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Clarinetto Reeds

Clarinetto Reeds - A Little Something Different

Clarinetto Reeds - A Little Something Different

Clarinetto Reeds – A Little Something Different

ARTIST NAME: Clarinetto Reeds
SONG TITLE: A Little Something Different – Remix
ALBUM TITLE: A Little Something Different
RELEASE DATE: November 14th, 2021
GENRE: Christmas/Holiday



Clarinetto Reeds is an Austrian clarinetist, composer and producer living in Vienna. He started to play clarinet and closed his classical studies in Mozarteum when he was twenty-five years old. After that important step he concentrated on Jazz and Swing music and played in different bands…
Many years he toured and played with different bands – Latin, Swing and good old Dixieland.
In 2016 Clarinetto Reeds began to realize his dream to compose and produce his own music. Motivated and inspired by his wife he began to compose music influenced by elements of swing and pop music with an adult contemporary sound.  He released two albums Moments and Besame Mucho in 2017.  The next album was dedicated to his newborn baby girl entitled Dorina and released in May 2018. The fourth album Clarinet in Love released since February 2019.
In 2020 he worked on two releases. Swing Me Blues reminds us very much of his love for traditional jazz and swing music. The second release in this year is a typical Christmas album. Clarinetto Reeds worked together with fantastic singers from USA, UK and Italy. The result is a production with 8 vocal Xmas songs. The album was produced in Vienna, LA and London.
2021 is the year of musical experiments. He released six singles – “Blue River Blues” (electro blues), a pop song in German language “Du Mein Bumbershoot” and pop songs  “You Are My Life”,  “Sunday” and “Together” and last but not least the Christmas/Holiday song “A Little Something Different- Remix”.



A Little Something Different
Verse 1
(00:23- 01:04)
What will I write this year?
What should I ask him for?
Music for all to hear?
Toys, books, and candy, or
 Maybe a pony
A new dress, a movie
No, I’ve got a better idea
I want to write this year
Something you’d never guess
Some thing I’ve never asked
I think he’ll be impressed
Up at the North Pole


He’ll look out the window
And I know he’ll love my idea


(00:00 – 00:23, 01:04- 01:25)
This year could be like every other Christmas
But I’m writing a letter to Santa
To ask him to give me a little something different
(01:25 – 01:45)


So I’ll be under the tree
I’ll be waiting to see what he brings
Cause I said make it a surprise this time


Verse 2
(01:45 – 02:05)
He’ll smile with cherry cheeks
Wink when he looks at me
Whisper “go back to sleep
Wait for the morning”
But I won’t be able
To sleep while I wait for
The grand reveal


(02:05 – 02:27)


This year could be like every other Christmas
But I wrote a letter to Santa
And I asked him to give me a little something different


(02:27 – 02:48)
So I’m here under the tree
I’ m just waiting to see what he brings
I said make it a surprise this time
(02:48 – 03:08)


I asked him to give me a little something different


(03:08 – Fine)



Recording Experience: I produce all my songs in my home studio.


Song Creation: I always have the melody in my head – I then start the work on the chords and drum rhythm. Bass is next and then I begin with the “fine-tuning” with different instruments. Most of them I play myself with the midi piano. Only sax and clarinet are played with real instruments – these instruments I studied in the University. When producing jazzy songs, I work with freelancers like drummer, pianist or brass player.


Advice: Keep on doing your thing and concentrate first on creating good music. Try to cooperate with professional mixing and mastering engineers. Find your style/genre of music, which fits to you.


Worse Experience: Spending money for senseless marketing activities…


Instrumentation: My DAW is Logic Pro X. I work with midi piano and play my sax and clarinet parts. I use musicians from my bands in the city or from to get more life into my songs.


Musical Goals: I wish that radio stations play my music and people love to hear the melody – that’s it.


Writing Approach: Writing lyrics is very difficult for me, because I am not a native English-speaking guy. First I will think about the topic of the song in German, then I begin to translate.


Music Style: After approximately five years of producing my own songs I still try to find my unique music style. I am still experimenting. Sometimes I write a swing melody, which is in my head, but the final song develops to a pop song.


Recording: I do it in my home studio with Logic Pro X and an AudioBox Pre Sonus. My microphone is an Aston Spirit. 


Collaborating: I write alone, sometimes I get inputs from singers.


Song: “A Little Something Different” is the story of a girl waiting for Santa. Waiting that he brings something different, because she doesn’t know anymore what she really wants to get. So she asked him to give something different. Listeners should realize that nowadays people really don’ t know what they want, because they have already all they need. The song should inspire people to think that not every child has the luxury to have it all.
Artist’s Name: Clarinetto Reeds: I didn’t want to use my real name so I decided for this project to use something, which people may know quickly and I am a Clarinetist. So Clarinetto is the Italian name for Clarinet and Reeds needs the Clarinetist to be able to produce a sound on the clarinet. So, that’s it.


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