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Come at the King – Shudder

Come at the King – Shudder


Come at the King – Shudder
Come at the King – Shudder


Come at the King – Shudder
Artist Name – Come at the King
Song Title – Shudder
Genre – Rock



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Tell us how you structure and arrange your song.
We like the sinister build-up – ‘keep it slow’ and ‘let people get comfortable,’ then make them jump with a big explosion of noise.


Discuss how you fix the tempo for your song.
A lot of our tracks are pretty fast and rocking, but this one is groovy, so just felt a bit slower from the first time we played it and we liked it that way.


Elaborate on multi-genre music.
All music tends to be multi-genre now – When I was young 50 Cent got bottled off stage at Reading Festival as no one liked to sway from their own genres so the rockers didn’t want to hear hip hop, but that’s different now and all festivals have a great mix of genres playing.
Genre diversity is celebrated now and artists are embracing that. We’ve got a bit of Oasis, The Strokes, Jamie T, Notorious BIG, and S Club Juniors, Led Zep influence in our music.


Tell us the best means of reaching fans.
Playing gigs – blowing their minds.


Discuss the process involved in launching a musical career. 
Don’t think about it too much – just go and have a jam with your mates and you’ll come up with something cool.


Tell us how to develop a lyric to a full song.
Comes pretty easy – usually about people or places I know, so write themselves.


Tell us how you come up with a melody.
Jamming on the guitar for hours – I haven’t learned a new tab in years, always just pick the guitar up and have a play around the scales and something will jump out at me.


Tell us your ideal type of recording studio. 
Good amps, good pedals, good producer, lager.


Describe the factors you consider in a good song.
Lots of bluesy, groovy, heavy, dirty noise.


Tell us how you interact with producers and music directors.
We work with a great producer who knows his stuff – although sometimes that means cutting my guitar solos in half, which I’m not happy about.


Tell us how you feel after the completion of a song.


Tell us your worst song and state the reason.
None – they’re all banging.


Tell us what is special about this release.
It’s a fan favorite – sounds great when we play it live and have been told by multiple people to record this one next, so we’re just giving the people what they want.


Tell us about your future goals.
Play gigs, write music, record, get drunk – see what happens.


Elaborate on your artist name and the title of the album.
“Eh yo listen here Bay – you come at the king, you best not miss.”


Share your press release.
The second single from London rock and roll trio, Come at the King with more of a bluesy feel than the garage indie rock tone of our debut single, Minesweep. A fan favorite at our live shows with blues-rock groovy riffs moving ferociously into explosive, headbanging choruses.



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