumbia Oceanica/World Music/Latin   Facebook   Instagram   Spotify   Website   Apple Music   iTunes   This tribe of six is bound through strings, skins, and wood. Emerging from the trans-oceanic journey they unite in the […]

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Justin 3 - Survivor

    ARTIST NAME: Justin3   SONG TITLE:  Survivor   ALBUM TITLE: Illusion   GENRE: Rock   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Apple Music   iTunes   Reverbnation   Website   Spotify       Tell us how you build up the tune for this song. Actually, it happened really quickly, I just picked […]

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XUK – Forest of Dreams

    ARTIST NAME: XUK   SONG TITLE: Forest of Dreams   ALBUM TITLE: U   Facebook   Apple Music   iTunes   Spotify   CD Baby   Reverbnation   Bandcamp   Website   My first band was a Christian band called “Answer”, with my friend Don Tregartha on bass and me on drums, based […]

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